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The room that Rhea and Louis share is anything but welcoming. Small, dark, clean without being too clean, the tiny window on the right side of the room only let that one thin moonbeam.

At the beginning of the evening, when having entered this confined s.p.a.ce where the two of them were supposed spend the night, the eager Rhea lost no time in throwing herself on Louis' old pants canvas trousers.

By opening one b.u.t.ton at a time, she could slowly glimpse its contents.

In this Kingdom, the underwears being quite expensive, she was not too surprised not to find one on a simple villager such as old Louis.

The last b.u.t.ton made of soft wood having yielded, the pants let out a s.e.x of medium size but vigorous enough to jump out of the fabric and miss her little nose.

For his part, the villager did not remain inactive. Leaning forward, he had already had the goodness to free the two heavy b.r.e.a.s.t.s that had been compressed for too long by the young woman's too tight bodice.

He had gently gathered them together and with his two knowledgeable hands he was skillfully kneading them.

Swept away by the pleasure procured by these his delicate but precise gestures made Rhea's hands tremble so much, that having lost its previous precision, the d.a.m.ned last b.u.t.ton of this awful pants resisted her for a moment.

Louis' fingers had just landed on her young nipples stayed too long in lack of contact with the other s.e.x, when, facing the man's stem that had made his appearance, Rhea got up and moved back.

The smell emanating from this virile member couldn't have been more repulsive.

Not being able to offer his crotch to such a thing, Rhea looked for a solution that would not offend this man too used to his own body odor to understand her reaction.

Rhea a.s.sumed that it is very possible that Louis is one of those simple people for whom bathing is not essential for a successful life.

In any case, whether it was the reason or not, to remedy this nocturnal problem that had just arisen, Rhea proposed a solution that would allow them to unite their bodies without too much delay.

To perform a complete cleansing would certainly not be easy, but armed with what she had been able to find, Rhea confident in her abilities, was certain that it would be enough to at least give Louis back some semblance of his former human aspect.

After rubbing the small piece of black soap against the cloth previously soaked in the small wooden tub of water, Rhea approached Louis' blackened ankles.

Between the dirt, the remains left by many episodes of perspiration and different kinds of soil that had infiltrated the skin of the mature but disgusting man, Rhea struggled to clean this part of Louis' body, who, too embarra.s.sed by the vision of the young woman struggling bitterly against his smell, no longer dared to look at her.

From the thighs to the torso, pa.s.sing the back and arms, the less repulsive parts of Louis' body were now more or less clean.

Between Louis' feet, whose nails were barely discernible from the skin, so many layers of dirt had been superimposed on them and his armpits more hairy and dirty than those of an Orc who had just taken a mud bath, the beautiful Rhea hesitated.

Her eyes did not leave the beautiful slightly gray erect c.o.c.k she so much desired and it was precisely for this reason that the young woman had decided to keep the best, or in this occurrence, the worst piece for the end.

Unable to stand those feet from which emanated wild scents that threatened to make her lose consciousness, she plunged her piece of cloth into the small wooden tub of water.

Toe after toe, the pretty Rhea, whose nausea intensified incrementally as she spread his toes to chase away the unattractive perfume, worked hard to prepare Louis for their first night.

Tears streamed from her beautiful blue eyes when the villager raised his arms.

Between a certain courage and no doubt, a incontestable masochism, Rhea nevertheless managed to complete the hardest work she had ever been given to do.

How long had she undertaken this labor, by the way? Ignoring the minutes that had elapsed since the beginning of this precision operation but knowing full well that she had just lost more than an hour of pleasure, Rhea sighed.

Anyway, time is only a concept and the night was still very young.

With her heart beating, feeling her wet s.e.x flowing along her thighs, Rhea was about to grab Louis' half-soft stem when screams from the street disturbed her concentration.

After the bustle of the street, it was quickly the calm of this makeshift inn that was disturbed.

Heavy footsteps struck the worm-eaten steps of the staircase leading to the upper floors. Swearing could be heard, probably coming from the mouths of the occupants of the adjoining rooms.

A man with a deep voice shouted and hearing his commands, Rhea tucked her huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s into his bodice.

She straightened herself up after hearing the sound of doors being knocked down. With her hands placed on the pommels of her two swords, she ignored Louis on his little stool, still naked, sadly sitting in front of his basin of black water.

Several of these heavy footsteps approached the door of the room in which she dreamed of being penetrated by a Louis, now almost Human.

In lack of physical relations for three days, she finally had the opportunity to unite with a man, but these broke the phantasms that had been running through her mind all day.


With a (Boom) audible, Rhea sees the thin door of her room being smashed open by a black boot with double straps.

From the corridor, several relatively tall men soon appear in front of her.

All of them, wearing clothes identical in every way to those of soldiers stationed in small and medium-sized towns are moving apart to make way for a smaller one wearing a significantly different uniform.

"You're the woman answering to Rhea's name, aren't you? Here is a legally doc.u.ment designating you as the property of Our esteemed Viscount Follow us without resistance and no harm will come to you."

So, she legally belongs to someone? Without knowing why, Rhea immediately thinks that this situation must be due to a certain young idiot monk who certainly must have been duped by anyone small-scale crook.

A little hesitant about the att.i.tude to adopt towards these guards who in these remote lands are responsible for the respect of the laws imposed by the King, Rhea decides to take her hands off the pommels of her swords.

"Well, show me this doc.u.ment and if it is legally, I will follow you without protest."

Two hours before the city guards entered a small bedroom of a old inn, the gray-haired man had taken the trouble to inquire about his newly acquired woman.

Listening to the various vulgar men who described her as: More hot than the most beautiful luxury in the capital.

As a good negotiator and a man who knows how to establish relationships with people who can bring him a certain ease, the gray-haired man immediately understood the many benefits that such beauty could bring him.