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One of the eight masked men paced two steps forward and answered, "Kitagawa discovered us halfway and shook us off. We've investigated it and it turned out that he has other subordinates in the capital. They were also the ones who intercepted us."

"And those people?" asked General f.u.kuda with a grim expression and surging killing intent in his eyes.

"We killed some of them, whereas the rest committed suicide by poison," answered the masked man respectfully. "They should be… dead."

General f.u.kuda's expression drastically changed. Training and grooming trusted confidantes were easy, but to train people to be ready to die for you was as difficult as ascending to heaven. How did Kitagawa achieve it? He turned out to have trained his death squad without him aware of it?

A short while after, General f.u.kuda and the red-haired man appeared on the camp's outer ring, and the scene of 19 dead bodies there caused their eyes to fill with murderous intent.

"He's 1184, the only survivor in five locations, General." The giant man came to the front of General f.u.kuda, kneeling on one knee and reporting while his body was drenched wet by his sweat.

Shooting a cold look at 1184, General f.u.kuda coldly spoke to the man, "You must know who the enemy is since you're still alive."

1184's lips squirmed a few times, but he shook his head after a while. "That mysterious female just appeared out of nowhere, General f.u.kuda. It was like she just pierced through s.p.a.ce and we were suddenly attacked without noticing anything at all. I didn't see any of her accomplices, but I did see some dazzling lights in the woods afar, like a reflection… from a sniper rifle's magnification gla.s.s."

"Piercing through s.p.a.ce and appearing out of the blue?" General f.u.kuda frowned and said, "That's impossible! If my guess is correct, that one must be an extremely powerful expert. Her speed must be extremely fast and made you see illusions all of a sudden. But you must have seen her appearance since you don't know who she is, no? Does she have any peculiar characteristics?"

1184 tried to recall and said, "I don't know what she looks like since she wore a bronze mask. But I've seen her attire before when we fought the Joyous Palace people. Several women wore that kind of attire—a particular kind of long gown and with their hairs on the temples. Oh, I also noticed a black snake pattern on her neckband."

"A Mistress of the Joyous Palace, huh?"

Killing intent overflowed in General f.u.kuda's eyes. Yet, he kept his disbelief inside. The location of this Gene Camp was extremely secretive and it was being guarded by four armies stationed around it. Only core people knew about it, so he really had no idea how the Joyous Palace people could accurately find it.

"We cannot delay and wait any longer since they found our home, General." The red-haired man interjected. "We all know that the Joyous Palace is like a time bomb and may explode at any time. Hence, we must get rid of this bomb as soon as possible, else we'll lose lots of our people."

General f.u.kuda nodded in response. Then, he said in a deep voice, "We got a crazy and insolent adversary here. No longer can we endure and tolerate them anymore. Contact Kitagawa and tell him to hurry back. And summon all the genetic warriors to get ready for battle!"

"Are we going to storm the Joyous Palace, General?" asked the red-haired man quickly.

"Hmph, the Joyous Palace built their base on an isolated island which is protected by some powerful arrays as well," said General f.u.kuda with a sneer. "Our losses will be great if we are to attack it rashly, so we can only fish them out and then give them a beating."

The red-haired looked pensive and then replied, "In this case, we'd better fight hem openly. We'll threaten them if they're afraid to go out. Worse comes to worst, we can just use a nuke and directly blast them to smithereens."

General f.u.kuda happily nodded and said, "That's a great idea. If hidden schemes don't work, then open intrigues could be a powerful weapon to use. Alright, write a letter of challenge and send it to the Joyous Palace Master. Set the time 3 days later and write: We'll meet at The Moon Gazing Mountain 3 days later."


The red-haired man nodded and immediately turned and left.


More than 100 nautical miles from j.a.pan was an isolated island shrouded by fog while the radius of several miles from the island had been installed with a lot of surveillance equipment, which made the inhabitants of the island able to spot any approaching s.h.i.+p immediately.

The Joyous Palace was located on this isolated island, and even a special means had been employed before to make the j.a.panese people see that this island suddenly sunk into the seabed. It was all camouflage to hide their operations.

At this time…

Numerous candles were lit inside the s.p.a.cious secret chamber of the magnificent palace built on the top of the only mountain on the island with a faint scent lingering around the room. Dragon Vanquisher Sage was sitting on a futon while silently cultivating. There was a line of big beds placed around the wall in front of him with a naked woman snoring and sleeping soundly on each bed. It was obvious that these women had just been "ploughed" excessively a while ago.


The ring of the doorbell awakened Dragon Vanquisher Sage from his cultivation.


With extremely fast speed, the sage instantly left the secret chamber and looked at the man who respectfully stood outside. Then, he asked him indifferently, "You wouldn't have come here should there be no major incident. Tell me what happened."

With a bit of fear evident on his face, the man respectfully replied, "We just received a message, Miyaji. Many of our safe houses in the capital have been completely destroyed by General f.u.kuda's men and a total of 42 disciples of our Joyous Palace have been killed."

Dragon Vanquisher Sage's complexion changed and the killing intent in his eyes thickened. He took a deep breath and then coldly hummed. "Hmph, that wretch f.u.kuda really deserves to die. We've lost nearly 200 people in just a few days. If it goes on like this, they will completely destroy our Joyous Palace in less than a month. It seems that we can't endure it anymore!"

"Are you going to fight a full-blown war with the Gene Camp, Miyaji?" asked the man hurriedly.

"This war is inevitable," said Dragon Vanquisher Sage. "All these enemies must die if we want to have a solid foothold in j.a.pan. We must exterminate all the Gene Camp as a whole, be it its genetic warriors, ability users, as well as that wretched f.u.kuda before we truly become the true Master of j.a.pan."

The man hesitated for a moment and noddingly said, "Since Miyaji has decided so, then this one will summon all the troops immediately. However, we should begin attacking with surprise and sneak attacks and keep nibbling their force. We can fully strike them in an all-out battle after they suffer huge losses."

"Have you found anything about the nest of that f.u.kuda b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

The man shook his head and forced a smile. "Not yet."


Dragon Vanquisher Sage angrily yelled at him. As he was about to turn back to the secret chamber, he suddenly sensed a certain aura approaching. He waved at the man and looked at the female in an aquamarine gown. He furrowed his brows and asked, "You got something, Yuji?"

"My men just found some special findings, Miyaji. It should be very helpful in our Joyous Palace's campaign," said Yuji respectfully.

Dragon Vanquisher Sage was stunned and hurriedly asked, "What exactly did you find?"

Yuji handed the doc.u.ment to him and said, "This doc.u.ment records the hidden sites secretly arranged by General f.u.kuda in the capital, even the approximate number of people stationed there has also been marked. I'm willing to lead our members to exterminate these nests of General f.u.kuda's men if you permit me."

A happy smile finally appeared on Dragon Vanquisher Sage's face after he read the information. He traced his big bald head and said, "You've done well, Yuji. It seems my deep love for you was really worth it. I'll take out and lead our people this time. We'll make another plan to completely ruin f.u.kuda and all his genetic warriors once we've decimated these nests."

Having said that, he reached out to grab Yuji and smilingly said, "Take these two bottles of Great Luo Pills as your reward. I hope you can become stronger and better serve me in the future. Wait until we've completely ma.s.sacred our enemies and returned triumphantly. I'll spend a few days to pamper you then."

"Thank you, Miyaji."

Yuji acted like she was happily surprised. After receiving the two porcelain bottles and fiddling with it appreciatively for half a minute, she then reluctantly stuffed them into her sleeves pocket.


These recent days were bound to be tumultuous.

The Master of Joyous Palace personally led his troops consisted of a large number of mysterious experts. The large forces attacked all the revealed sites belonging to the Gene Camp, all of which ended up being washed by their blood. All that was happening drove General f.u.kuda mad and he vowed to kill Dragon Vanquisher Sage, the Joyous Palace Master.

Time ticked by and, the next morning, a letter of challenge appeared in front of Joyous Palace Master. After he carefully read the letter, he directly replied in a short comment, "I'll be there. Make that old vagabond f.u.kuda clean his neck and wait for my butcher knife."


Somewhere in the capital.

Tang Xiu and all Eminent Monks of the Buddhist Sect had returned and the constant flow of information kept flying in like snowflakes, which was then known to everyone in the waiting. The flow of messages lasted until the evening as the number dwindled.

That night, Tang Xiu, Blackface Buddha, and the rest were reviewing and redesigning the operation plan and then waited afterward. They were not anxious as it was still 2 days away from the battle between the Joyous Palace Master and General f.u.kuda camp.

"Sect Master Tang, would you like me to send a message to my sect to send more hands? I always feel that the people we have now are not enough." Blackface Buddha spoke after putting down the chopsticks in his hands with a hesitant look on his face.

Tang Xiu drank a cup of wine and smilingly replied, "How is it not enough, though? I think what we have is more than enough, honestly. Let's just wait until they both suffer a big blow. We'll shock them when we enter the stage later."

Blackface Buddha looked somewhat helpless and nodded. "Well, Sect Master Tang is sure that we have enough manpower. But please don't refuse even if I send the Grand Abbot a message and he agrees to send more people to support us. I won't say anything more if he thinks we can deal with the issue here."

"I see. You can send a message to the Grand Abbot about the situation here if you don't feel at ease, Blackface Buddha." Tang Xiu nodded. "But please keep in mind not to do anything that could expose us!"