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"3..2..1...action!" Avery, a well-known actress, was doing a scene for her latest movie, The Alluring Times. As the female lead, she was expected to be perfection. But that was too little expectations for her. She brought emotion and life into every line and movement, making everything dazzle on the set. "Cut! That was fantastic Avery!" The director praised her forever.

As one of the best, everyone wanted her. But being a Star wasn't the only things she was good at. She was also good at betraying and braking others. Taylor, an okay actress, was one of them. She was in the same movie, but no one cared or noticed. Avery was the only one who did. She used to come to her trailer and cheer her up after filming. Now that was all gone.
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About a month ago, Avery broke the top actresses and stole their fame. Especially Taylor. She wasn't in the top, but Avery was her main target, and everyone knew that. No one would go near Taylor, except an actor named Carter. He would normally accept movies that she excepted, so they'd be together.

Avery forged Carter's signature so he would go separate ways. Avery then bragged about her success, praise, wealth, and everything Taylor didn't have to her. Taylor normally ignores her, but that made Avery's hatred grow bigger. If Taylor was doing a movie or compet.i.tion, you'd always see Avery there to beat her.

After being fed of with it, Taylor started to fight back. She didn't know why Avery targeted her, and she didn't care. She won sometimes and other victories went to Avery. They never ended the fight, and two years later they are still going.

The Alluring Times was the final fight. They made a deal. The loser must give up their career and owe the winner one billion dollars. Avery was the only one who had that cash. Taylor thought she could do it, but they liked Avery, no adored her. Taylor just blended into everything and was in the shadows.

Avery was winning and that was that. Taylor was about to give up, but when Carter came back, everything took a turn for the better or for the worst.

He taught Taylor some more things and helped her memorize any small things, get her acting technique perfect, and make her stand out. The next day things were changed.

"Taylor and Avery come here please!" The director had called them over and everyone held their breath. "There's been a change in the roles. Taylor will be the female lead and Avery will be the female lead's a.s.sistant. In the sequel of course, hoping this movie is a smashing success. I would change you two for this, but we've come too far to start over."

Avery snickered as she walked away. Just like that Taylor would have to give up everything. Just not without a reason though. "Avery stop!" Taylor had waited for this day. "Why do you want to beat me in everything I do. It's like I'm your target." Avery smiled at her. "Taylor, the reason is simple. You were a bright and shining star, but then you disappeared into the shadows. You wasted that talent."

"I looked up to you, but when you had fallen, I took action. I stole the top spot, wanting to make you hurt." Avery had said the whole speech in front of the cast, but she didn't care. All she wanted was to say that to Taylor.

Everyone was just confused. Avery's manager came up to her. "Avery, what exactly do you mean?" "I mean that if Taylor really is an actress, she'll demonstrate her abilities so she can steal the top spot away from me." Avery announced it so proudly, that some actors thought she was delusional.

Taylor knew what she meant. She had been hiding in the shadows for too long. Now it was time to get back to the top. Now starts the journey of fame, fortune, and brilliance.