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he Strongest Magical Beast (Cleaning Process) Table Of Contents (Cleaning Process) Ranking, Settings & Others Character List Alchemy Info The Team About me Chapter 15 An Exceptional Treasure

A sudden inspiration flashed past me. It is unlikely that there is a group of private rooms underground when this battle array is below here and yet the pa.s.sageway is nevertheless somewhere faraway from the garden. It is very probable. The more I think about it, the more sure I am about it. Yes, that’s right. It is certainly that.

With my entire strength, I unleashed my spiritual awareness where I meticulously and carefully perform a fine search on every single spot….. A trace of smile is shown on my face because I have discovered a spot where it has send out an unusual fluctuations compared to the others. The surrounding around the spot does not have such a strong fluctuations compared to the spot. That spot is certainly to be the entrance of the secret pa.s.sage      

In a flash like a lightning flash, I have arrived to the spot where I have received a response to. With a concentrated gaze, I look at the rock garden before me. I smile for this rock garden does not pose a problem to me.

The spiritual awareness naturally through the rock garden. Very quickly, I at once has figured out the secret behind this group of pa.s.sage to the secret room.

My right hand is lightly placed onto a piece of rock at the rock garden as I lightly rotate it for my spiritual awareness can distinctly feel that a door bolt is emerging out more and more. All of a sudden, a stone b.u.t.ton completely emerged out of the stone plug. With my hand using a little bit of strength and giving one push, this rock garden retreats backwards and then the door opens at once. It is just that easy!       

I gaze at the condition of the pa.s.sage and it is in a quite good condition. At the present, there still isn’t any whatsoever damage. It seems that I will be able to conserve a lot of my energy in the future for the underground private room that I have required for is already readily made here.

With large strides, I walk forward to the insides. While walking, I simultaneously my spiritual awareness to take note of all of the things that are in the room. Present inside are rationed like food and I reckon that only the rice is still edible. Those vegetables are estimated to have already been rotten. After all, it has already been a year. Inside here, there are still some weaponry and looking at the appearances, they are more of a better goods. However, as far as I am concerned, all of these do not have any whatsoever usage in them. The inside of the room has unexpectedly some clothes. It shouldn’t be that this marquis has stayed at here before…. Ha! At a long last, I have discovered a slightly little bit useful object which is a chest which is filled with silvers and silver banknote. It seems like the silver that he possesses is even lesser that Li Si and he is truly not doing a good job as a marquis.

Finally! I have finally found that place of the treasure that is hidden by the battle array.

I lightly push open the hinged door. A greenish jade table appears before my eyes where the table is completely made out of the green jade. The green jade is actually indeed of an upper grade yushi(precious stones). How extravagant, this much of a large chunk of yushi is made into a table. This table is to be at least worth a million taels of silver. It appears that there is a piece of letter on top of the table. I conveniently and lightly brought it before my eyes.

‘h.e.l.lo, to the fated one. In my entire life, I do not have any child and so my treasure is to given for you, the fated one. You must properly make use of it. Due to it, I have spent my entire lifetime of painstaking effort. Let it be. Now, there is still one more small trial. In breaking down this battle array, you are only ent.i.tled to possess it. Okay, to the fated one, I wish for a good luck for you!’    

In seeing this piece of letter, I am actually too happy for this marquis do not even put any attention to this greenish jade table and yet he has placed such an importance to the thing that is inside of the battle array. He even say about his entire lifetime of painstaking effort and it seems that it is by no means an apex level treasure. Just what is it? According to the folklores of the Heaven Splitting Hatchet of the first under heaven Sword G.o.d Xuanyuan Jian is worth more than hundred millions of gold and silver as well as pearls. It is nevertheless a rare and apex treasure         

I turn my body with the small battle array before my eyes. According to the folklores, the first under heaven, Sword G.o.d Xuanyuan Jian’s Heaven Splitting Hatchet which is estimated to be hundred million golds and silvers as well as the pearls which is possibly by no means an apex level rare treasure and it is just inside there! My heart is a little bit excited. I excitedly extend forward my trembling right hand with the true yuan power long already covered over my hand. Now, my right hand is already placed onto the battle array. At the present, so long as I exert some force followed with my hand swatting it, it will then at once destroy the battle array before my eyes and which will allow me to obtain the treasure that is inside that can hugely startle the world.      

I suck in one deep breath then settling down my fluctuated mood. My right hand momentarily exerts out a force and in the middle of the twinkling of the eye, I have drawn back the surplus of the true yuan power. This is to avoid damaging the treasure that is inside.  

I astonishingly look at the scene before my eyes. Just what is that thing?

A casing which is one meter long and one meter wide that is made out of gold is presented before my eyes. This casing is completely composed of gold is absolutely no any cheaper compared to the green jade table. This old b.a.s.t.a.r.d is deserving of a marquis for such an extravagant item. It has made me more and more wanting to know just what is that thing.    

I abruptly have the lid of the case opened up and gaze upon the world startling treasure that is inside. I went blank….

It is definitely not lacking for it to be said as the world startling treasure. But. But. But, it does not even have any one bit of usage for me. My goodness! (Tian Na) For the inside, it unexpectedly has the 8 battle array diagram as well as the Qinglong Continent’s most formidable battle array used in attacks, Lord of Profound Heaven’s 7 Sections Array.

Lord of Profound Heaven’s 7 Sections Array is dated back to milleniums years ago where one of the experts in the martial arts world, Zhang San Feng who is the one that has created this array pattern. He observes the snake mountain and the tortoise mountain that are situated in front of the statue of the Lord of Profound Heaven. He then thinks that the Tortoise and Snake pair where he wants to receive the characteristic of the two animals which are the nimbleness and the heaviness. After the painstaking ten years towards these mountains, he has managed to create a set of sophisticated technique exquisite with no comparison. However, the majestic atmosphere from the two topography mountains of the snake and tortoise that have evolved into a martial art technique is not what one person’s strength is capable of carrying it out. As a result, he has pa.s.sed on each  a set of techniques to 7 of his disciples with each one of them having their own subtle and profound techniques. Should 2 person cooperate, the might of the attack and defense is to greatly increase. Should 3 people cooperate, the might doubles compared to the cooperation of 2 people. 4 of them will have their might is equivalent to 8 experts, 5 of them is equivalent to the might of 16 experts, 6 of them are equivalent to 32, and 7 of them are equivalent to might of 64 first rate expert acting simultaneously.    

However, no matter how powerful he is in the eyes of other people, in my mind, any casual battle array from the Tianxin sect is much more formidable compared to the Lord of Profound Heaven’s 7 Sections Array, Ai! Is that marquis making fun of me? No. It is just that it is indeed a world startling treasure before the eyes of others. Ah! It is the Heavens that is toying with me. It has brought me from the human world to the paradise then kicking me down the infernal. Ai…..

In fact, I should have already antic.i.p.ated this at an earlier time that in the eyes of the marquis who is fond of battle arrays, the treasure ought to be a battle array. It can only be blamed that I am too greedy that I have momentarily deceived my sober and calm mind.

Forget it, for in fact, today’s harvest is already quite good with that green jade table and the pure good case are already worth millions tales of silvers. Although, it is momentarily hard to exchanged them for silver, and at the very least, there is also still this one private room with some money in it. The most important thing is that the private room here is already much more better than the room that I had wanted to construct on. What’s more is that this private room has also helped me in saving out quite a huge sum of money in constructing one.

He is greedy so he is unwilling to leave but at the same time, he is also satisfied with what he has.    

I walk into the lounge and astonishingly discover that everyone is at here waiting for me with my two disciples nearly wanted to cry it out.   

“Master! You have finally returned. You don’t even know how much we miss you! Wuwu…” Li Da gazes at me as he speaks out to me and he unexpectedly just cry as he speaks.

I look at my Disciple Er and his eyes too are filled with tears as he looks back at me. I am touched and I don’t realize that my disciples show a lot of concern for me. Being moved/Emotionally, I says, “Good disciple. I am truly touched for I didn’t expect that I have just only left for a moment and they have shown such a concern towards me. Wei!(h.e.l.lo) Brother w.a.n.g, what are you guys laughing at? Is it that you all are jealous of me having such a good disciple. You guys are still laughing. The more I speak, the more you guys are laughing happily. Ah! You guys are again laughing.” I open my eyes widely as my eyes are fixated at them. It is too much of them for them to be treating me at such. After all in any case, I am now the owner of the manor.

“Zhang Yu, tell me why are they laughing?” I ask Zhang Yu who is at the side. Due to me feeling something isn’t quite right, it feels like I have became a clown.

“Master, after you have just recently entered into the battle array, they are to about to run around all over the place. In accordance to your command, I have them at once to be standing here and at the same time, they are forbid to move and also to speak. Only until master has returned, are they allowed to move about. As for master, you have already enters into the battle array for six hours and they have also been standing here for almost six hours.” Zhang Yu meticulously have the whole matter explained out to me.

I am angry for I have unexpectedly lost this much of face. As I once recalled the behavior of mine, I am about to go mad right away. Looking at Li Da and Li Er, these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who are nevertheless pitifully looking back at me.

“The two of you will standing here for an additional of four hours. As of the rest, you will go to the Fengyu restaurant together with me to have our dinner. Zhang Yu, when are you are returning, do bring back two sets of meals for them. If they are not to be able to complete the three hours long of standing, they are not allowed to eat.” I loudly say it out. With the head not even turning back, I directly walk ou. No matter how Li Da and Li Er beg for forgiveness, I do not turn my body around at all. Brother w.a.n.g and each one of them walk past Li Da and Li Er as Brother w.a.n.g and the others cast out sympathizing view towards Li Da and Li Er.

Zhang Yu walks past to the front of them as he drops the words lightly like a feather,”The two of you have better stand properly. If you are not stand properly, you will not get to have your dinner.”

“Brother w.a.n.g, the battle array that is in the manor is already completely comprehended by me. After finishing the dinner today, go and summon some of the servants. For at the present, the entire manor requires a thorough refurbishment. As for some of the more important matters, we will discuss about it after returning back to the manor in the night.” On the way as I go the restaurant, I have told Brother w.a.n.g some matters that need to be hurriedly handled with.  

“Yes, young master! I will certainly handle this matter properly.” Brother w.a.n.g says to me.

“En, when Brother w.a.n.g handles the matter, I will feel the most relieved. Oh! I shall go to Uncle Zhang’s side to discuss put some matter with him. You shall first leave.”

Who quick steps, I walk till Uncle Zhang’s side then smiling out as I say,” Uncle Zhang, today, after eating finish the dinner, go to the capital’s auction house and help me pre-order some best quality of yushi set at a price at sixty thousand taels per piece. Have that much, but that much and you do not have to worry with the aspect of money. This is because today after returning to the manor at night, I will make a flawless jasper.”

“Is it true that today, you will make one flawless jasper? You won’t deceive me in making me happy.” Uncle Zhang still do not dare to believe that I on a verge of making an absolutely apex piece of flawless jasper. Although after entering the capital, he is continuously antic.i.p.ating in witnessing the birth of a flawless jasper but as at the time when his desire is to be realized, he himself find it to believe that it is all real.

“Uncle Zhang , you don’t have to suspect about it any longer for since when have you seen speaking out a lie? Today’s night, you shall witness the birth of the flawless jasper!” With the face of mine br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence spoken out about the matters that are view to be impossible to be realized in the eyes of others.

Uncle  Zhang is already not sure of what he has to say. After stifling for a long time, only did he gives out one verse,”Can I be the one who will carve out this flawless jasper?”

Gazing at Uncle Zhang as I smile out then saying,”Of course, you definitely be the one who will be carving. Apart from you, is there anyone that is qualified to carve out this cla.s.s of a treasure?”

In thinking his heart, Uncle Zhang do find it is also true. Within the industry of the yushi carving master, is there still anyone is more ent.i.tled compared to him? However, in his heart, he is still nevertheless full of gratefulness towards Zhang Xing Feng.


After having eaten and drinking to one’s heart’s contents, only the two of us, Lang Feng’s mother and I return home. Brother w.a.n.g and Sister Yu head to summon the servants. Uncle Zhang, Zhang Yu as well as Lang Feng arrive together to the auction house of the capital. As for the two precious disciples of mine are nevertheless still enduring the starvation as wells as the suffering.

I walk into the manor through the entrance as I accompany Big Brother Lang Feng’s mother in slowly walking on the stone bridge. With the sky long ago being dark and the moon already hanging onto the sky for a long time, the shadow of the invented image of the moon is within the clear water of the artificial lake. My mood too become quite good.

In seeking from the far away, the two disciples of mine who are still standing motionless at the central of the hall. As after the two of them have seen me from far, the two of them immediately show out the expression of the hard sufferings that they have endured. In looking at the two disciples of mine, there is nothing much need to be said, who asked me to be their master!

“Forget about it, the two of you do not need to stand anymore. Today, Ah Yu may be coming back quite late so I already have your foods brought here and you can eat it. If today’s kind of matter is to reoccur, I will not easily forgive you.” I drop the food into the table then turning towards to the battle array as I walk towards it.