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Third Person POV

The girls laughed getting ready. Rachel had already fallen twice that day. Cameron also managed to fall while Ava did not. Anna sat at a vanity table whist Elara and Belle helped her get ready. She couldn't believe it was her wedding day. n.o.body could. Their lives went back to normal or so they thought. Little did they know Roshan had managed to break out of a high-security prison and he was beading straight for them. How he managed to escape was a complete mystery. Not even the boys knew he escaped from prison.

✮ ✮

Ava's POV

My best friend was getting married. Who knew Anna would be getting married first. I watched as she walked down the aisle that held rose petals. It was a beautiful ceremony. Flower archways, rose petals, and even a ice sculpture. Rachel started at that for who knows how long with Cam wondering how they are made. I mean its been two years since the war occurred. I'm 19 now along with Anna Cam, and the twins. Life went back to normal except the part where Anna's marrying a prince and I'm dating a Prince.

The music started playing and I saw little Liam walk down the isle. His dark brown eyes filled with curiosity just like his mother. His brown hair blowing in the wind just like his father's. He came up next to his dad in the alter and Mathew picked him up.

The before the ceremony could even end a familiar face was at the entrance of the garden.

"I hate to crash your party but it seems we have some unfinished business." He drawled. His red jumpsuit was filthy and his feet were bare.

"No we don't." Rachel said venom dripping from her voice.

I stood up along with Rachel and Cam. Rachel looked like she was going to murder him. He did use her after all. Roshan actually looked scared. There's a first for everything.

Next thing we know guards were pulling him away. Hopefully, he's gone for good.

✮ ✮

Anna's POV

How the h.e.l.l did he escape? I thought he was in a high-security prison.

"He'll get what he deserves." Mathew whispered in my ear. I turn around to face the man of my dreams and our son. Liam was pa.s.sed out in Mathews's arms holding onto him for dear life. I chuckled at the sight. I had the perfect family and I didn't want it any other way.

" Let's go." I muttered trying to pull him back to the palace.

"I can't I promised my brother I'd help him with something. I just sighed in response. He pa.s.sed Liam over to me before winking at me. I noticed him talking to his brother before slipping him a box. It couldn't be. Could it?

"Looks like Mr. Miyagi is asleep."

"Why do you call him that Ava?" I couldn't hold back my laughter any longer and started giggling slightly.

"Because at two years old he already knows how to punch someone." She said shrugging her shoulders.


"I dont know." Again she shrugged her shoulders. Before I could ask how she knew she was pulled away by Thomas. He really is going to. A smile spread across my face forgetting about how my son knows how to punch someone.

✮ ✮

Ava's POV

Thomas dragged me down a gravel pathway outside the palace. After tripping over my dress multiple times we came to a field. A field full of flowers where the moon shined bright. The stars sprinkled the sky giving of a astronomical glow. I turned to Thomas who was on his one knee. I gasped just realizing what was happing.

"Ava Elisabeth Smith I feel in love with you from the moment I saw you. Throughout all our ups and down you were always strong. You have always been the light at the end of the tunnel for me. Will you marry me?"

"Yes!!" I practically screamed. He pulled me in for a pa.s.sionate kiss. He slipped the finger on my hand not breaking the kiss. I knew my life was complete now.

✮ ✮

Third Person POV

"The end." Ava said tucking her children in bed.

"That cant be the end." Her younger daughter Evangeline whined. Eve looked more like Ava with her brown curly hair. Unlike Ava she had her dads golden bronze eyes.

"Well it is. Now good night." She quickly kissed her head before leaving the room. She slowly made her ways down the palace hallways. Once she reached there room she saw her oldest child James and Thomas laughing at the tv. Liam was also there was Mathew. She rolled her eyes making her way towards Anna and Mathews room. She was met with Anna, Cam, and Rachel all talking.

"Hey its the pregnant lady!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Thats Queen to you." She said as she slowly brushed past her trying to not hit her with her giant stomach.

"Where's Gianna?" Ava questioned as Cam helped Ava onto the bed. Gianna was Anna and Mathews younger daughter. She was like a spit image of Mathew. Her grey eyes big and round and dark brown hair almost black but in the light there is brown speckles visible in her hair.

"Asleep. Eve?"


We sat in silence. The good silence. Not the awkward type.

"Will we ever have another action packed adventure?" Rachel asked looking around.

"I think out times up." Ava spoke up trying to get comfy. They all knew it was true but no one wanted to admit it. They were all wife's and mothers. Some Queens and Princess.

"Maybe we'll have one last one. Who knows." Anna said shrugging her shoulder smirking slightly.

"One can hope." A smirk forming on all the girls faces. A blossom of hope blooming in their chests.