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Chapter 22: Request from the Richest Man in Lin Hai

Early morning, 7 AM. A black Cadillac SUV stopped in front of the entrance of the Shen Family’s Bodyguard Service. The sniper, wearing a well-ironed black suit, arrived in front of the door but before he could knock, the door was opened from the inside by Xiao Yi who was wearing cowboy shorts and a skintight camisole with her hair styled with a single ponytail.

It was clear that Xiao Yi’s mood was not good at all. She still carried the gun in her hand, exposing a fierce glint in her eyes which seemed like it was ready to blow off the head of the person who had come at any moment.

“h.e.l.lo beautiful Ms. Xiao Yi, I am Lee Changsoo, Korean. I understand that there are some misunderstandings between us because of how we met yesterday. I apologize towards you for my impertinence. If you agree to holster your gun, I believe we can still be friends.” Lee Changsoo made a great effort to seem amiable. In fact, his looks were very delicate and pretty. He was 178cm tall, skinny and had a sharp chin along with slender eyes as well as fair skin. He really didn’t seem like a sniper who was used to the blowing wind and pouring rain.

“ Mr. Stick[1], you’re being too polite! My friends don’t use a scope to aim at me and force me to return home drenched. I could have caught a cold, you know?” Xiao Yi threatened with a cold voice, “Moreover, the military use firearms you carry, even if they’re just parts, you still carry the crime of stashing weapons. As a model citizen, shouldn’t I report this to the police?”

“That’s enough. Let’s go.” Shen Ming wore an ordinary white T-shirt and jeans along with casual shoes and left the house. He looked like he was going for a casual outing.

“Forgive me for being bold but both of your outfits are a bit too casual.” Lee Changsoo said tactfully.

“What your BOSS values isn’t my appearance but rather my abilities. Unless your BOSS is looking for a duck[2] rather than a bodyguard.” Shen Ming said to himself as he walked to the car, opened rear door and entered.

“Is he always so arrogant?” Lee Changsoo asked Xiao Yi in a low voice.

“Don’t ask me. We’re not that close.” Xiao Yi pushed away the stick in front of her while locking the door in pa.s.sing and also took a seat in the back seat.

“Ha&h.e.l.lip; BOSS, is this really a good idea?” Lee Changsoo sighed as he returned to the driver’s seat and set off.

The three of them stayed silent during the journey, making the mood a little awkward. After a long while, Shen Ming finally said a sentence, “the car is pretty good.”

“It’s not bad&h.e.l.lip;.” Lee Changsoo made a complex smile.

“Isn’t it a Cadillac Escalade SUV? More or less 1000000¥[3], a bit more expensive than an X5.” Xiao Yi obviously wanted to make someone else unhappy.

“What’s good about this car isn’t the brand but rather the anti-mine vehicle armor plates used for the car’s body, the bulletproof gla.s.s and the waterproof high-power diesel engine.The entire set ought to be more expensive than a Rolls-Royce. Even if one barged into the old nest of the Taliban, they could come and go as they like, just like Zhao Yun[4].” Chen Ming was as perceptive[5] as ever and just by listening to the engine’s rumbling as well as seeing how stable the car was when turning, he knew everything about the car.

“My BOSS is a low-key person that is willing to invest in personal safety.” Lee Changsoo said with a smile. His not yet reshaped small korean eyes turned into lines at the moment he smiled.

“The need to use this kind of car in the strict firearm controlled harmonious society of China shows that your BOSS must have offended a lot of people. Am I right?” Shen Ming said neutrally while looking out the window.

“I can’t talk to you about the BOSS due to professional ethics, please understand.” Lee Changsoo adopted a ‘no comment’ stance.

“Since you don’t wanna talk about BOSS, then let’s talk about you. Although you’re a Korean, you don’t seem to come from the Goryeo Sticks. I have seen Sticks, their snipers are too rigid and inflexible. Also, their breath control isn’t as good as yours. It’s obvious that you’re a  soldier who’s seen blood.” Shen Ming was curious about the peer sitting in the front.

“Mr. Shen Ming eyes are really sharp. That’s right, I became a member of the French Foreign Legion when I was 14. I served in the army for 8 years before getting discharged and meeting BOSS by chance. BOSS recognized my abilities and then I became BOSS’s personal bodyguard. This is already the 5th year since I’ve begun being a bodyguard.” Lee Changsoo recounted his past as if he was not at all speaking to an outsider.

“You’re just bragging aren’t you? Since when could a 14 year old serve in the army?” Xiao Yi said with contempt.

“I stowed away into France along with my parents. However, life was difficult due to the language barrier and they abandoned me. I was only 8 that year &h.e.l.lip; &h.e.l.lip; Afterwards, a French uncle took pity on me and offered me shelter. I learnt French and English from him and when I was 14 years old, he met with his death. I was also driven away from the house by Uncle’s relatives, however, Uncle had trusted a person to arrange a fake ID for me.

Like that, I applied for the examination into the Foreign Legion. Well, from the point of view of those French men, the death of a tiny Asian would be of no concern to them. Therefore, they let me become a member easily.

“Luckily, I didn’t die during the army’s global operations and once again returned to this city. I’m very satisfied with the life that BOSS has given me.” The feelings of grat.i.tude Lee Changsoo had for his BOSS could be felt from his words.

Even Xiao Yi who had decided to hate Lee Changsoo for the rest of her life, was completely duped and couldn’t help but show teardrops at her eyes after listening to the story. The motherly instincts within her were aroused, making her feel sympathy for the pitiful man in front of her.

“You’ve never thought of finding your parents?” Xiao Yi said tearfully.

“What’s the use when they had already abandoned me? In order to stay alive, no matter what choice the person makes, it is a proper one. I completely understand them.
Instead of starving to death together, it’s be better to seek an opportunity for survival separately.” Lee Changsoo said optimistically.

When it comes to survival, nothing is “wrong”. This truth can only be understood by those who have seen the cruelest battlefields.

Shen Ming knew Lee Changsoo was similar to himself, there was just a difference in the ‘Danger Level’ they had experienced.

Lee Changsoo drove the car to the woods on the outskirts of the city. This place was shown as undeveloped land on the map. Even Xiao Yi who was a native never knew that there was a house at this region.

House? That’s not quite right. What appeared in front of them couldn’t be called a house, but rather a genuine European-style manor! A marble fountain, gla.s.s house garden, borderless swimming pool, tennis court and even a racecourse.

The main building was a four floored rectangular European-style construct. The four marble pillars reaching up to the 3rd floor in front of the door were genuine goods imported from Greece.

“Is this the difference between the rich and the poor?” Looking at the constructs outside the car window, Xiao Yi blushed with shame.

“There’s no need to be so shocked, this isn’t BOSS’s home, it’s just a private clubhouse the BOSS developed in order to receive VIP guests. Today’s original booking had been cancelled for the two of you.” Lee Changsoo stopped the car in front of the entrance of the mansion, where old housekeepers who were respectfully waiting went up and opened the car doors for the guests. European-style maids stood at both sides of the red carpet, wearing an amiable welcoming smile. Their high wages could be easily guessed from their smiles &h.e.l.lip;

Following Lee Changsoo across the British-styled floor, they cut through the lobby and headed upstairs. Oil paintings exquisite crystal chandeliers as well as amiable and welcoming servants could be seen everywhere. Each and everything gave Xiao Yi the misconception of entering a European-style imperial palace.

She felt a little regretful for not dressing up properly, the street clothes on the body seemed to be even cheaper than the waitress’s work clothes. It was a little embarra.s.sing.

But Shen Ming on the contrary wasn’t baffled by the gorgeous surroundings. At this moment, his brain only held curiosity towards the mission and the employer.

Directly heading to the main meeting room on the third floor, Lee Changsoo stopped and knocked the door. After hearing a deep ‘Come in’, he opened the door for Shen Ming and Xiao Yi respectfully.

A man wearing a white suit could be seen standing in front of the bookshelf. The sunshine shined upon him through the patterned french window. He was around 40 years old and exhibited a mature and steady aura.

“Mr. Shen Ming and Miss. Xiao Yi, please take a seat.” Closing the book in his hand, the man called out to the two with a smile.

Without being ordered to do so, Lee Changsoo had already walked to the bar counter and was preparing tea.

“For starters, please forgive me for last night’s rudeness, Lee Changsoo has already informed me about Mr. Shen Ming’s circ.u.mstances. You are indeed an outstanding bodyguard.” The man apologized before giving his self-introduction.

“Save your horses.h.i.t[6]. Who are you?” Shen Ming was only concerned about this.

“My surname is Fang and my given name is Shiquan.” That man didn’t think Shen Ming was being rude but rather had a good opinion of this straightforward time economizing man.

“Fang Shiquan? The richest man in Lin Hai&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;  that Fang Shiquan?” Xiao Yi’s heart thumped the moment she heard this name, as if something broke into pieces.

In Lin Hai City, it was normal for a person to not know who a recently appointed mayor was, but finding a person who didn’t know Fang Shiquan was very difficult. This tyrannical chairman had started as a street vendor on the curbs, and entered the real estate industry in the 1990’s. Today, he has already become the chairman of board as well as CEO of the Fangtian Group, which is one of the top 10 real estate dealers in the country. With stocks crossing 30 billion, over 40% of the real estate projects of Lin Hai city are overseen by the Fangtian Group. It could even be said to be the bank-roller among bank-rollers.

But, Fang Shiquan was a extremely low-key person who never accepted interviews or partic.i.p.ated in public activities. Apart from those in his circle, very very few people knew him. Therefore, Xiao Yi couldn’t recognize him.

“Wealth is but a physical thing. We’re sitting together as friends today, so don’t treat me as some rich man, it makes us seem distant.” Fang Shiquan gave a scholarly smile. Lee Changsoo had already served the top quality Longjin.

“I haven’t come here to be friends with Mr. Fang&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;” Shen Ming said as he took a sip of the hot tea which left an intoxicatingly sweet aftertaste in his mouth. “Because when emotions are involved, business becomes troublesome to discuss.”

“It seems that what Ms. Dream Jade spoke is correct, you are a very special bodyguard.” Fang Shiquan has been in this business for 30 years and had become even more influential in the past 10 years. In the past, everyone struggled and fought to become his friend but today was the first time his face had been smacked by a person so bluntly.

“You know Dream Jade too?” Xiao Yi asked curiously.

“Actually, Ms. Dream Jade was the one who recommended you two to me. After obtaining the championship in the 《China’s Wonderful Sound》, she has already become the major estate project spokesperson for my Fangtian Group. During the first dinner party with her, she didn’t speak much about the collaboration matters but rather unceasingly recommended her former bodyguards me, talking about how good they were, even giving the the number to me before leaving.”

“Coincidently, I had the need for bodyguards recently. Therefore, I asked Lee Changsoo to contact you two.” Fang Shiquan said as he tasted the tea with a smile. Clearly, Dream Jade had already fulfilled her promise to Shen Ming. Not only did she bring business to him, it was a big business which could let him live extravagantly[7] for half a year!

[1] 棒子 history time~ 棒子(stick) is an abbreviation of 高丽棒子(Goryeo Stick). During the Second Sino-j.a.panese War(called “The War of Aggression Against China” in China apparently I would say it’s one-sided biased but honestly it’s an accurate description), there were a lot of Goryeo( North and South Korea when they were still one country) people serving in the j.a.panese army( Korea/Goryeo was a subordinate state at the time). They often had sticks in their hands to “maintain law and order”. Using said sticks they did a lot of horrible things(to those familiar with Singapore history, think of the j.a.panese reign during World War 2 just worse by 2 or 3 times). And so, China people hate(d) Goryeo people and call(ed) them “Goryeo Sticks”. Nowadays, China People( specifically referring to China Chinese not Singaporean Chinese or Malaysian Chinese or ABCs” and Koreans interact a lot more, and some don’t like Koreans or just wanna insult them, so those people call them 棒子.

[2] Slang for male prost.i.tute

[3] About 200k SGD standard price for the average non-luxury car including CoE.

[4] 七进七出 a phrase originating from romance of the three kingdoms, describing Zhao Yun. Here’s the part

[5] 火眼金睛(huo yan jin jing) Fiery golden eyes if you will. The Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s fancy a.s.s eyes that could shoot fire and see through all illusions. It can also be used to describe someone as extremely perceptive or of having penetrating insight or having piercing eyesight.

[6] 马屁 lit horse farts or horse’s a.s.s. 拍马屁(lit pat horse a.s.s) mean’s to flatter someone so 马屁 can also mean flattery

[7] 大活 Lit. big life; great life. Apparently can also mean s.e.x, oral s.e.x, masturbation and so on.


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