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Thirty-six people! When Elephant Genesis Sect Chief Pan Jue heard the number, his expression grew even uglier.

The joint training had just begun. Not even half an hour had pa.s.sed, yet their Elephant Genesis Sect had lost thirty-six disciples!

“Other than Weng Lin, which other disciples with rank nine and above G.o.dheads have fallen…?” Pan Jue took a deep breath then asked.

“Other than Weng Lin, there are He Fei, Zhang Long, Xu Wuzhi....” Grand Elder Yan Ze blurted out eight new names.

With every name, Pan Jue’s face twitched with pain.

Had they been some common inner disciples, Pan Jue wouldn’t pay this much attention, but these dead disciples possessed rank nine and above G.o.dheads. All of them were important seedlings nurtured by their sect!

Death, eight of them!

Furthermore, Weng Lin, He Fei, and Zhang Long possessed rank ten G.o.dheads!

‘Who was it, who!?’ Pan Jue’s eyes turned red with murder.

“Sect Chief, could it be the Great Whale Sect’s Fan Yuan?” Yan Ze spoke the name of the person he suspected. Weng Lin, He Fei, Zhang Long, and the others were by no means weak. Thinking of a person who could kill them in such a short period of time, only the Great Whale Sect’s Fan Yuan came to mind.

Of course, Weng Lin’s group could have died after being besieged by a large group of disciples. Pan Jue’s eyes glimmered as this thought flashed in his mind.

“Enough, you can retreat first, but pay attention to the disciples’ life tokens at all times.” A moment later, Pan Jue told Yan Ze.

“Yes, Sect Chief.” Yan Ze respectfully complied.

Ten days later.

Above a mountain range inside the Ice Hail Ruins, a light from the black blade in Huang Xiaolong’s hand glimmered, easily separating the heads of two Great Whale Sect mid-Third Order Heavenly G.o.d Realm inner disciples’ from their bodies.

Two heads rolled in the air, plummeting down on the snow mountain below, all the way to the foothills before being buried in the white snow.

With a wave of his hand, Huang Xiaolong collected the Crimson Flame Beads that flew out from the two disciples’ bodies in a practiced manner.

“Six hundred and twenty-three.” Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath.

In the last ten days, he had acc.u.mulated six hundred and twenty-three Crimson Flame Beads. Part of them were found in various locations of the Ice Hail Ruins, while the rest were collected from the other sects’ disciples, like just now.

Then again, the number of Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect inner disciples that died in Huang Xiaolong’s hands greatly exceeded six hundred and twenty-three in the last ten days.

As for how many he killed, Huang Xiaolong stopped counting long ago.

After putting away eleven Crimson Flame Beads, Huang Xiaolong spread out his fire element G.o.dforce to detect the presence of Crimson Flame Beads within ten thousand li, then picked a direction and flew forward. The remains of the two Great Whale Sect inner disciples were abandoned just like that.

Half an hour later, a city of ice appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s line of sight.

His supreme fire element G.o.dforce detected over one hundred and fifty Crimson Flame Beads in this Frost City, which caused his eyes to s.h.i.+ne as bright as the stars at this moment.

According to what Gu Ling told him earlier, there were over one hundred similar frost cities inside this s.p.a.ce, and each of them held over one hundred Crimson Flame Beads. More importantly, these Crimson Flame Beads were concentrated in a single location, unlike the Crimson Flame Beads found outside the cities, which were scattered and few in number.

The problem was, inside these frost cities lived a tribe called Green Ice Hail Devil that possessed Heavenly G.o.d Realm strength. The strongest experts of this race had strength equivalent to an early Fourth Order Heavenly G.o.d Realm cultivator.

Those Green Ice Hail Devil members stronger than Fourth Order Heavenly G.o.d Realm had already been eliminated by the three sects’ Ancestors, leaving the strongest ones at early Fourth Order Heavenly G.o.d Realm. Even so, for the three sects’ inner disciples, early Fourth Order Heavenly G.o.d Realm still posed a certain degree of danger.

Hence, entering the frost cities and taking out the Crimson Flame Beads was no easy task.   

However, Huang Xiaolong flew straight toward the city below without hesitation.

To the other disciples, the frost cities might be dangerous, but to Huang Xiaolong, an early Fourth Order Heavenly G.o.d Realm Green Ice Hail Devil posed no threat.

Two minutes later, he entered the city in a flicker.

Huang Xiaolong had just flown into the frost city when a group of Green Ice Hail Devils suddenly rushed at him from the front.

In general, members of the Green Ice Hail Devil race reached ten meters in height, and although their physical shape bore a great resemblance to humans, their bodies seemed like a patchwork of green ice mashed together instead of having flesh and blood.

As they lunged at Huang Xiaolong, these Green Ice Hail Devil race people were shouting and shrieking words he could not understand, but the feverish excitement on their faces was unmistakable.

In their eyes, these humans were the most delicious food.

Unfortunately, only during the three sects inner disciples joint training would they have a chance to taste human flesh, and there was an established rule that was pa.s.sed down stating that the prey belonged to the one who killed it.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head watching the group of Green Ice Hail Devils who were fighting between themselves to reach him first. Having no intention to be delayed too much here, his fists punched out.

His supreme fire element G.o.dforce shot out, forming a giant red eyeball.

The sixth move of the Asura Sword Skill: Eye of Reincarnation.

With every turn of the eyeball, fire element G.o.dforce shot out like rays of light, causing these Green Ice Hail Devils to fall to the ground like dead locusts in a matter of seconds.

Their bodies were made of ice that wasn't afraid of common divine fires. However, when they were pierced through by Huang Xiaolong’s supreme fire element G.o.dforce, they melted into puddles of green water in less than a breath’s time.

Even their ice element G.o.dheads melted under Huang Xiaolong’s attacks.

After dealing with this group of Green Ice Hail Devils in front of him, Huang Xiaolong lingered not a second more than necessary, quickly flying toward the location of the hundred plus Crimson Flame Beads.

He could sense a large number of Green Ice Hail Devils in his proximity rus.h.i.+ng toward his location. Although he was confident in dealing with these devils, he preferred not to waste any time.

As Huang Xiaolong moved closer to the Crimson Flame Beads, in another direction of the same frost city, there was another group of inner disciples busy battling a group of Green Ice Hails Devils, similarly moving closer to the beads. 

There were disciples from both the Barbarian G.o.d Sect and Great Whale Sect in this group. The leader of the Barbarian G.o.d Sect group was naturally Chen Xiong, whereas the Great Whale Sect side had w.a.n.g Dafeng and another young man with a head of white hair and two pupils in each eye.  

Chen Xiong and w.a.n.g Dafeng had seemingly formed an alliance for this joint training.

“Senior Brother Fan Yuan, it's quite shocking that this frost city would have more than one hundred and fifty Crimson Flame Beads, thirty more than the last frost city we visited!” w.a.n.g Dafeng spoke excitedly to the white-haired young man.

This white-haired young man was none other than the elite disciple with battle prowess of a mid-Fourth Order Heavenly G.o.d, Fan Yuan! One of the two strongest disciples in this time’s joint training.

Fan Yuan nodded expressionlessly.

“Hm? There’s another group of disciples inside this frost city?” Suddenly, Fan Yuan turned in Huang Xiaolong’s direction.

A second later, w.a.n.g Dafeng too felt energy fluctuations coming from afar. A trace of doubt rose to his face as he wondered which group of disciples it was.

More than a dozen minutes pa.s.sed.

As more and more Green Ice Hail Devils died in Huang Xiaolong’s hands, he could sense that the Crimson Flame Beads were in one of these buildings around him.

A short while later, when he arrived at the square after pa.s.sing through a great hall, he spotted a group of Barbarian G.o.d Sect disciples flying in the same direction as him, together with disciples from the Great Whale Sect.

‘Chen Xiong and w.a.n.g Dafeng!’

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed dangerously, and the corner of his lips curved up into a smile.