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Chapter 1521 - Crisis

"Lin Ming, let's die together!"

Naqi crazily shouted. He was also a ruthless and decisive individual. He clearly knew he wasn't Lin Ming's match and chose a suicidal attack. In that moment, all of the energy within his body erupted as he rushed towards Lin Ming; he wanted to blow up all of his astral essence!

Naqi was also well aware that even if he exploded his body, it still wouldn't be possible to kill Lin Ming. But, as long as he caused severe wounds to Lin Ming that was more than enough, because in this absolute killing zone, there was a chance Lin Ming could die if he was injured so deeply!

To cause heavy wounds to Lin Ming with his own death, this was 10,000 times better than having his soul sealed in the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel.

Lin Ming wasn't surprised to see this at all. He sneered, withdrawing at the same time. His fingers flashed as he formed tens of thousands of gray seals.

As these seals appeared, the surrounding s.p.a.ce and time began to distort. Even light was swallowed into these seals. Each of these seals that Lin Ming formed was a miniature black hole.

"Divine Seal Art - G.o.d Forbidding Seal!"

The Divine Seal Art was said to possess the ability to seal away all of existence; naturally, sealing away astral essence was nothing at all. In the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, the Divine Sea realm Lin Ming had been able to break through Frost Dream's Dreamsoul Immortal Melody by using the G.o.d Forbidding Seals.

Woos.h.!.+ Woos.h.!.+ Woos.h.!.+

These seals flew towards the wounded Naqi like a hail of arrows, sinking into his body. At that moment, Naqi felt as if demonic leeches crawled within his body. These leeches sucked his blood, absorbing his astral essence and flesh and blood essence.

"Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel!"

Lin Ming thrust his right palm forwards and the gray demon wheel was pushed forwards by him. It covered Naqi like a cruel and hungry maw.


Naqi miserably cried out, struggling with all his strength. However, with his entire body sealed by the G.o.d Forbidding Seals, no matter what he tried, he still couldn't revolve his astral essence or bodily strength.

Suicide was not possible and neither was escape. At this time, Naqi finally deeply understood what it meant to feel fear and powerlessness.

At this time, Naqi felt a terrifying demonic power cover his body, wanting to forcefully pull out his soul.

The agonizing pain of having his body and soul split apart struck him like a tide. This horrifying feeling was like being slowly skinned alive! The pain was indescribable!

Naqi cried out, his screams so loud they split his throat and lungs. With a light cracking sound, his soul was torn away from his body, turning into a wisp of gray light that submerged into the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. Thus, the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel gained its first demon soul.

Lin Ming waved his hand and took away the G.o.d Forbidding Seals from Naqi's body. Then, all of Naqi's origin energy and blood energy was sucked out by the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone.

In just a moment, Naqi's originally perfectly tempered body lost all of its blood vitality, nearly turning into a mortal body.

Like this, an Imperial Prince, a proud genius of his generation, had died a tragic death in G.o.d Burying Ridge. He had been struck down by Lin Ming and even his soul had devolved into a ghost slave!

After the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone sucked Naqi's bodily strength, its blood energy became increasingly vibrant. The collapsed chest of that avatar began to wriggle around, clearly regenerating at an increased speed.

Lin Ming looked at the wounds of the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone and estimated that it would fully recover in an incense stick of time. This sort of regenerative ability was really far too abnormal.

Unfortunately, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone wasn't able to grow quickly. Even though it had swallowed the ma.s.sive amount of blood energy within Naqi, the energy it contained still didn't grow by much.

After swallowing up Naqi's origin energy, Lin Ming repeated this process and had the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone swallow Ash Murder's origin energy.

Ash Murder's essence energy was dozens of times more formidable than Naqi's. After the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone swallowed up this essence energy, the wounds on his body continued to squirm around before fully recovering in several breaths of time.

"It's over!"

Lin Ming let out a long sigh of relief. Just as he was about to return to Primordius Heavenly Palace, a strange premonition emerged in his heart. This dangerous premonition came from the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone!


Lin Ming's entire body went cold. At this time, where could this danger have come from?

Lin Ming didn't know what this danger was. Without thinking further, he flew straight towards Primordius Heavenly Palace at max speed. As long as he entered Primordius Heavenly Palace then he would be temporarily safe. This was the best strategy to deal with the current situation.

But at this moment, a corpse that was lying on the ground suddenly leapt upwards!

This corpse had been that of Ash Murder's follower!

There had been a total of four people in Ash Murder's group. They were Ash Murder, Naqi, Manyu, as well as some common-seeming follower who only had a mere Saint Lord realm cultivation. When Lin Ming first ambushed them, this follower had been sucked into the storm and died afterwards. Not even Lin Ming had kept track of him afterwards!

Even the two puppets that Ash Murder put forth as well as his silver blue wolf contract beast seemed far more important than this follower!

But now, this follower leapt up, plunging towards Lin Ming like a demonic fiend!

"How is this possible!?"

Lin Ming was bewildered. This torn corpse, could Ash Murder have seized its body?

This was Lin Ming's first thought, however, he had no time to continue thinking of what was happening. He had to immediately respond!

This corpse that rushed towards him seemed as if it only had a Saint Lord realm cultivation, but Lin Ming absolutely would not believe this. If this corpse had been able to hide from his sense and hide from the killing array in Bai Qi's tomb, then it was absolutely a terrifying character!

Without thinking, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone rushed towards this corpse like a cheetah. At the same time, Lin Ming himself hurtled towards Primordius Heavenly Palace!

Primordius Heavenly Palace was only 100 feet away. With Lin Ming's speed, this was less than the blink of an eye!

However, at this time, a voice echoed in his mind.

"It's too late! Today is the day you die!"

This voice was somewhat familiar. Lin Ming's hands and feet immediately turned cold, his entire body drenched in sweat.

Tian Mingzi!?


With a loud explosion, Lin Ming solidly crashed into an enchantment, feeling as if his skeleton would come apart. In that brief moment just now, Tian Mingzi had laid down an enchantment, isolating Lin Ming from Primordius Heavenly Palace!

Tian Mingzi knew how to hit Lin Ming where it hurt. He had already calculated Lin Ming's weakness. As long as Lin Ming couldn't return to Primordius Heavenly Palace then he could pinch him however he wished!


With a loud ring, Tian Mingzi punched out, solidly striking the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone!

Lin Ming's avatar spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying backwards! Even though the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was powerful, it still couldn't withstand a frontal collision with Tian Mingzi!

This was the strength of a Great World King!

In a sense, the extreme talent Tian Mingzi was not necessarily any weaker than the half-step Empyrean Ash Murder!

Lin Ming felt a cold chill creep into his chest. He was completely dumbfounded by Tian Mingzi's sudden appearance!

"This person… has been waiting here for a long time already, waiting for his opportunity. This is really what they mean by the praying mantis stalking the cicada, while ignoring the sparrow from behind!"

Lin Ming immediately understood what was happening. Tian Mingzi used some skillful arcane technique to change his appearance into that of the follower to mix in with Imperial Prince Naqi's group. This was something that neither Naqi nor Ash Murder was aware of. It was likely that the true follower had long since been killed off by him!

"The one who can change their appearance isn't just you!" Tian Mingzi coldly sneered.

When Lin Ming was at the Divine Transformation realm, he had used the Bodily Rebirth Technique to change his appearance and was even able to conceal his ident.i.ty from the World King realm Mister Zhou. Then, it wasn't strange for Tian Mingzi with his Great World King strength to conceal the truth from the half-step Empyrean Ash Murder.

Tian Mingzi had used this appearance changing technique to wait for a chance to launch a sneak attack. When Lin Ming and Ash Murder critically wounded each other, he would launch his fatal life reaping strike!

He chose to do this because he really feared Lin Ming's methods too much. And in fact, what happened had proved that his choice had been correct. Otherwise, the first to die would have been Tian Mingzi and not Ash Murder.

"Your avatar is quite good; did you obtain it in Tragic Death Valley? Moreover, there is that dwelling you hide in, that is also a top grade Empyrean spirit treasure. What a pity, what a pity. You have nowhere else to go now. Without your dwelling you are like a mouse without a hiding place. I can mess with you as I please!"

Tian Mingzi moved towards Lin Ming, one step at a time. After he removed his camouflage, he didn't launch an attack first. Rather, he set up an enchantment to separate Lin Ming from Primordius Heavenly Palace. As long as Lin Ming wasn't able to return to Primordius Heavenly Palace then Lin Ming would lose any shelter he had and have no strength to resist him!

"Your methods… are praiseworthy!"

Lin Ming's breath slowed down and his complexion turned dark and grim. He already knew that Tian Mingzi was a sinister and cunning individual. With his mortal commoner background, he began as an outer court disciple of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, and slowly crawled his way upwards to become an inner court disciple, core disciple, and finally became the one who overthrew the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, even killing the Verdant Feather Holy Lands' old Great World King. For him to arrive at this step by himself, besides having his own destiny and lucky chances, he also had to have spectacular methods of his own!

Today, Lin Ming had finally experienced them.

Lin Ming had thought it was strange from the start. Out of all the people who had hunted him down to this place, only Tian Mingzi had placed a tracking mark on him. Yet, he was also the only one who hadn't arrived. For Tian Mingzi, this didn't seem to make sense at all.

So, it seemed as if he had already arrived but he had simply been waiting for his chance all along! Lin Ming thought that he was the winner, but he was made into a fool by Tian Mingzi!