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The gazes were still fixed. Mind was still alert. But it couldn't help in adverting the mind in the flashed scenes. He had tried many times, to force himself, to come out from those feelings. Several appointments and counseling from the best psychologists and psychiatrists over the years – all had gone almost in vain. Because it seemed, part of him, never really agreed to let go the things - that once happened! So, he never could completely come out from those.

His father was a normal clerk in a school. They were not really that poor, but couldn't be considered as the well middle cla.s.s family either. They have to struggle quite a bit, to live on that money. Later when he grown up a bit, he began to give tuitions to the kids. He got works, because he was a good student himself. At first naturally, the earnings were much less, but as he grew, he could get more works, adding the balance of extra incomes, which obviously somehow, lessen the burden of the expenses of the daily livings. All are going as planned. His parents and all the relative also hoped, he would achieve eventually a good position with his remarks on educations. Even the teachers from the schools had highly hopes on him. Until it flared only to ruin!

Just after his higher secondary board exams, his mother was diagnosed with the lung cancer. She was already in the third stage. The slowly eating and devastating disease left them almost on the street. Though his mother only suffered from the symptoms and complications of the treatment only. The days and the nights the lamenting of his mother from her depressions and anxiety, haunted him desperately to run from the home many days, his father become almost lunatic in all shorts of pressures. Even though, the lady had gone for the good, ultimately being free from all earthly sufferings. Shortly after his mother, his father also followed him. His health had never been good to start with. That's the reason, he was always restrained himself from doing laborious works earlier. But after the diagnosis of his wife's disease, he began to overwork himself with various kinds of works, in order to cope up with the demand of the medical expenses. Nothing worked at last. He himself turned so feeble and full of debts. Adding the emotional stresses he was going – the combination of all, led the final real result for him one day suddenly. That day the young Mr. Yogi felt – the world is so big. He is totally none and nothing within it. The sceneries around him suddenly faded and turned into total deserts. Where he could turn on none, and could hope on nothing. The thick and dark fogs surrounded him - he could see nothing, catch nothing. He thought he would go insane. But at last, he didn't. the peak moment, he thought – he couldn't hold it on anymore, somebody came and hold his hand. The person gave him shelter, helped him with resources. Finally after graduating, he started his own business. Bit by bit expanded gradually it's demesne. Seven years he solely focused in his foundations. After that, he met Rohini, married her. She was gentle and kind, also quite understanding of him. He felt comfortable, after so many years because he finally had a home for himself. He finally able to get the warmth after so many years – he was missing, and loved each other.

After two years of their marriage, they become parents of a baby boy. Although all the newborn usually looks the same, when he looked at him for the first time, he felt it was the most beautiful creature, he had seen so far. The thought of his own flesh and blood, on this little thing, almost made him wonder in magicals. Hands were shaking in excitement, as the pressure within bundled up at the edge of his throat. The vessels over his face, all rushed with flood of bloods. The heart turned so hard and heavy, but there was not even an ounce of sadness!

Once again! He lost, they lost! The sky once again turned so dark and evil! The day, they had to put in the little body into the ground – almost, become rock. The emptiness in the mind, that was about to forget – flared up again! He questioned the G.o.d that day. But this time, G.o.d answered him in good!

This time, a baby girl! Two years after. They couldn't feel the flawless happiness, at her first arrive, as the previous incident left them in wounds and worries. So, they became very cautious and watchful towards that child. Every little actions of her, made them to look at it with anxieties first. But as she grew up slowly, the strength in their mind also started to become stronger. She was perfectly healthy and moving as any other normal child. Moreover she was way more intelligent, than any other of her age. This made him feel lucky and proud at the same time. At the age of four, Rishika too received her gift as well. She had a little brother now. She was extremely happy as to get a baby human doll! She twirl around that baby doll, most of her free time. She wanted him to grow fast, to play with her. So at first, she would often asks around people, about the "special-baby-foods" for her brother. Whenever people mentions about any foods, she immediately run to get that, and then patiently waits near him to check in every minute - how much he had grown! She even prepared a measuring tape for the accurate data! But the speed of human species' growing is very disappointing! No matter, how hard she try, which way come up – it does not show any interest to grow fast and play with her. With that fact, she became gloomy and sullen, then went to complain to her father about her brother's contumacy. Her face puffed and extremely dejected as he climbed on his father's lap. She was angry, so her little face turned to pink. Mr. Yogi felt helpless by his adorable and innocent daughter's naivety.

Years pa.s.sed. Every senior members of that household, almost forgot about that ominous clouds. Everyone began to hope more freely, with more opened mind. Things are going as planned. The eldest daughter of this family entered in her teens. She is cheering and refreshing, wherever she goes. Everyone can recognize her with the flurry of her babbles from afar. Given that, she was intelligent, she could pick up many things very quickly. Though she was a.s.signed with many things, she still manages to put a fight with the little robber!

In this world, nothing is absolutely permanent.

The baby doll - she wanted to grow up fast, so that she could play with, didn't wanted to keep peace with her for a long time. So, he started to rebel and become an enemy figure gradually! He had to take the little things from her room or bag anyway with or without any need of them. He even had to draw the funny animies, over her finished home-works. He waits for her sister at the gate, for school, just to watch her drenched by the pouring waters, which he had prepared earlier. Even prepared a fake lover for her, just to get her nuts in annoyance. When she knew the truth behind it, she immediately run to kill him. Of course he hided well in the school. But once he had gotten home, he has to lock himself in his room as quickly as he could. Because his sister was there to welcome him in, with a dangerously looking kitchen knife. He didn't dare to came out for two days, from that room. When he finally open the doors, it did not take long time to get few powerful punches by the boxing gloves, which Rishika had planted at door exclusively for her "dear" little brother!

The house is never quiet in the normal days, with the exception of the times – when the two, had their missions together or, planning together for missions.

The thing is very simple! No matter how much they were barking against each – other. To the outsiders – they were always a unit. The protectiveness was not only from one side – whoever dares to provoke, will be crushed by the both sides!