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REMNANTS t– the left over creatures during the IUDICIUM Rebellion born by the Dream Drive System. They seek to liberate the 4 G.o.ds.

tSEIRYUU Remnants t– Lizard u0026 scaled type creatures

tBYAKU Remnants t– Beast u0026 four legged type creatures

tSUZAKU Remnants t– Bird type creatures

tGENBU Remnants t– Sh.e.l.l u0026 merfolk types creatures

SENKOU [千光] t– (Lit. Thousand Flash) a generic Manuever Skill that allows an individual to travel with great distance in one click

CLICK t– a term used to count the distance when using SENKOU. For a beginner one (1) click is a movement of a minimum distance of 3 Kilometers under a minute and a maximum distance of 5 Kilometers under a minute, varying from individual skills and training.

SHUKUCHIt– Another generic Maneuver Skill that allows an individual to enter an opponent's Safety Zones.

ZONES t– are individuals combat areas: Safety Zone (represented by the color White), Observation Zone (represented by the color Green), Warning Zone (represented by the color Yellow), and the Danger Zone / Combat Zone (represented by the color Red)

SAFE ZONE t– is the zone that is our comfort area, where we are completely defenseless.

OBESERVATION ZONE t– is the zone that allows a combatant to observe and a certain opponent

WARNING ZONE t– zone that informs us that danger is fast approaching

COMBAT ZONE t– zone that informs the combatant that the opponent is within combat reach

SIL tttt– currency of the 8 midnight kingdoms, 1 SIL is equivalent to 100Pesos.

DREAM DRIVE SYSTEM t– [DDS] is a system that was created to give life to an ideal community.

DREAM DRIVE DEVICEt– [DDD / D3 / DEVICE] looks like an ordinary Cell-phone, but is actually a tool that allows one to cast and store SONGS, SUMMONED BEINGS and WEAPONS. The storage value is dependent to the RANK and ROLE of an individual to its Kingdom.

WEAPONS t– Weapons created by "Dream Drive System" although they are illusions the harm can still be fatal.

REGALIA t– 8 in numbers, only the kings of each kingdom possess and can access these ultimate weapons [Actual forged weapons not related to the DDS, but can still kill illusions]

EMBLEM t– Swords given to worthy individuals, numbers are unknown [Actual forged weapons not related to the DDS, but can still kill illusions]

HEIRLOOM t– Named Weapons with the insignia of the kingdom, given to officer ranks in each kingdom, such weapons in this category is unique. Forged by BLACKSMITHs SKILL in the DD System

BLANK SLATE t– Lower cla.s.s, nameless weapons more commonly known as SLATES that are often bought in shops or forged by a blacksmith, since they are blank slates and nothing is written on them they have the ability to grow and evolve to become an HEIRLOOM or even an EMBLEM.

SUMMONS t– a term to call forth contracted beings to aid in combat. These beings just like the weapons are born from the "Dream Drive System", needs actual academic and non-academic intelligence to summon the beasts. IQ is converted as INT as it is scanned through the "DEVICE"

In the Midnight Congregation individuals cannot buy summoned creatures, rather they are tamed or called forth.

Two ways to make a contract:

1.tGather SPRITES, which can be collected after defeating REMNANTS. These SPRITES then are used as medium for summoning using algorithms to randomly summon an AESIR;

2.tSubdue a REMNANT and make him your SERVANT.

SPRITEs – affinity SALAMANDER (火fire), UNDINE (水 water), GNOMES (土earth), JINNS (風wind), JASPER (雷lightning), WISP (光light), IMPS (闇darkness) and LYRICS (音sound). By gathering them in numbers you have a good chance to summon the being that you imagine.

AESIRS t– Higher Order Beings, G.o.d Cla.s.s Summons or Hero Cla.s.s Summons, needs a great amount of intelligence and concentration. Summons in this type of category are unique and therefore can only be summoned one at a time by an individual contractor.

Summoning AESIRS needs quite an amount of Intelligence and Imagination to summon one and a very high Concentration to control one.

Once summoned, the being will be "REGISTERED" through the user's D3 and into the DDS.

The requirement for another SUMMONER to contract the same AESIR is to have:

•tINT (the initial summoner's INT) + 30% INT (the current summoner)

SERVANTS t– beings which varies in different forms and sizes. They are ranked from A to F, A being the strongest. Another is S Cla.s.s as special creatures, which are rarely seen roaming around. REMNANTS who sign contracts with Residents of the each of the Kingdoms of the Midnight Congregations then are called SERVANTS.

TRIBUTEt- A type of summon where the summoner gives something to a SERVANT / AESIR to do something despite the lack of solid contract.

CONTRACTt- A type of summon in which the summoner calls a SERVANT / AESIR under a contract through a special 'SUMMONING SONG' and/or 'RITUAL'

SONG t– a magic casting system stored on lyrics and verses of a SONG, completing the whole song will let you cast the ultimate spell. But for practicality most casters just memorize a single VERSE of a certain SONG to cast different types of magic.

VERSEt– a fragment of a SONG, which hold the key to cast magic.

DANCE t– a ritual that will increase the destructive power of a SONG. Mental and physical stamina are taken into account so in a practical sense DANCE is rarely used.

IUDICIUM REBELION t– A secret war waged between the King of Illusion together with the 4 G.o.ds (SUZAKU (玄武), SEIRYUU (青竜), GENBU (朱雀) and BYAKU (百虎)) vs. some Gangs who converged aiming to stop the king from taking the Philippine Government using the Dream Drive System.

INHABITANTSt– Aptly coined term to identify the people who belong to any of the 8 kingdoms. Inhabitants are of two types:

tHOUSEHOLDt– Household are inhabitants that play the role of civilians, they do everything they can to make their kingdoms productive through agriculture, aesthetics, and other methods.

tRETAINERSt– Retainers are inhabitants that are considered the fighting force of the kingdoms, their duty is to protect the ideal of their kingdom from other kingdoms, protect the secret of their kingdom.

ANINO t– Creatures that came and attacked the Philippines under the whimsical orders of the Cyber King. Unlike the REMNANTS, ANINO have a collective thought, and do not have their own shapes and personalities. However, FEAR from the unconscious minds of those who sees them gives them shapes.

JUUSANKA(十三花)t– Lit. Thirteen (13) Flowers - This is the name of the 13 female Knights wearing maid costumes, directly under the leadership from the King of Albion.

METACLOCK SYNDROME t– Abbreviated as "MTCS" which literally means "beyond the clock syndrome" a sickness that would occur when a non-crested inhabitant sees too much of the illusionary world of the Midnight Congregation where the clock start at 10PM and ends at 4 AM under normal circ.u.mstances. Those afflicted will experience hallucination which could lead to mild to serious mental disorders.