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Even though Aryan was suffering waves of earthquakes in his heart each of magnitude 8 and above he remained silent and keep listening.

"The seven sages had redefined the path of cultivation according to them it's aim is not to reach immortality but to understand the profoundness of the universe,

the more you understand the more you will get closer to the meaning of life and can understand the will of the universe" said the Grand Elder.

Do you have any questions or is there anything you didn't understand ask your gramps I will explain my little grandson as many times as you want.

"Gramps I have a doubt you said that immortality is not the aim then can we gain immortality while seeking profoundness of universe ?" asked Aryan.

The Grand Elder laughed and said my dear boy according to the new system that the seven sages had introduced you can become an immortal in a hundred and thirty years.

Bdump,bdump, bdump.....Aryan's heart was beating like crazy, he had spent 750 years in his life but never had set a foot in the realm of immortals,

but now you can step in that immortal in just a hundred and thirty years, he felt like the world around him had taken a 180-degree turn,

but little did he knew at that time it was not a 180, nor a 360 but a turn of 720 degrees.

The Grand Elder continued his explanation," the seven sages had introduced 7 chakras that are present in our body and are also called psychic centers,

according to the sages humans live in two different dimensions one is physical and the other is psychological, the chakras are present in the psychological dimensions in a dormant state

And when a person got access to this dimension he is revered as a sage or in simple terms a cultivation pract.i.tioner.

They had also introduced a cultivation chart like the old one let me explain them on paper.

The Grand Elder took a piece of paper and start writing something on it after a while he completed the chart and said

"Here look at it and you will understand"

First Stage: Bhumi Chakra(Earthly Chakra)

Second Stage: Jala Chakra(The chakra of water)

Third Stage: Agni Chakra(The chakra of fire)

Fourth Stage: Wayu Chakra(The chakra of air)

Fifth Stage: Tat.w.a.ta(Elemental Immortal)

Sixth Stage: Amarta(Earthly DemiG.o.d)

Seventh Stage: Iswarta(Earthly G.o.dhood)

"Did you understand the chart ?" asked the Grand Elder,

By the way, do you know an interesting fact the seven sages had introduced all these systems after the great flood two millennia ago.

Listening to this fact the eyes of Aryan start twitching and hands trembled,

In his mind he thought" wasn't that the time when I was preparing myself to go on a journey to find the yin yang fruit,

If I had stopped myself at that time I would have become an immortal long ago",

He felt like he was about to cry a bucket or two but contained himself and asked"Gramps at what stage you are at?"

The Grand Elder laughed and said, "I am Iswarata Stage(Earthly Goodhood) and soon will be entering to the next realm".

"Next Stage didn't you that there are only seven stages then what is this 8th stage ?" asked Aryan.

Hahahahah the Grand Elder laughed and said my little boy you must first reach up to the tat.w.a.ta (elemental immortal stage ) like your father and then I will tell you about it.

By the way, your father may look like a stupid, fool, clumsy good for nothing but he is a cultivation genius, that fool, G.o.d knows how he achieved the tat.w.a.ta (elemental immortal stage ) at the age of 28,

it takes people at least a hundred and ten years to earn this achievement, but my stupid son's stupidity didn't stop there he had also obtained rare element the Fire Chakra and have upgraded it to the Heavenly Stage.

Aditya(Father): ?My dear old man are you praising me or insulting me.

Grand Elder: Both I think

Aditya: old man ?

Grand Elder: Hahahahah it's too early for that and don,t you know that whoever has reached the Iswarta(Earthly G.o.dhood) can't die at least not on earth.

Aditya: Then go die on s.p.a.ce, you old-timer of the past century.

After pondering for a minute Aryan asked"Gramps what is this Fire Chakra that you are talking of? "

When the Grand Elder was clearing his throat and was about to start Aditya interfered by coughing ahem and said "since it's about me why don't I explain it,

Lil Arya when you reach the fifth stage Tat.w.a.ta (Elemental Immortal) you will obtain an elemental soul weapon made from your soul sea that only you can use and no other person can use it,

You can also upgrade it into a higher rank weapon.

"I think it's time for you get ready and meet with other family members," said Anisa(Mother)

Aryan: ?? Other Members?? What Other Members??

Anisa sighed and said, "Your doting father and grandfather had decided after your birth that they will not allow anyone to see you till you reach the age of 5, except the three of us, let's go I will prepare you for your Birthday Celebration".

What surprises are waiting for Aryan at the lower floors, what the future has kept in store for little Aryan

Can he reach immortality in this life, can he stand at the peak of the world or he will reach even higher....