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Emilia tries to kick the gates open but instead hurts her feet. She groans in pain for a while, but she quickly recovered. She stood up straight and shouted at her father. "Open the gates up, coward!". Jonathan signaled the guards to open up the gates. They obeyed and did so. She stomped towards the main door, shouting out insults at her father. She kept on fueling his anger. Jonathan couldn't handle it anymore and took out his crossbow. He opened up the windows and fired at her. Luckily, she dodged it. "Now, now, let's take a peaceful approach." Emilia scolded him. "No wonder why we disowned you. You're still a brat after all these years." He slammed the window shut. Everything was silent for a while. Emilia arrived in front of the door. She kicks it open without getting injured. The fancy lights blinded her for a while.

After being blinded, she saw on top of the stairs is her mother, Maria. "Emily, dear. What are you doing here? I thought you were dead." She wasn't very happy. She threw her wine gla.s.s at Emilia's face. The gla.s.s cracks and scratches a part of her face. "You're nothing but a disappointment to the Mingreto family." She began acting all high and mighty, also throwing insults at Emilia.

Emilia wasn't too happy herself. She pulls out her Deagle and points it at her. "Shut your mouth, mother! You did nothing for me when I was young." She scolded her. "You made me feel like garbage! You treated me like garbage!" She added.

Maria sat down in the stairs, grabbing another gla.s.s and filling it with wine. She proceeds to drink it. Emilia stood there, still pointing the gun. Maria begins to laugh, and laugh. She then stops abruptly. "You know why we treated you like that?" She stands up. "You see, you were... spoiled. Too spoiled, in fact." She slowly walks down the stairs. "You also treated us like garbage. Remember when you were 5 years old? You reported us to the police for no reason. We were in jail for 1 month, because of you." She stops and points at her. "You, yourself caused all of this."

"h.e.l.lo? Limbasa Police?" A cute voice whispers into the phone.

"That's not a valid excuse..." Emilia slowly puts down her gun, and begins to shake nervously. "Oh, I have more reasons why, dear." Maria pulls out a book from the side of the stairs. "Here, a book of reasons why. I predicted that you'll ask this." She threw the book at Emilia. She catches it and reads it.

"Are you that heartless to write a book to defend yourself for abusing me?" Emilia ripped the book apart. "Of course, you should know me well already." Maria drinks from her gla.s.s. "Now, what do you think of that book? I wrote it myself."

Emilia gives no response. She stands there, looking down at the floor. Everything around her starts to disappear, and her Other starts to come out of the ground. It has grown bigger due to the accident in the caravan. "Shoot her." Her Other whispers to her ears. The words begin to echo in the dark place. "Shoot her. I dare you to." Her Other shouts at her. "Why won't you do it? Are you a coward?" Her Other begins to mock her. Emilia couldn't bottle up her anger anymore.

"Shut the h.e.l.l up!" She shouts at the top of her lungs. She points her gun at her Other and pulls the trigger. The bullet flies toward the Other's face and through her brains. It stops moving.

Suddenly, everything around her started to return to normal. She looked at her mother, to see her with a hole in her head. It looks like she hallucinated. She drops her gun and begins to laugh hysterically as her mother falls to the ground, dead. Her father was watching from above. The floor beneath Maria's body fills up with blood. Her father rushes to Maria and places her head on his lap.

"What have you done!" Jonathan cried. He got no reply. Emilia just stood there, laughing like a maniac. Jonathan is angry at Emilia.

He stands up and cracks his knuckles. He runs towards Emilia and tries to punch him. However, Emilia catches his fist and kicks him. It seems Emilia snapped again. Jonathan falls to the ground and his leg is broken. He began groaning in pain. He hears Emilia reload the gun. He began sweating non-stop.

He slowly turned around and looked at Emilia. He could see the gun being pointed at him. "You know, I don't even know why I admired you when I was a child." Emilia droned while c.o.c.king the gun. All she could hear was her Other, whispering into her ears to shoot him. Her father couldn't see it, but he could feel it.

She grabs her father's collar and shoves the gun into his mouth. "How does the taste feel?" She giggled. "You'll regret this!" Jonathan mumbled. "Oh, I won't." Emilia let out a big smile, then pulled the trigger.

Emilia kicks the body into the ground and places him beside Maria. She sits down on the floor and begins to sob.

"Now, do you know the truth... Ms. Mingreto?" James appeared from the vortex. "It was you all along, who caused your suffering." He went around her.

"No, it can't be. It can't be the truth!" She punched the floor. She gave James a threatening look.

James stood there, doing nothing. He knelt down and looked at Emilia's eyes. "But it is, and we can't change that."

He stands up and leaves a note for her. He turns around and opens up a vortex. "Your Other is now dead. The dark feelings you had are now gone... but at the cost of your parents. Goodbye, Ms. Mingreto."

He fixes up his tie and leaves.

Emilia is left in the silent mansion, crying and sobbing. She picks up the note and reads it.

"Dear Emilia...

It's me, Tim. I know that you won't probably be coming back, but I hope you're doing fine. Please remember that I will always be here for you.

- Tim"

Emilia smiles... and drops the note. "Thanks... Tim..."

She looks at her gun and picks it up. She loads the gun and points it at her head. Her life began flashing right in front of her eyes. She lets out a gleeful smile, while her eyes were closed. A tear fell from her eyes. "Goodbye."

A loud gunshot echoed throughout the mansion. Emilia is now dead.

Back at her home, Tim is sitting on the couch in the living room. He was sobbing. "Emilia... where are you..?"

James suddenly appears behind him, holding the same briefcase he had when he met Emilia. "Timothy Winston, right?"

Tim wipes off his tears and looks back at him. "Who are you?"

"A close friend of Emilia." He droned whilst brushing off his shoulders. "I have a deal for you."