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Rural people rarely walked on the official highway, but the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong had bureaucratic aura. Although temple people didn't like the hard work that climbing up mountain entails, they could find sword moves to respond. Gou Han Shi simply said a move and it seemed like Guan Fei Bai's sword had its own soul. It instantly transferred from rural to temple. His sword was just and open, how could it be countered?

Instantly, Chen Chang Sheng thought of infinite possibilities in his brain but he could not find a single move to respond. Of course, burning and murderous sword moves such as Wen Shui Three Movements should be able to defend against it, but he never taught it to Luo Luo. Furthermore, the other sword techniques that were uncommonly known could not be used by Luo Luo in her current xiuxing stage.

He finally got a feeling that he never felt before. He remembered the sentence that he thought would never apply to him– when it comes to requiring knowledge, you regret not acquiring enough.

He had read countless Scrolls of Way, but he lacked knowledge in xiuxing. Of course, the three thousands Scrolls of Way composed of everything in the world. He only needed two more years to gain absolute confidence in this ability to transfer the records on the Scroll of Way into knowledge in the aspect of xiuxing. If he had done this, he would be confident in his ability to defeat even Gou Han Shi, but now he just couldn't.

He hadn't acquire enough knowledge, after all, he was still very young.

If he had more time, then he would know more and therefore be able to teach Luo Luo.

But right now, he couldn't find any sword moves to help Luo Luo counter Guan Fei Bai's Mountain Door.

Looking at Luo Luo's immature little face, looking at the dedication at the center of her eyebrows, looking at her absolute trust in him in her eyes, Chen Chang Sheng felt ashamed.

He didn't think that this was because Luo Luo didn't finish learning every sword move he knew because he was the master. After that night in the Tradition Academy where he encountered this little girl for the first time, she gave all her trust to him and let him take all the responsibility.

If he could, he wished he could stand in front of her just like that night, facing the net falling from the sky, or sword.

However, tonight he could only stay behind her, helping her face the enemy.

Suddenly, Chen Chang Sheng's eyes lit up.

He remembered the night at the Tradition Academy and the demon elite. He thought of the solution.

Whether he was going to counter the sword move or retreat temporarily, he had to do what Gou Han Shi had taught Qi Jian before, dodge the first sword that the opponent used to transfer from rural to temple. After the first sword misses, the following sword will be far weaker and the sword spirit would no longer be perfect.

Dodging this sword, however, was a very difficult thing.

If he could find any sword move to break through it, then it would have to be Way of Movement!

"Sunny Snow!"

"Ice Tube!"

"Spinning Fish!"

Chen Chang Sheng stepped in and shouted.

These were the names of three stars in the sky. It represented their three positions and were three dodging moves.

There was only one movement method in the world that could be pointed out so simply and accurately.

Luo Luo held her sword, slightly moved her toe and her body shook a little.

A soft wind blew in the square.

Suddenly, she appeared around ten meters away!

Guan Fei Bai's sword stabbed into the air!

On the staircase in front of the palace, someone wondered what happened.

Mao Qiu Yu's hand that was smoothing his beard paused a bit.

Gou Han Shi's expression became very serious and he subconsciously walked up.

"Ye Shi Move?"

The movement method Luo Luo demonstrated before truly shocked many people.

The move looked a little like the Ye Shi Move used by the demon elites in Xue Lao City!

It wasn't until the next moment did big figures such as Mao Qiu Yu see clearly that it wasn't the actual Ye Shi Move, but was a simplified version of it or rather, a modified, simple Way of Movement.

But it was enough to dodge Guan Fei Bai's sword!

Gou Han Shi's expression was still serious and he was shocked.

Even if it was only a simplified version, the fact that Luo Luo could simplify or mimic it, then it showed that she at least understood Ye Shi Move!

Ye Shi Move was the top secret move of a branch of the demon race!

Where did this youngster learn it from?

"Thirteen Returns to the West!"

Chen Chang Sheng didn't care about the surprised crowd. He also did he look at Gou Han Shi as he called out another move unhesitantly.

Using the Ye Shi Move to help Luo Luo dodge the Mountain Sword that Guan Fei Bai used, Chen Chang Sheng knew that it was his turn to call an attack!

When he was speaking the words Thirteen Returns to the West, he looked very confident.

His mind was very calm.

He was calm because he was certain that Luo Luo would win in a moment.

Thirteen Returns from the West was a sword technique from a tribe in the North. Actually, the sword technique didn't have a name but if it needed a name, it would be "Return from the North." It was recorded as Sword of Frontier by an ancestor of the Tradition.

No one knew this sword technique and Chen Chang Sheng only knew it because of a book he found under a cattail ha.s.sock in an old temple in Xi Ning.

This book was not even in the Three Thousands Scrolls of Way. It was only in some travel notes, just travel notes.

Previously, Gou Han Shi used the devious sword technique of Dong Lin Seven Stars to give Luo Luo and him a hard time responding and now, he wanted to use a even more devious sword technique to defeat the opponent!

Now that Luo Luo and Guan Fei Bai were around thirty meters apart, both were situated at perfect positions at the East star. It was the scene that he had been waiting.

The two people's positions indicated that it was the most suitable time to let the Sword of Frontier shine!

As long as Luo Luo used Thirteen Returns to the West, with her ability she acquired from practice in the last few months, the Tradition Academy would definitely win this fight.

Gou Han Shi had been looking at Chen Chang Sheng since the beginning.

He saw the calmness and confidence in his eyes.

He heard the sword move Chen Chang Sheng said but couldn't remember where this sword move came from.

There is actually a sword move that I don't know? Gou Han Shi thought to himself.

Gou Han Shi felt surprised. He stared at Luo Luo's hand which was holding the sword and was preparing himself for the attack. He felt doubtful of himself at such kind of compet.i.tion for the first time.

The square was completely silent. There wasn't a sound even while the wind blew.

Many people saw that this was the key move.

Everyone was looking at Luo Luo, waiting to see how powerful Thirteen Returns to the West was.

An unknown amount of time pa.s.sed by until Luo Luo finally moved.

She looked back at Chen Chang Sheng and said pathetically, "Master, I don't know how to.."

Mao Qiu Yu sighed.

"Thirteen Returns to the West?….Long time no see."

On his face, there were some regret, some sadness, and also some happiness.

"If princess knew this move, the Tradition Academy would have most probably won tonight."


But there was no if. Luo Luo didn't use the legendary Thirteen Returns to the West, so the battle had to continue.

This was only an interlude.

Chen Chang Sheng felt shocked, but he didn't feel lost. The interlude actually helped him get rid of his nervousness. He immediately said another sword technique.

It was the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong, again.

Gou Han Shi smiled and responded with Seven Stars of Dong Lin again.

In one round, the situation returned back to the situation before.

Like soft wind and rain floating in the forest, it was reticently beautiful.

But while the spectators just felt a bit calm, the wind and rain suddenly sped up.

"Seventh Move."

"Eleventh of Mountain Door."

"Take Back Zhou Zong Sword."

"Begin Golden Crow Sword."

"Flipped Crow!"

"Third Sword Move!"

Chen Chang Sheng and Gou Han Shi's voices got quicker and quicker!

One person just used a move and another responded right away. Before there still were pauses, and moments when people needed time, but now there wasn't any pause between the two people. No disconnection at all!

The spectators didn't even have time to listen. How could they have any time to think!?

Their voices got quicker and quicker and so, Luo Luo and Guan Fei Bai obviously moved faster and faster.

After a while, the two used several dozens of moves.

The sword techniques of various branches in the Li Mountain Sword Sect were all exhibited by Guan Fei Bai using his sword.

On the other hand, the sword techniques in the library of the Tradition Academy were all used today by Luo Luo.

There was no pause. Neither of them paused to rest.

Chen Chang Sheng and Gou Han Shi continued to give commands.

Luo Luo and Guan Fei Bai continued waving the swords.

The sword spirit was like wind, flying in the darkness. The sword spirit was like rain, pouring out torrentially.

As the time pa.s.sed, infinite sword techniques, infinite movement methods, all appeared on the square in front of the Wei Yang Palace.

Some sword moves were from different sword techniques, but Chen Chang Sheng and Gou Han Shi spoke them out one by one and Luo Luo and Guan Fei Bai played them out one by one. The fight was fluent and connected as if they had practiced it together before!

Some sword moves were famous multiple hit techniques, but they were broken up by Chen Chang Sheng and Gou Han Shi to appear after more than ten moves later. However, it was surprisingly more effective!

The spectating crowd that was standing on the staircase was dumbfounded. Shouting could be heard occasionally due to shock.

"That works too?"

"What is this move?"

"Teacher, this move is so unreasonable!"

"Elder, do you know this move?"

The night was dark, stars were shining, and the sword waves were crossing the field.

The teachers and students of the schools in the capital, and the southern amba.s.sadors were all enjoying the extraordinary compet.i.tion between the Tradition Academy and the Li Mountain Sword Sect tonight.

The vast knowledge and wisdom exhibited by Chen Chang Sheng and Gou Han Shi was shocking. Also, the people who were actually fighting in the field earned everyone's respect.

Since the beginning to now, Chen Chang Sheng and Gou Han Shi had called for several hundreds of sword moves. With an exception of the Thirteen Returns to the West, Luo Luo and Guan Fei Bai used them all to perfection. The battle was perfect. This was such a rare circ.u.mstance to come by! Mao Qiu Yu's evaluation before, already made students in the capital feel very shameful. Surely Li Mountain Sword Sect's education to disciples already surpa.s.sed the Great Zhou dynasty, and surely every one of the Seven Rulings was determined and hard working. But how about the little girl? As the only daughter of the n.o.ble White Emperor, how could she work so hard, and learn so many sword techniques?

The shocking shouts gradually got lower, and the discussing voices gradually disappeared.

The square in front of the palace became completely silent. The silence represented respect.

Mao Qiu Yu looked at the field and suddenly said, "The fight between Zhou Du Fu and the second Emperor in Luo Yang city, was probably at this level."

Hearing this, the powerful figures near him all changed their expressions.

Xu Shi Ji stayed wordless because he didn't know what to say.

Prince Chen Liu was shocked, "Why do you say this?"

Who is Zhou Du Fu? The strongest elite acknowledged by the entire continent in the last ten centuries! What kind of figure is the second Emperor! Although the fight between the students of the Tradition Academy and the disciples of the Li Mountain Sword Sect was wonderful, how could it be compared to that epic fight in Luo Yang?

"Obviously they are far away from Zhou Du Fu and the second Emperor now."

Mao Qiu Yu said, "But during the Luo Yang battle, Zhou Du Fu and the Emperor were already grown ups. How old are these students?"