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Max started thinking about his situation as he started slowly gaining consciousness, he remembered waving at a beauty than a blackout. Currently, he could feel that his hands were tied and his head was covered with a sack and he was being carried to someplace. After some time the sack covering Max was removed, as soon as he could see he stared at the huge pair of b.r.e.a.s.t.s right in front of his eyes that were at least 35D, right in front of him was a fierce beauty that was not that fair but someone who had done labor, beautiful nose, long brunette hair, an example of Indian beauty, but the extremely glutinous way at which she devoured the packs of instant noodles raw certainly tainted the beauty but she still possessed a sort of charm to her while she was doing that. When she finally finished the instant noodles Max spotted his bag in the corner and it looked to have been intensely searched as all the things from the bag laid around. The girl approached Max and asked him "What's your name". [Shouldn't you tell yours before asking them for their] but Max knew that he wasn't in a position to say that.

Max Agrawal, he said.

She pointed towards the food lying on the floor and asked where did you get this weird ramen.

"It's a type of noodles"

Max said "Of course I know its a type of noodle you idiot I asked you where did you get it"

sacred by the girl's tone and seeing the gun in her hand he was stupefied and replied: "from the east".

Hearing it was from the east the girl asked: "do you belong to the rice union and why did you come from the eastern haven to this h.e.l.l."

Max was stumped as he didn't know what to say, calming down he replied "I came from the east for some business opportunities"

"What kind of business opportunities," the girl asked

Since Mumbai was the economic center of the entire India most companies and government offices were in Mumbai but that was before the South Asian world war. After the war, while the world remained in a nuclear h.e.l.l Mumbai lost its place as an economic center, and the more rural and food-producing eastern region in India like Bengal rose in power as demand for food kept increasing without any stop.

"My plantation has managed to produce plenty of food but we lack everything else like the laser sword you used while fighting those grey men"

"You mean to say that such a large food-producing region lacks security and technology," the girl said.

"Not the eastern region but my plantation since its fairly new," Max said

"So you want a way to obtain these technologies," the girl said

"Yes" Max replied

"Ok, I will help you if you are willing to pay me" the girl replied

Excited by the opportunity to have a local guide Max said"Sure, but what's your name"

"Alia" the girl replied

"Ok, since I am your employer now could you please untie me," Max said

"Sure I will untie you once we agree on my price"

"How much do you want," Max said

"You can either pay me energy crystals, batteries, or food. Although I prefer food.Like the Instant

noodles you had or some canned foods."

"Ok, how much do you want"

"If you pay in food, it will be 30 cans of food per month"

"I agree, but you make sure that I stay safe," said Max

"If I don't keep you safe who will pay me, you don't have to worry about your safety you just have to worry about paying up," said Alia

"Sure, now could you please untie me "

Embarra.s.sed by this Alia's face turned red as she quickly untied Max.

Max got up picked up his bag and asked Alia

"What do we do now"

"First we will go back to my base and from there we will figure out what do you require, " said Alia

After they walked for a few hours they both finally arrived at Alia's base. In the whole time they were walking Max was figuring out what he should take back with him that would give him some instant spending cash since he was unemployed right now. After thinking about it a lot Max came to the conclusion that gold will be the best thing to take back since all the advanced technology was useless to him in giving quick returns and the money of both world was different it was useless to him, so gold will probably be the best since not only was it easy to sell and was expensive but also for the fact that gold was worthless here since people were dying of hunger gold was the same to the people as iron.

When Max saw Alia's base he stunned, it was a huge mansion surrounded by a huge lawn but it didn't look luxurious rather it was so worn down that it looked like a haunted house in the movies.

Seeing Max's stunned state Alia said to Max "Stop standing there like an idiot or the zombies will detect your presence" with a grin as she looked down upon him for acting like a villager who was in the city for the first time.

As Max went inside the house he could bullet covering the lawn and crudely made defensive structures like fences and barricades all over the entrance and a mounted machine gun on top of the stairs with a direct view at the entrance. It was the first time that Max was. .h.i.t with the reality that it was not his original world this was a world where only the strong survive and which had no place for the week, he was lucky that he met with Alia who still hadn't lost all her humanity if it was somebody else he would have been dead by now.

As they got inside the house Max started getting hungry and took the instant noodles out and started preparing dinner for both of them.

He cooked up noodles gave them to Alia.

Stunned by this Alia hurriedly replied "this isn't counted in the monthly payment"

amused by this Max said with a smirk "Yeah, eat as much as you want I won't charge you for it"

Embarra.s.sed by her behavior Alia's face grew red but she still chooses to eat the noodles after all food was incredibly hard to come by in the apocalypse.

She was both amused and touched by Max's naivety, it reminded her of the time when she was with her family and she was happy and worry-free unlike now when she lived in the fear of either going hungry or becoming someone's plaything. Max didn't realize it but his actions greatly warmed Alia's heart and increased Alia's feelings towards him by a lot.

After they ate dinner Max started gaining some understanding of this world through the newspapers lying around and asking about other things from Alia, although she was a little curious why Max was asking such common knowledge he was able to explain it through saying that this was his first time in the outside world.

After some time Max gained a basic understanding of this world -

This world was a parallel universe similar to earth. However, the technology was far advanced but merely the empty husk of the human civilization left and the cities now occupied by zombies and other mutant creatures hunting humans and humans forced to create their settlements outside the city. In such a place everyone carried a weapon with them and anybody without a weapon was already dead.

The current year was the year 2220, the location was Mumbai city,

The year 2100 when the oil crisis arrived, excessive extraction caused the shortage in resources intensifying the conflict in south china sea.

In the year 2170 when the world was already heading towards chaos through shortages of nearly all resources, a political crisis arrived when China invaded Taiwan, triggering a ma.s.sive war between China And the U.S.When the red army started invading its neighbors to strengthen themselves.

It this world the global politics was divided into three organizations the Us led G-7, the Indian lead led BRIKS which consisted of the middle east and Eurasia and the Chinese lead PSA with most of the southeast Asian countries and the rest of the countries maintained diplomatic ties with all three of them. The year 2189 the tensions of Eastern Hemisphere escalated as The G-7 declared war on the PSA. Both blaming each other for it ultimately causing world war three.

As WW-III grew more nations started joining and switching when Pakistan went from BRIKS to PSA and the next year j.a.pan switched from the PSA to BRIKS and when China attacked j.a.pan in the South China Sea it forced BRIKS to come in as a G-7 Allies.

The year 2192 the first nuclear weapon was deployed by North Korea to j.a.pan when the WW-III officially entered into the nuclear war. This attack was met with a nuclear attack by Russia to Pakistan and thus the nuclear missiles kept firing until most of the habitable land was destroyed. In the year 2199, the war finally ended with no winner and an unconditional ceasefire by all three sides. The nuclear winter and radiation claimed more lives than the war and living habitats of the world shrank to about 1/10th of its size. In the year 2200, a global "earth rejuvenation treaty" was pa.s.sed to remove radiation. For this treaty, new dangerous technology was used without regarding safety to counter the growing food shortages in each country but this had its consequences when a rebel group in the middle east got its hand on this technology can convert it into bombs and detonated it in cities, the victims first showed normal burns and damages but then they slowly started mutating and infecting other healthy people pushing the world towards apocalypse. The world went into doomsday as chaos let loose and laws and rules became nonexistent.

As the rich and elite of the world abandoned the idea of saving the planet and planning their escape from the planet. In the year 2201, The International s.p.a.ce agency was formed in secrecy so the rich and elite could plan an escape route without letting the general public know about it. In the year 2202 ISA launched 4 Generation Colony Ships were launched to Proxima b in Proxima Centauri.

This was the last straw that shattered people's hope as they realized that they were abandoned.

After which the condition deteriorated day by day which lasts to the present day which was the month of July. As the night arrived Max told Alia to collect as much gold as she could and he would be back in a couple of days after renewing his supplies, although she was curious about his supply base, she knew what would be inappropriate to ask. As he walked out of the building Max pressed the transfer app and he was transported back to his room.