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Chapter 1084: Heaven's Origin

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

“I see.”

The lady was none other than Si Ming and she suddenly exclaimed in surprise, “So that Xuan Ji is Heaven's disciple. No wonder you wanted him to wait for two months before the duel.”

Gu Yue was shocked, he couldn't help but question, “How did you know?”

Si Ming rolled her eyes coquettishly at him and chortled, “I know because I am also there, I was just right beside you. But because you've called for me, I've returned to see you.”

“Right beside me? Who were you disguising as this time?”

In the Heaven Breaching Fortress, Zhong Yue's body quivered, he abruptly opened his eyes and glanced around to search for Si Ming's presence.

“Spare the effort, I've come back already. What's left there is just an incarnation.”

In the Dao Yin Six Paths World, Si Ming smiled, “The seventh secret realm, the Seven Paths Reincarnation, the General a.s.sembly of Future Monarchs, do you really think I would miss out on them? But I'm disappointed that you didn't send me an invitation. I thought we were clansmen. You need to reimburse me for this. I want all your attainments in the seventh secret realm and Seven Paths Reincarnation, only then will I send you to Zi Wei.”

Gu Yue was frank, he laughed, “All my attainments in the seventh secret realm and Seven Paths Reincarnation came from our f.u.xi's Ancestral Court. You are also a f.u.xi, of course you deserve a share of what was in the Ancestral Court.”

His psyche rumbled and imparted everything he learned from the Ancestral Court to Si Ming, he said, “Opening the seventh secret realm requires a monarch to help in suppressing the secret realms. Do you have the confidence to do it? If it's too dangerous, I can have Crown Prince Fu Shang help you.”

Si Ming's face darkened right away as soon as she heard Fu Shang's name, she declined, “No need. With your attainments in the seventh secret realm and Seven Paths Reincarnation, I will be able to open it myself. I don't need a sinner's help!”

“Do you have any saint herb?” Gu Yue asked.

“Not many, but I still have a few. With the Six Paths Tian Lun in my hands, I can appear anywhere in this universe. And so, I've acquired a few saint herbs.” Si Ming replied.

Then she said, “Heaven's disciple is incredibly strong. Even I may not be his match, let alone you. Your chances of winning are low, most probably, you will be defeated! After your defeat, do you plan to impart him the ancestor's knowledge?”

Gu Yue asked, “Do you have any ways I can win?”

“No, but I have ways for you to not be defeated.” Si Ming said, “What exactly is Heaven? In truth, Heaven's birth is closely related to our f.u.xi ancestors.”

Gu Yue listened carefully as Si Ming explained, “Our f.u.xi Clan originated from the Yanzi Clan's grand ancestor, the first Sui Sovereign, Great Sui. His t.i.tle of ‘Great' was given by the postnate living beings and innate G.o.ds as a form of respect and reverence to him. This is a t.i.tle that no one else ever had, including every past and present Heavenly Monarch. Even the f.u.xi Clan's grand ancestor and the first Earthly Sovereign, and Dao Venerate Fu Min didn't have the prestige to hold the t.i.tle of ‘Great'. The t.i.tle ‘Great' represented his greatness. His creation of the totem cultivation system cemented the rise of the postnatal living beings to a level equal to the innate G.o.ds, even replacing the innate G.o.ds as the rulers of the universe. This was the greatest deed he had done, but that was not all of it.”

“Adding one more line above the word ‘Great', comes the word ‘Heaven'!”

“Great Sui discovered the Heavenly Daos and with it, the concept of heaven began to spread among the living beings. From then onwards, heaven became the highest and mightiest concept, it represented the living beings' respect toward the many unknowns in life. Because it represented the unknown, it could be limitlessly powerful, so much so that it could surpa.s.s even G.o.ds.”

Si Ming said placidly, “The Fire Order Era lasted more than 400,000 years, followed by some 300,000 years of total chaos, then to the Earth Order Era's reign of 830,000 years, 10,000 years of war between the transition to the current 90,000 years of G.o.d Order Era. Time could be traced back to a total of nearly 1,700,000 years ago. Over all these years, even Great Sui's Yanzi Clan was annihilated, extinct without anyone else wors.h.i.+pping them anymore. Even our f.u.xi Clan almost went into extinction. But the wors.h.i.+ps toward heaven never stopped, not for a single day. Eventually, roughly 100,000 years ago, the strongest innate G.o.d that had ever existed in history was born. Such was the birth of Heaven.”

Gu Yue was startled, Heaven was an innate G.o.d born from the living beings' wors.h.i.+ps?

“His birth was the perfect existence in every living beings' imaginations.”

Si Ming continued, “He was omniscent and omnipotent. From birth, he was already a Dao G.o.d. One can say that Great Sui created Heaven, a being that rode above all living beings and G.o.ds. But when Heaven was born, there were already some other existences that were stronger than him, the Dao G.o.ds. Especially the strongest of that era, the Heavenly Monarch who held the t.i.tle of ‘Dao Venerate', whose depth of power was unknown. When he was alive, the t.i.tle of ‘Heavenly Monarch' meant ‘The monarch of all heavens', the Heaven's Monarch! But fortunately for Heaven, Dao Venerate has aged, he is near the end of his time. After his death, there will be no more Heaven's Monarch, but only Heaven's Son.”

Gu Yue suddenly interrupted, “How did you come to know all this? Si Ming, who is behind you?”

Si Ming smiled coquettishly, she stuck her tongue out like a little girl and said, “I'm not telling you.”

Gu Yue could feel his scalp tingled. This lady was just like how Xin Huo had described, she had no sense of humanity. Yet now, for her to act like this, there must be something she was going to ask from him!

“You haven't told me how to deal with Heaven's disciple!” Zhong Yue hurried.

Si Ming smiled, “My plan can help you remain undefeated, not to win. It's nearly impossible to do it if you want to defeat him! But in order for me to teach you, you have to answer to one of my requests. Don't worry, it's very simple, easily done.”

Gu Yue's expression turned cold as he said, “I've just imparted you with Dao Venerate Fu Min's heritage, and now you are asking for more?”

Si Ming replied softly, “I'm grateful that you've imparted me with the attainments in the seventh secret realm and Seven Paths Reincarnation, that's why I agreed to send you to Zi Wei. That was the deal. Or, you can choose not to go to Zi Wei and have the answer to remain undefeated instead. Pick one.”

Rays flashed in Zhong Yue's eyes, he smiled, “Tell me first before I consider the deal.”

“I've killed the Heavenly Prison's wardens and acquired a broken drum from them. In the drum, it consisted of a skill that goes by the name of [Daoless Heavens].”

Si Ming chortled, “I've studied and mastered the skill. The [Daoless Heavens] belonged to an ancient heritage. When faced with Heaven's disciple, you can cast this to block his [Million Heavens]. This way, Heaven's disciple will not be able to harm you, but you won't be able to harm him either. This skill…”

“Is it this one?” Gu Yue's body suddenly trembled, he raised a hand up and all of a sudden, the Daos in the heaven and earth around them were eradicated!

Gu Yue was enormously satisfied to see the smile on her face freeze. He laughed happily, “No need to teach it to me. The deal is off. I've already mastered the skill myself!”

Si Ming murmured inaudibly in frustration.

Meanwhile, Gu Yu smiled, “Si Ming, you may send me to Zi Wei now.”

The frustration on Si Ming's face disappeared and she turned serious, “Have your main body open the Seven Paths Reincarnation. I will send you directly into the Seven Paths Reincarnation of your main body.”

Gu Yue's heart skipped a beat and he heard himself exclaiming in shock, “Can the Six Paths Tian Lun do this? If you are able to come and go as you please in the others' secret realms, who would still be your match?”

Si Ming cast up Six Paths Tian Lun, the huge wheel-like treasure was tardily turning in midair. Then, the young f.u.xi lady sat on the throne in the center of the wheel and chuckled, “You guess?”

Gu Yue flew up and landed on the huge wheel. He could still feel his heart pounding heavily. If Six Paths Tian Lun was able to directly enter one's Yuan Shen secret realms, who exactly would be able to defend themselves from its

“Si Ming, the previous owner of Tian Lun, how did he die exactly?” Gu Yue asked, “With a heaven-defying treasure like that in his hands, why would he still die in Tian Lun's throne?”

Si Ming's face turned cold, her tone grew emotionless and answered placidly, “Because he is a traitor, one that had betrayed even his own people, his own race. A disloyal man like him, why do you think the f.u.xi's enemies will place their trusts in him? If he can betray his people, surely he can also betray them. Furthermore, he was in control of such a strong treasure, the enemies couldn't just leave it at that. Thus, the one and the only way to make a.s.suage their worries was to kill him. That's why he died. Ironically enough…”

A mocking smile radiated across her beautiful countenance, it was a smile that rose from the bottom of her heart, “He didn't even know the reason why he was killed. And to add to the irony, after they've killed him, they realized that they couldn't even use the Six Paths Tian Lun. Funny, isn't?”

Suddenly, the Six Paths Tian Lun trembled and disappeared from the scene. Gu Yue looked out from the wheel and saw the s.p.a.ce and time around them changing drastically. They had turned into many marvelous light wheels and twisted holes. The operation of this treasure was so abstruse that even he couldn't tell anything from it.

After a long time, the Six Paths Tian Lun suddenly jerked and reappeared inside of a huge Seven Paths Reincarnation. Gu Yue looked up and found them now inside of a huge Wan Xiang World!

The mountains and continents, the stars and nature.

Above the Zi Wei Imperial Court, in the Heaven Breaching Fortress, Zhong Yue suddenly opened his eyes. His past body Gu Yue had arrived, now sitting in his Wan Xiang Secret Realm!

At the same time, Xuan Ji s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Zhong Yue in surprise, it seemed like he also felt the Six Paths Tian Lun's arrival.

Si Ming quickly cast the treasure and smiled, “Heaven's disciple had a strong sense, he even picked up this little ripple of energy. I'll take my leave now!”

The treasure s.h.i.+vered and disappeared from Zhong Yue's Wan Xiang Secret Realm.

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue's aura was surging higher and higher. His past body, Gu Yue, had already returned to his main body, boosting his cultivation base and prowess!

Did Si Ming leave, or is she still hidden among the future monarchs?

Zhong Yue glanced around and frowned. Among the 17 thousand future monarchs, 40 percent of them were females. Other than the few Zhong Yue were close with, any of the ladies might be Si Ming!

But that was a.s.suming that Si Ming wasn't even disguised as a man, something that was definitely not impossible with the Six Paths Tian Lun with her!

Xuan Ji stood up, he said, “King Yi, the two months is up.”

Zhong Yue stood up, causing the dimensions around him to ripple open. The future monarchs were all shocked as they found that they had inextricably gotten further away from Zhong Yue and Xuan Ji!