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“What do you want? ” There was a moment of silence, Ji Qing murmured a few words under her breathe as if she wasn’t willing to say anything else in front of him. this made Jin Cheng’s heart fall into further distress, and his distress soon turned to anger. (ES: I feel you brother!)

Jin Cheng felt anger mixed with melancholy, ever since they were reunited again, this woman never showed him any signs of being happy, instead she kept insisting on talking about divorce, which to him appears to be a bit ridiculous.

Jin Cheng looked at her with a gloomy expression,”Ji Qing, i can ask ou the same thing, what do you want? I have told you clearly, that if you want a divorce, I can give it to you, but the child with the surname Feng, must live with me.”

Ji Qing looked straight up at him,”You know that she needs me, we cannot be separated, don’t be cruel…”

“Cruel?” Jin cheng laughed, “Ji Qing, you know that I Feng Jin Cheng have never been a kind man.  You should have known better than to have my baby in secret. You have  just gone too far.”

Ji Qing’s face turned pale, this man is closing all her options and not giving her any choice.

Ji Qing lowered her head for a moment, then stammered,”I don’t want to…., please don’t talk about separating me from Xiao Xue”

Jin Cheng arched his eyebrow,”It’s simple, Ji qing, you know that I’m a busy man, at work and socializing, I don’t have the energy, the time to go and find another woman and marry her as my wife. I have always considered you a good wife. Now if you still want to continue to be a good mother, there is just one way, understand?”

Ji Qing noded, honestly, she couldn’t understand Jin Cheng, there are so many women out there more confident and well suited to be his partner, what’s the point in settling for a boring stay at home wife like her? He doesn’t like much less love her, she sometimes feel that he might even be sick of her. Perhaps just like last night’s dinner she is tasteless but a waste to discard. But to use Xiao Xue to blackmail her.

Suddenly the thought came to Ji Qing’s mind, maybe it’s his pride, as she was the one who filed for divorce, it hurt his self esteem. For a perfectionist like Feng Jin Cheng, a flawed marriage will stick out like a sore thumb.

Jin Cheng took a sip of the coffee in his hand, even though it is an exquisite coffee, but it still leaves a bitter after taste in his mouth. He has been tasting this for the last two years.

Putting down the cup, Jin Cheng’s eye accidently fell on Ji Qing, through the window he can see the sun gradually setting, only leaving a dim ray of light that entered the window, framing her silhouette, enchanting him.

She slowly raised her head, her delicate facial feature in the dimming light, such a bewitching beauty. Jin Cheng suddenly felt the urge to hide her, not wanting to let another man see her. Though he knew it was an unreasonable thought, but it just kept lingering in his mind.

Before Ji Qing can say anything, Ji Qing’s cellphone rang, Ji Qing peered at the screen of her phone, then hastily answered the call, it was Zi Qin, her voice sounded worried,”Ji Qing, Xue has a fever, 38 degrees. Her forehead is burning up, and she’s coughing badly. I’m taking her to the children’s hospital, please go there directly.”

Ji Qing jumped up in panic, she stood up holding her bag, trying to run outside but Jin Cheng grabbed her wrist, Ji Qing tried to break free saying “Jin Cheng, please let me go, Xue is sick, I have to go to the hospital, we can talk talk later…”

Jin Cheng, let go of her wrist and held her shoulders and lifted her face, in a serious tone as if trying to warn her, he said, “Ji Qing, Xue is my daughter, I thought I made that clear, now tell me which hospital, let’s go there together!”

Ji Qing was in no mood to argue with him, she told him the name of the hospital, then Jin Cheng dragged her out and lead her to the car.

When they arrived at the hospital, they headed to the children’s infusion room, where Xiao Xue was lying on a small bed and the IV liquid was hanging on it’s side. Next to her was Zi Qin, seeing Ji Qing arriving, she stood up and said,”The doctors said it is acute pneumonia, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have taken her out to the amus.e.m.e.nt park.”

“You took her to an amus.e.m.e.nt park on such a cold day?” Jin Cheng shoute, Ji Qing stood there saying nothing.

Zi Qin snapped back at him,”She needed to do outdoor activities, yo have just been her father for a few hours, what do yol u know?”  (ES: Ji Qing learn!)

“I don’t know much, but I do know that my daughter is lying there sick, because of your so call outdoor activity!”