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Thousand Face Demonic Concubine

Chapter 239 - Die with Resentment (I)

Little Bell was scared by the way of looking of Thousand Face. She was extremely scared. All in all, she thought that since she longer needed to hide, she roared at Thousand Face, "why don't you just let me go? I have done nothing wrong!"

"You did nothing wrong?" Thousand Face looked up to the sky and laughed, "Do you dare to tell me that you didn't cheat the Night Prince to go to the place where Ye Ji pointed you? If you hadn't do anything to encourage her, then how could Ye Ji succeed? She's going to be the next Night Princess, and what about you? You'll just remain a small potato. Do you think she'll still remember you? What has Master done wrong? How could you be so ruthless?"

"What makes you think that you've got the right to blame me?" Little Bell's face went pale and she stared at Thousand Face as furiously as she could. Her finger pointed to Lou Qingwu, "tell me if she had done anything wrong to me! How is it possible that she hadn't? I hate her to the guts! If it wasn't for her, my lady would never die in resentment!"

When Thousand Face heard it, she found herself so angry that she started to laugh, "Su Sheng died in resentment? Are you trying to tell me she was forced by Master when she left? She chose her own path! And, listen to me carefully, if Master didn't save you all, your lady would've died long time ago!"

"But even if that was the case, my lady shouldn't have died in resentment! If it wasn't for her, then she would never find out that it wasn't Mu Yunqing who caused her death. At least she would have pa.s.sed away peacefully!"

"Are you implying that she'd pa.s.s away peacefully if it was Mu Yunqing who set her up?"

Thousand Face felt like she was going crazy. He was sure that this woman was a lunatic, never had he thought that someone would be so good at twisting one's words!

"I don't care! I hate her to the guts! I'm going to take revenge for my lady!"

"d.a.m.n it…" Thousand Face was furious now too, he might as well dig this woman's heart out and check what's wrong with it.

How could anyone reverse the right and the wrong like this?

"Thousand Face." Lou Qingwu, who had remained silent, finally spoke. She called Thousand Face plainly, who's furious, and asked him to retreat first. Then, she went in front of Little Bell and didn't say anything. She only looked at her proudly.

Little Bell felt uncomfortable and guilty when being looked at. She moved away her gaze, "you…why are you looking at me?"

"Nothing, I just want to see what you can still say."

"What do you mean?" Little Bell retreated.

When Lou Qingwu saw what she was doing, her mouth twitched. However, there's no sense of smile in her eyes, and there's a feeling in her that made people uncomfortable too. When seeing that she's reaching out her hand, Little Bell screamed, "what do you want to do?"

Lou Qingwu didn't answer her, she just squinted to look at her somewhat yellowish eyes. She suddenly reached out her hand and grabbed her wrist.

After a while, she let go of her hand, she bent down and her beautiful face was almost pressing that of Little Bell. Her cold breath made Little Bell stop breathing. The next second, she heard the h.e.l.lish voice of Lou Qingwu. It was so low and full of chills, "Little Bell, are you really taking revenge on me for Su Sheng? Or you're just trying to save yourself?"

Little Bell was stunned and her face went paler, "you…what you are talking about?"

"That's nonsense. That means the poison in your body doesn't exist, and I made the wrong diagnosis? Haha, well, I think you won't get any antidote even after two days. Let me think, how did Flames Pot die? First, he felt like his whole body was being burnt, then all of his muscles were bitten off by the Pot worms, little by little, from his organs to his bones, then to his muscles. Thinking of it, it really disgusts me. If you die like this, I'm afraid the way you look when you die will be the last thing you remember, and you won't remember to take revenge on me anymore. Huh?" After her last word, Lou Qingwu slowly got up, she raised her eyebrow coldly at the girl shaking vigorously. Suddenly, she screamed, kneeled on the floor and held one of Lou Qingwu's legs.