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Chapter 389: The Climax! The 100th Year Anniversary Celebration! (9)

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So, this female employee had set herself against Ms. Zuo?

In an instant, the rumor spread among the senior management.

Some, who wanted to get into Zuo Yiyi's good books, hopped out to try and please Zuo Yiyi.

Zhuang Nainai had no idea that she was being watched. Instead, she was holding a gla.s.s of juice and keeping an eye on Mi Nuo while she was at it.

Now that Mi Nuo was being watched, everything should go smoothly, right?

Zhuang Nainai felt as if she was worrying a little too much for this celebratory event.

Just as she thought this, she suddenly spotted a group of women sauntering over.

She did not know these women at all, so she decided to simply walk away from them with her gla.s.s of juice.

Little did she expect one of them to stick out her elbow while she was walking past them.

With a deft maneuver, she took a few steps back and steadied herself, recovering from the knock she received. Just as she heaved a sigh of relief, one of the other women stuck out her hand and pushed her.

Unstable once more, Zhuang Nainai raised her brows, her eyes sweeping toward the women who were all standing beside her.

Wearing bright smiles on their faces, they had their arms crossed and were raising their brows at her.

This time, just before Zhuang Nainai was able to regain her balance, another hand reached out to push her!

These people were doing it on purpose!

She immediately decided that she wasn't going to let them toy around with her!

Zhuang Nainai was never one to endure wrongs, and the events that had been happening recently had nearly worn out her lifetime's worth of patience. So the first thing she decided to do was to raise her gla.s.s of juice and splash it toward the last woman that had pushed her!

“Oh no, be careful!” Zhuang Nainai shouted. That woman took a step back as the juice landed on the floor, and in the same instant, Zhuang Nainai managed to regain her balance.

Just as she did so, the people by her side began advancing once more. Hurriedly reaching for a gla.s.s of wine by the side of a table, she swirled the wine in the gla.s.s and said, “Oh no, look at how dark this wine is! If it accidentally gets onto the clothes of anyone, she can kiss her outfit goodbye!”

As soon as she said this, the group of women stopped in their tracks!

Now that they dared not approach her, they stood a little distance away from her and began to scold her.

“How shameless! She's just a thief yet she's still so haughty!”

“Exactly! If you dare to splash us, we'll chase you out!”

“Look at her modest, shabby outfit! Isn't she just an insignificant employee?”

“What does Mr. Si see in you for him to make you an unwritten rule? Maybe you're the one who released the rumor by yourself!”

These people were truly out of their minds. Even if she had truly plagiarized the Imperial Group's design drafts, did that even have anything to do with them?

Zhuang Nainai narrowed her eyes, feeling as if she was tussling with a bunch of crazed people. Taking her gla.s.s of wine with her, she decided to leave them.

But just as she walked a few steps, someone blocked her way. Lifting up her head, she spoke angrily to Zhuang Nainai, “Hey, you spilled the fruit juice onto the floor. Shouldn't you go get a mop and clean up the place?”

Casting a glance at the bunch of women who were probably just in their early twenties, Zhuang Nainai was speechless.

If these people were trying to bully her, could they at least come up with something better?

She made a motion with the wine gla.s.s in front of the woman. “Move off!”

The young woman, shocked, took a few steps back, but then regained herself and straightened her neck. “I'm not going to move away; I don't believe that you're going to pour the wine over me! If you do, I'll get someone to chase you out!”