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Chapter 13 – Top Priority

Slave Editor (Lv2)

Subject: Ruth
Race: Elf (The Ram)
Status: Skill Management

Pa.s.sive skills:
 ■Safety Management
  ⇒Forbid hostile actions towards the master.
  ⇒Forbid the disclosure of the master’s information.
 ■Disclosure Request
  ⇒Forbid from concealing information from the master.
 ■Absolute control
  ⇒Forbid disobedience of orders.

Active skills:
 ■Thought Stop
  ⇒Ceases cognitive functions for a certain amount of time.
 ■Brain Dope
  ⇒Make a specific action result in euphoria.
 ■Behavior Adjustment
  ⇒Modify specific behaviors at will.



Well. This should be enough.

Anything was fine.


――――clap, clap, clap!!


I looked behind me and it seemed that work had just finished there.

Martha did a curtsy amongst the applause and cheers.

Since everybody was focused on her, n.o.body seemed to have noticed us.


Well done, Martha. It was well worth to make you learn some tricks.


It felt safe as n.o.body paid attention to us.

That pathetic Ruu-tan, whose head had hit the desk, wasn’t moving.

Kekeke. Served her right.



By the time we returned to the mansion, it was night already.

We had brought home the dead-drunk, unconscious elf.

――That’s how it went.


「Now, let’s lay her down properly, I will explain it to my parents in the morning.」

「No, I will explain the circ.u.mstances. Please have a good rest and take a day off, Master.」


Hearing that, I figured I should leave it to her.

I would bet there was going to be a punishment handed out later on. Martha, was pretty p.i.s.sed off.


After parting with Martha, as I was walking into my room thinking about how to play with Ruu-tan.


Suddenly, I became nauseous.


 ――A, eh?


It was funny. I wasn’t even that tired.


――It hurts.

I complained about the pain in my head.


I hurried to my room, diving onto the bed.

……ah, ah.

I somehow felt bad all of a sudden.

Something was wrong… I did not know… I had no idea.


As my consciousness was fading, I just prayed, “I don’t want to die.”







「Congratulations!! Your level has risen desu!!」



I was confused, what was going on?



When I came to, I was standing in that white s.p.a.ce again.

There was a G.o.ddess with a full smile in front of me.


Hoooly shiet, it was her after all.

I thought I was going to die.


「x.x.x-san, How’s your new life? Are you enjoying it desu?」


「…Right, yes. All thanks to you.」

「Uh-huh! That goes without saying! …For summoning you in the middle of the night, I apologize desu.」


Did she sense my bad mood? Such an awkward G.o.ddess-chan.

If she did, that was fine. But there would be no repeat.



「…… So what’s this about leveling up?」


「That’s right desu. Since I had spare time, I decided to peek at your situation, x.x.x-san. And then, I was very surprised!! You used your power on an elf, right!?」


Hm? Did I perhaps do something wrong?

But what was that level up though…

While I was left with a question mark over my head, G.o.ddess-chan raised her thumb.


「――It’s the best!! It was cool!! Thank you very much desu!!」


Was I… heavily praised?


「You are a man of exceptional talent, exceeding what I heard of!! This time’s level up is special, I will grant another bonus too desu!」


I didn’t really understand, but it looked like I did something she liked.

What’s free is free so I decided to just take it.


「And one more thing, x.x.x-san. As you might expect, I have a request desu!」

「… What is it?」


She said this smiling just as I was thinking she was not going to interfere with me.



「Whenever you find an elf, I want you to exterminate it immediately desu. It’s a top priority desuyo!!」