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The author commented that almost all questions brought up in this chapter lead to spoiler answers, so he had to choose questions carefully.

Sevens   Question Corner 6

Q: So was what the merchant bought a Hipporgyph, or a Gryphon?

A: Author: A【Gryphon】. What the Circry House's head bought was a 【Hippogyph】.

Q: About Norma's and Clark's futures

A: Author: No current plans to write about it.

Q: I'm curious about how exactly Lyle worked the casino.

A: Lyle (´・ω・`): "… Um, I didn't really do anything special. There are people who keep watch, and sense for Skill use, and all. I just wasted time normally, and earned a silver in the end."

Q: Is the Quilin behind why Lyle doesn't get influenced by Celes?

A: Fifth Generation Head ( ゜Д゜): "No."

Q: Is he an idiot to venture outside while he knew Celes was there?

A: Third Generation Head (´∀` ):  "You'd rather him hide in a corner in fear? More so, I never thought knights to be so belligerent. I thought they'd deride him at most. Well, in truth, they did encounter one another, so I have to agree with your opinion."

Q: I don't get why Lianne agreed to meet Lyle.

A: Sixth Generation Head (`・ω・´;): "We were surprised at that one to. I just thought on the level of, 'It'd be nice if they'd meat someday.' Well, I'll bet the girl has much on her mind."

Seventh Generation Head (´・ω・`): "I think she just wanted to see Lyle herself. Perhaps she was also considering the reason he didn't sound charmed. The reason she saved him later was probably her hostility towards Celes."

Q: It's time to marry into Faunbeux!

A Sixth Generation Head (´;ω;`): "I really don't think that's possible. I mean… with the beatdown I gave them."

Seventh Generation Head (*´・Д・): "Before status even comes into play, there's the grudges they have to our House. They haven't had much opportunity to get back at us, so I doubt they'd consent. "

Q: The reason Lyle held back against the Walt house's soldiers.

A: Fifth Generation Head (`・ω・´): "If he killed them, they'd get more serious at killing him. Knocking them unconscious is good and all, but with their strength taken into consideration, he did get serious along the way! You may think that makes Lyle weak, but… being surrounded really is just that dangerous! Protecting two others adds various restrictions!"

Third Generation Head ( ゜Д゜): "Come to think of it, I don't think Lyle has much experience fighting whilst surrounded. With the Skills he has, he normally avoids ending up in such situations. I think it's to do with not being used to it as well."

Q: Is it really alright to pick a fight with an ancient elf clan?

A: Third Generation Head (´∀`): "Meh, demi-humans don't have a very high standing anyways."

Q: Was the coupled carriage ticket they purchased to leave the country, or the city?

A: Fourth Generation Head ([email protected]∀@): "To get to Beim, they'll have to leave the carriage eventually. Because there isn't a coupled carriage system outside of Bahnseim, they'll have to secure another means of transportation somewhere. By the way, Beim's a foreign country. And quite a small one at that."

Q: Why is Lyle so well known when he never went out?

A: Lyle ( ・∀・): "Well known? I think it's just the House, and me being born the first son of said House. Perhaps there was something like a wondrance why I never went out to begin with? I mean, that kid was quite normal before he turned ten. Did something happen? I think something of that level was likely a bit known."

Q: So if Celes is royalty, who's succeeding the Walt House?

A: Lyle (;・∀・): "I'm curious myself, but I doubt Celes thought it through that far. That's the vibe she gives me. I really wonder what's to become of it."

Q: About gems. Are they expensive? Isn't that a bit dangerous?

A: Author: I'll take this as a question as to their price when the First Generation purchased one. If you want to look at it in modern measurements, they went in the tens of thousands of USD range, and the unpopular one the First purchased was in the thousands range.
The funding for pioneering forces was also barely through, so the image such pioneers gave off was one where a blue gem was the most they could afford.
Gems themselves record Skills, but whether one will create an effective Skill combination naturally is up to question.
The Walt House popped out useful Skills one after the other, so the Jewel seems quite proficient.
But at present, there are already magic tools with which you can mix and match Skills at will, so the value of Gems has dropped off considerably.
And if it isn't handed down in direct succession, with a generation personally teaching the next, you can only use Skills at their base level.
By the way…

【Red】 is Vanguard
【Yellow】 is Rearguard
【Blue】 is Support.

Did any of that answer your question?

Q: I'm curious about the family organization of the Sixth.

A: Sixth Generation Head (;´Д`): "… Y-yeah…"

Fifth Generation Head ( ゜∀゜): "He tried to imitate me and make something like a Harem. Simply awful!"
Seventh Generation Head ( ゜∀゜): "The reason I didn't build one myself is mainly the Sixth."

Q: Challenging Celes is stupid. The ancestors are stupid to have agreed with it.

A: Yes?

Q: The basis of this story seems to be more modern than medieval.

A: Author: This is a fantasy.
To put it bluntly, that doesn't matter!
… or more so, when you try to get n.o.bles to be the ruling order, this and that leads one to put a medieval world as the base.
So as a model for the system alone, I have chosen the middle ages.
In modern times, you can purchase t.i.tles with money, and the merchants are the stronger order. It's harder to work that angle.
Well, I do think merchants were a st.u.r.dy and strong existence back then too, mind you.
If you're looking at technological might, there's magic, so I do evaluate it quite high. If there's no problems, it's a world that could develop railways and airs.h.i.+ps at any moment.
I mean, they have proper flus.h.i.+ng toilets and baths and everything…

(TL: If you’ve ever clicked on the link at the top of these corners, you’ll notice the Q/A is a small part of a larger author commentary. The author further elaborates on this question, stating that if you really wanted a medieval setting, the truth behind puffy dresses, medical treatments, high heels, and perfume would destroy some dreams.)