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*just walk keep walking* I said to myself into I feel Dario's arms wrapped around me "hey let go I need to do my work" "no" I try breaking myself free but I could only get one of his arms off but as soon as I did that he turns my head facing him *blush* "stop let me go!" I said quietly so that the members don't hear me "..." "..." a quick moment of silence pa.s.s by us but he lets go and I rushed into the house hand against my chest but worried I text him *go home but be safe* as I'm walking up the stair I see Jun opened the door right as I'm walking in "oh sorry here I'll mov.." "no it's fine but do you want to help me cook the members are hungry" he said while smiling but giggling "you cook??" I said with a surprise look "yes!" I said " I love cooking" he smiles as we walk together down the stairs we reach the kitchen "hey what do you plan on making?" I said "hmm how about Kare raisu (rice with curry)" "ok let's get started Jun do u want to start cutting the carrots and veggies?" "Sure" as he smiles as I'm getting the rice ready *ahhh I finished the rice* "Jun Did u finish the veggies?" "Yes" "then I'll start the broth" * pot, broth and stove* as I'm cooking I see a shadow appear behind me then I feel a slight pressure against me *omg he is to close* "umm Jun your to close" "ah sorry u were just s.p.a.cing out so I thought I could just place them in I'm sorry" he said scratching his head in embarra.s.sment "it's okay" I said blushing *a While Later* "ahh we're done!" I said exhausted while stretching "yes we are" (Jun POV)*she is so cute* as I look up "do I something on my face?" "No" as Jun answers back smiling "Guys dinners ready!" Jun yells we get the table set up as we see all the members come into the room except Chul "where's Chul" Jun said "I don't know" all of them say "I can look for him?" I said "no it's ok I'll go and call him" Jun said smiling as he starts walking to the other room *the room is so quiet* "umm so how did you guys get to know my father?" I said trying to break the silence "He is a partner of the company we work for and he offered to let us stay at his house" said Taeyung in a calm voice "h.e.l.llloooo!!" We all stare at where the sound come from and we see Chul and Jun "hey sorry it took so long to find him" said Jun we all finished eating and they all went back into their rooms as I'm washing the dishes I sigh while thinking *i didn't even get to know anything about them* about to finish the dishes I see someone in the living room reading a book "oh seok sorry I didn't know you were here I'll be leaving now" walking away to my room I'm s.p.a.cing out and as I'm opening the door I b.u.mmed into Jun "omg I'm so sorry are you okay?" " it's fine" "sorry it's my fault I wasn't paying attention" as I walk into the room I grab my work and start working at the desk and I start s.p.a.cing out again "Daisy? Daisy? DAISY!?" I hear I bit louder "hmm yes!" I said startled "Are you okay?" Jun asked "oh yes" I said quickly as I look back to work "hey can you come here for a sec" "sure" as I sit next to him on the my bed "so did you need something?" I said confused " no but I wanted to ask you something?" "..." as I wait patiently "do you want to go to the water pack with me and the group?" "REALLY?!?" I said super excited looking at him with a smile on my face "I take that as a yes?" He said smiling while t.i.tling his head a little "Of course!" I said super excited *OMG I haven't been to the water park in such a long time!!* I said to myself as I'm about to get off the bed to get ready to sleep so I could wake up early and make breakfast for the guys as I walk out and start walking to my sleeping bag I sit down and as I'm about to lay down to sleep I get pulled up "Hey Jun what are you doing!" I said as he sets me down on the bed " your sleeping up here with me" "What?" "I feel bad making you sleep down there.." he said shyly looking down at his lap "Jun your my guest it's fine that I sleep Down there" as I'm trying to get off the bed and into my sleeping bed I get lifted off the ground again "Jun!" "No your sleeping up here with me!" Jun said while *blushing* "fine!" I said tired and sleepy and I turn off the lights we both sleep on the ends of the bed as I'm about to fall asleep I get pulled into a hug by JUN *blush* *omg he fell sleep but I need to get out of his grip* as I'm trying to move his arm but he tighten his grip *OMG I can't move him* as I try and try i get more and more tired and before I know it I fell asleep *Wednesday* "Daisy!" "DAISY!" " hmmm yes!" I wake up startled "we have to get ready for school" Jun said "oh yes sorry" I said rushing to brush my teeth as I'm about done getting ready Jun calls everyone down to eat breakfast *i forgot to ask Jun what day we are going to the water park I'll ask him when I get down to eat * as I'm walking down I notice that I'm the first one down "umm jun where are the others?" "Their getting ready" " oh umm Jun when are we going to the water park sorry I forgot to ask" " we're going on Friday me and the group might not be able to be with you that much because we are going for a photoshoot so you can bring a friend or two" "oh ok if that's ok then me and my friends might be a tad bit late because they probably might want to walk" I said smiling *hmmm who should I bring Josh and Dario they have been getting along quite well* as I think to myself nodding "what are you nodding about?" Said Chul whispering in my ear "umm nothing!" As I jump up in surprise "anyways I'll be heading to school bye Jun!!" As I rush out the door quickly *omg why I do that!!* I thought to myself hitting my face with my hand "Daisy?" I voice called out