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"Now... Before I beat the living out of you, tell me where she stores all her money!"

Kaito's eyes slowly regained sight, as he saw his father grab his shirt.

BANG! His back was thrown against the wall, his back was in extreme pain, but he knew what the outcome was anyway.

"Please, don't hurt him! I'll tell you everything.. Please..."

Kaito's mother was in the corner, stumbling back to her feet, trying to intervene between both Kaito and his father.

BANG! The door to the left of them was suddenly broken into pieces, countless people started to flood into the room.

"What... what is going on!"

His father who let go of Kaito's shirt began to run towards the nearest window, hoping to jump out and escape. But it was to no avail, as the police grabbed him before he could make it to the window.


Knowing that he was in serious trouble, Kaito's father began to beg for forgiveness from both Kaito and his mother.

"Hinatchan... Remember when we married? The gifts I bought you? Just please know that I love you... forgive me please?"

Kaito's mother began to sob, as she slowly raised her hand hoping to touch her once husband's face again.

But before she could even reach it, Kaito stopped her.

"Goodbye, dad."


The police who held Kaito's dad then knocked him out with the chop to the back of the neck.

"Mom, I need to be alone for a while..."

"Yeah... I need some time alone too."

Both mother and son looked at each other with knowing gazes, before separating to their own rooms.

Kaito locked his door and sat on his bed while staring at the ceiling.

'I did not even have time to sob about my so called friends betraying me huh, today has been seriously crazy.'

u003cYes, it has been crazy!u003e


Kaito who heard the weird voice in his head began to jump in fright.

"Who is here?"

u003cI am MAGUS SYSTEM, the unique system that only one in six quadrillion people can possess.u003e

"Are you who I was supposed to wait for...?"

u003cNo! I am just a system in your head to help you reach the dream you desire. You wish to become a Mage that is strong in combat? An Alchemist that could brew any potion? I can help you do such a thing!u003e

"I... will think about that later."

u003cYou are the boss! Ah, here is your status if you do not mind seeing itu003e


Name: Kaito Brundhilr

Age: 17 years Old

Cla.s.s: Not Decided

Rank: Not Awakened

Job: Unemployed


"This is a bit basic for a status, and my last name is Brundhilr?"

Kaito had read countless novels with the main character gaining status's that tell them their strength, speed, dexterity and so forth.

u003cWell, of course it's simple! You haven't awakened yourself yet and haven't decided which job to go for.For your name however, due to your ancestry being Brundhilr and you being the tenth generation it makes sense for you to take his first name as your lastu003e

Kaito nodded, his last name wasn't important to him at all due to it reminding him of his father's lineage.

u003cBefore we begin the awakening, please let me explain the current climate that is the magus world.

Magus are beings from across the sixteen planes that guard the realms from the terror of the Astral Plane, a universe filled with demonic beings that thirst for blood from other worlds.

We are protected by a powerful shield created from the magic of the three guardian deities.

Magus are born from those that come from powerful magus lineages, and as soon as they have awakened their ability, they are sent to Magus Academy where they shall learn spells and complete missions given to them by King or Emperor Magusu003e

"Quick question, what are King or Emperor Magus?"

u003cAH! I forgot to explain about how the power level works. Each Magus begins at Beginner rank, then Intermediate, Advanced, Prince, King and Emperor Magus. Each rank has specific tasks in which that must be done in order to rank up.

Now, I think I have explained enough. When you are ready, please say awake!u003e

Kaito who heard what he needed to hear, took a deep breath.

Saying the words would change his life forever, and he will embark on a journey that would be filled with action and adventure.

"... AWAKE!"

BOOM! The entire room was then filled with a bright white light, Kaito felt pain all around his body and he began to scream, but no sound came out of his mouth.

His eyes began to burn, and red blood started to drip from his eyeb.a.l.l.s down to his cheeks.

Countless bones in his body began to snap and crackle as it reforms his entire being.

Seconds turned into minutes; minutes turned into an hour. And after one hour of immense pain he finally was set free.

Kaito flopped into his bed, his entire body weak from exhaustion.

After a night's rest, he finally woke up. Today was a weekend, meaning his mother had no reason to wake him up for school, and after the incident she wanted to rest herself.

Kaito stood up and walked towards his mirror. But what he saw, was not someone he could recognize.

'Oh my G.o.d...'

Kaito had white hair, flowing down to his forehead. His eyes that were once black now had both red and blue eyes, his body that was once scrawny turned into lean muscle as he could see a six pack on his abs.


'He is here.'

His mother who heard the knock went downstairs, opening the door to see a suited man with a large top hat.

"h.e.l.lo there, this is probably the wrong house..."

"No, I am here for your son."

Kaito's mother stood there frozen, staring at the odd foregn man in confusion.

"My son? Why would you want to meet him?"

"Ah, he would know, just call him please."

Kaito who heard what was going on went downstairs. His mother turned around, about to ask Kaito what was going on till she saw her son's appearance.

"AHHH! Where is my son?!"

"Mom... please calm down it's me."


His mother who was having a tantrum looked at her son's appearance and touched his face.

"What is going on, please explain to me..."

But before Kaito could explain, the odd man who was standing in the door walked towards Kaito and knelt before him.

"h.e.l.lo, I am the headmaster of the Magus Academy, I humbly welcome you to our academy, Sir Kaito Brunhilr."