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Chapter 337 - Two Routes

Lin Yi wasn't planning on involving himself with Pengzhan's upcoming strategies against Gubang- he'd really have to doubt Pengzhan's abilities if he couldn't handle it with this big an advantage.

Gubang was flaming as he entered his office- it was the first time he'd tasted such utter defeat!! He'd always wanted to replace Pengzhan as chairman, and it was an objective that had seemed so close with Guangbo's aid!

There was nothing left for him anymore.

The chairman's seat had been as good as his with Guangbo on his side- he'd broken with Pengzhan on that basis alone, to the point where he wouldn't be able to turn back! There was no way Pengzhan was letting him go easy; he had to do something about this as soon as possible.

After some hesitation, Gubang dialed up Li Cihua- this wasn't within Zhang Yuchu's abilities anymore…

"h.e.l.lo? Mister Jin? How are things coming along? I've heard from Lil' Yuchu that you're getting close to claiming the chairman's seat?" Cihua said. "Master Bin's coming over in just a couple days- there won't be a lack of benefits on your end if this gift of yours gets properly delivered to him."

"I apologize, Cihua Bro……" Gubang said carefully. "Something unexpected has happened……"

"Unexpected?" Cihua's tone darkened. "What happened?"

"It's about the board member I've been working with… He's given all of his shares to Lin Yi for some reason……" Gubang said. "Lin Yi's in league with that old fox Chu Pengzhan- Things are no longer within my control here at the board… They'll be making a move on me soon……"

"You're saying that the real estate business we're gifting to Master Bin… is no longer happening?" Cihua's voice darkened again.

"I'm… I'm afraid so……" Gubang smiled helplessly.

"Are you f.u.c.king joking, Jin Gubang? After all I've done for you? After I've lost two golden cla.s.s masters? You're telling me that it's too bad, are you?!" Cihua hmphed coldly. "Are you tired of living, Jin Gubang?"

"I'm sorry, Cihua Bro… Please don't get angry……" Gubang wouldn't have thought much of a threat like that coming from someone else, but Cihua having him killed was but a mere trifle! This was no joke, especially when no one would stand up for him after he'd been offed!

"Don't get angry..? Why don't you f.u.c.king ask yourself how happy Master Bin would be if he hears about this?" Cihua said. "I myself would be f.u.c.ked if Master Bin gets p.i.s.sed!! I'm telling you here and now, Jin Gubang- the real estate business has to be handed to Master Bin, even if you can't manage that!! There's no alternative! You'll be shouldering the responsibility if things don't end that way."

"Cihua Bro……" Unfortunately for Gubang, Cihua cut the phone off.

Gubang pushed at his desk and sent the computer falling onto the ground- he himself was p.i.s.sed, but he couldn't let any of that out at Cihua!

Li Cihua was a man who rested comfortably in both the worlds of law and crime, an existence no one held sway over, except that boss behind his back, an existence even more absurd than Li Cihua!

"Chu Pengzhan…… You sure have forced me into a corner here, haven't you…… I'm bringing you down with me!!!" Gubang gritted out.

Yet that was all talk- he wouldn't want to get himself in trouble, and he didn't want his pocketing of company funds exposed. Pengzhan would send him to prison if that came to light, but Cihua's rage would simply end his life!!

He had to figure something out before a tragedy like that took place……

His nightmare was only beginning- Pengzhan called him out for a talk right as he was brainstorming.

There was no way anything good would come out from this meeting with Pengzhan. He didn't want to go, but there wasn't much of a choice left for him- this was Pengzhan's company he was sitting in, after all…

Li Fu greeted him with a smile as he walked over to the office door. "Mister Jin. Mister Chu's waiting for you inside."

"I get it……" Gubang waved his hand weakly before walking through the door.

He was thinking of making a comeback with Cihua's help, but it turned out that he should be thankful enough that the man wasn't coming to kill him. 

"Mister Jin! Please, take a seat." Pengzhan pointed at the sofa near the office desk.

Gubang seemed to have aged a decade that instant- he looked at Pengzhan, tired and beaten as he sat on the sofa. "Chu Pengzhan- don't beat around the bush. What do you want?"

He didn't want to play any games with the old fox anymore- there was no need for that at this point. He still had Li Cihua to deal with on top of this Chu Pengzhan before him.

He wasn't even an opponent to Pengzhan anymore- there weren't any tricks left for him to play. Might as well hear what the man had to say.

"Alright, if you say so, Mister Jin." Pengzhan nodded. "I'll give you two options, two routes! First one: I investigate exactly how much you've pocketed from the company and then send you to court."

"Ha…… Tell me the second route." Gubang understood that that wouldn't benefit either of the two.

"Second option- you give me all your shares and we let bygones be bygones." Pengzhan said faintly.

"Chu Pengzhan!! Listen to what you're saying- that's at least a couple of billions!! You're telling me to just 'give them' to you?" Gubang stood up abruptly, his eyes flaming.

"The money you've pocketed all these years… They're around that number, aren't they? There's at least one or two billion if not a couple." Pengzhan said with a smile. "I wonder how many years in prison two billion gets you? Think about your options here."

"Give me one billion more." Gubang stated his terms after some hesitation.

Pengzhan could see where this was going. He hmphed. "Five hundred million."

"Eight!" Gubang said.

"Done." Pengzhan was expecting around one billion's worth of compensation in the first place- eight hundred million was considered low already.