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The Seventh Day


This time I learned my lesson, I woke up even before dawn. Ta Xue was awakened by me, somewhat unhappy, stomp stomp his hoof. I quickly stand up, bowing once, brushing Ta Xue mane half a day, finally make it smooth.

Whether is big brother or his horse, both can’t afford to be offended in any way.

I quietly walked out, seeing Yin Cheng still asleep, lying in the stack of straws. I thought waking him up is even more troublesome than waking up Ta Xue, that’s why without making any sound, picking up the barrel of water and left.

When I came back, the day isn’t bright yet, Yin Cheng is still asleep on the straws.

Finished fetching water I didn’t feel sleepy at all, I simply sat down beside him, staring at Ta Xue while waiting for Ouyang to bring my daily steamed buns.

Waited until the sky turned pale, Ouyang still hasn’t come, but Yin Cheng moved a bit.

I didn’t have time to turn around to said ‘morning!’, already feel a chill on my neck.

“I really misjudged you!”


I hastily defend myself, even bowing to him, compared to Ta Xue it even more sincere, I used up all my talking skill in a full hour, even the water was emptied half by me, he finally withdraw the small knife that placed on my neck.

I usually strap that knife on my waist, using it to shave. He was able to quietly took ahold of it, his movement is indeed fast.

I touched my neck, turned my body aside, but discovered he laid down again, clutching my knife in his hand.

“I want to sleep, don’t bother me.”

“What if the steamed bun arrived?”

He seemed to twitch a little, his voice suddenly filled with intensity and impatient.

“If steamed buns come take it, if Ouyang come kill him.”

I really didn’t mistaken. Yin Cheng isn’t only smart, even his ability to adapt to the environment is first-cla.s.s.


Although I didn’t killed Ouyang, but I took the steamed buns.

When carrying the steamed buns to see Yin Cheng, it is still hot. He was stacking all the straws in a pile, stroking Ta Xue’s mane, don’t know what he said to Ta Xue.

I let out a cough, he then turned around and look at me.

“If you want to trick Ta Xue to escape, it isn’t going to be easy.” even though directly pointed out his intention is embarra.s.sing, but to prevent him to do something stupid, I continued: “Beside my big brother, even Shen Pian can only touched……you see I always feed him, at night still get trample like this.”

Yin Cheng’s face is slightly red, quickly came over, not afraid of the temperature, he took the steamed bun from my hand and turned around.

“Before I feel odd, your Shen Zhuang Jia is big like this, why is there only one horse in the stable?”

“This stable is only for big brother personal use, Ta Xue and other horses doesn’t get along, beside there isn’t anyone would take care of it……”

“So that’s why, a common saying, good horse have big temperament, it’s normal.”

“By the way……” while biting the steamed bun I added, “The kitchen that Ouyang work at is also only for big brother personal use, his steamed bun is the best, I used to go elsewhere and couldn’t find another that have the fragrance like this one.”

Yin Cheng’s body pause for a moment, I know what he is thinking about and quickly added.

“Uh……however, Shen Pian’s pig-pen is ordinary, not for big brother personal use…..”


Yin Chen stayed for a few days, life didn’t changed much. I asked Yin Cheng not to roam around, then I start to become very busy.

Yin Cheng sit next to Ta Xue, both looking at me.

Although he didn’t offer to help, but at least he didn’t give me any trouble; Beside, he looking at me like that, somehow make me feel somewhat motivated.

“You always say I can’t go.” I was busy till afternoon, he then suddenly blurted out,

“Then when is the time?”

“If speaking truthfully, I don’t want you to leave.”

I was moving the straws while speaking.

Behind me, he didn’t say anything.

“It isn’t easy for Ouyang to look for a wife, we just need to report to big brother, then everything will be perfectly justifiable, there isn’t any bad about you staying in the manor……Ouyang is like that, but in fact he is really……”

*Pow*, when I turned my head, all I see is the pitiful barrel of water got shattered into 8 pieces on the ground, Ta Xue looking at me while digging with his hoof.

Yin Cheng has disappeared.


I put forth great effort finally found him and persuading him to come back to the stable.

“I really was trying to make you laugh.” I look at him flatterly.

“I also really want to kill you.” He sneer at me.

I believe him, he doesn’t believe me.

I have no other alternative but to tearfully packing up my stuff and move to the other side to sleep.


While I was sighing, thinking about all the bruises appeared on my body, Yin Cheng on the other side, spread the straws on the ground, lying on it, facing his back toward me.

I swallowed my saliva, decided to implement the plan I thought of yesterday night.

I’ll wait until his breathing is normal, quickly and gently walk over to his side, then carefully lie down.

The good spot indeed is the good spot, good quality of straw truly is good quality of straw, even adding one more person, it still very comfortable.

While in a haze, I thought I heard a laugh behind me, but didn’t really catch it.

Then I fell asleep.


That night I had a dream, a dream where I sneak out the manor together with Yin Cheng, after a long time he finally believe my words, during our journey I help him block his enemy, together with him resolve chaos here and there in Jiang Hu, straight until my sister got married then return, if it isn’t because she wanted to see me, the two of us would likely got blocked at front door by Ouyang and big brother’s dogs.

If worse come to worse we’ll charge in.

We drank a couple bowl of wine, listened to a lots of  congratulation, everyone from young to old in Shen Zhuang Jia is beaming with happiness.

At night Yin Cheng and I sleep together in the same room, on the same bed, just like when we were outside.

It become a habit.

But I have to admit, I didn’t expect this dream to come true.