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In the Lord's Residence, Li City.

Li Yao stood on the rooftop of the palace and looked in the direction of Thousand Leaves City. Of course, no matter how high his cultivation level was, he couldn't see the battlefields in Thousand Leaves City due to the enormous size of the Crimson Dragon Realm.

To achieve their goal, Prince Regent joined the battle as three NirvanPlane warriors reached the Crimson Dragon Realm. Such a battle array was intimidating in itself.

The Dali Imperial Advisor, Prince Regent, and the number one demonic figure in Dali, Cao Kong, were each strong enough to dominate many cities of Crimson Dragon Realm. Except for Ancient Imperial City, no city could defend against them.

Plus, former-lord Yan Kun was also with them.

Even though Ye Futian had made preparations, he shouldn't be able to handle four NirvanPlane warriors.

Besides, no one in Emperor Xia's Realm was comparable with the Dali Imperial Advisor in terms of strength.

Of course, the Imperial Advisor had to try his best during the battle. However, since Prince Regent, the Third Prince, and the other warriors were all present, the Imperial Advisor would have to put all his efforts into fighting. After all, there was no way that the Imperial Advisor could retreat this time.

At this moment, many figures were flying in the air and heading toward the Lord's Residence. Li Yao glanced up and noticed them, causing him to frown slightly.

It seemed as if some people were trying to approach the Lord's Residence.

Outside the Lord's Residence, a person in a black cloak was sitting quietly. Like a ghost, his face was obscured as if it had been absorbed by a black hole.

He seemed extremely dangerous.

Wisps of dark mist circled his body, but it was not demonic flow. Rather, it was more like the will of death.

The figure in the darkness looked like a death G.o.d who'd come there to reap souls.

Inside the Lord's Residence, Li Yao leaped up and looked outside. When he saw the dark figure waiting outside, his face suddenly turned sullen.

Thousand Leaves City was in the midst of a fatal battle, but they'd still had time to send warriors to the Lord's Residence of Xiang City. Had the person outside come to kill him?

Perhaps sensing that he was being observed, the figure shrouded in darkness slightly raised his head. Within the dark mist, a pair of eyes appeared from within the cloak. With just one glance, he gave Li Yao a taste of the Death G.o.d's arrival. Li Yao suddenly felt himself falling into the endless abyss, unable to escape from it. The sense of impending doom ran through his body.

Suddenly, a hand patted Li Yao on the shoulder, causing an eruption of light. Li Yao was awakened, his face pale. He looked down at the dark shadow walking step by step into the Lord's Residence.

"Sir," Li Yao called to Yan Yuan, terror in his eyes.

"Your Highness, please back off. Allow me to handle this," said Yan Yuan. Li Yao knew that this person was very dangerous and that he would not able to deal with him. He had been able to sense the arrival of death with just a single glance.

But since the Dali Imperial Advisor's First Disciple, Yan Yuan, was here, he shouldn't need to worry.

However, because of Ye Futian, he had stood against the Imperial Advisor. Even so, he still trusted the Imperial Advisor and Sir Yan Yuan's strength from the bottom of his heart. The feeling was strange since he had chosen to fight against them, yet he still felt safe with Yan Yuan standing next to him.

Ye Futian should have had that kind of feeling too as Yan Yuan escorted him away.

Li Yao sighed to himself. If only there had been no Ye Futian. That year, he'd wanted to join the Imperial Advisor's Residence and become the Imperial Advisor's disciple.

But he knew things could never return to the way things were before.

Yan Yuan stood next to Li Yao. He felt the same even though he knew that they had taken opposite stands.

But he still had the responsibility of guarding Li Yao's safety.

The dispute this time had arisen from the feud between Li Yao and Ye Futian. He knew that his master was not willing to kill Ye Futian, but that he had to do it due to his chosen side.

Yan Yuan was in the same position; he had to protect Li Yao.

He had definitively made up his mind that day after the conversation with his master.

The Dali Imperial Advisor was under orders to come to the Crimson Dragon Realm to capture Ye Futian, earning the t.i.tle of Imperial Advisor Commander of Dali.

What would happen if Li Yao died?

Today, in Dali, things were no longer as they'd been before. Dali seemed to be interested in confronting Emperor Xia's Realm this time. Emperor Li thought highly of the master, but he hoped that the Imperial Advisor could state his position clearly and follow Emperor Li's decision. Emperor Li had cast suspicion on the master because of what had happened last time.

If the Prince also died, Yan Yuan could not imagine what the outcome would be.

So, nothing could happen to Li Yao.

Yan Yuan looked at the person in front of him and asked, "Shadow Guard of Emperor Xia's Realm, you didn't come here alone, did you?"

"I've heard that the Dali Imperial Advisor's First Disciple, Yan Yuan, is the strongest cultivator below the Nirvana Plane in Dali. My name is Ji Yuan. I am the Shadow Guard Commander of Emperor Xia's Realm. I am here to see what I can learn from you," said Ji Yuan. Both people had a character "Yuan" in their names, so there was some karma between them. However, they stood on opposite sides.

Ji Yuan had been the second top figure in the Sage and Saint rankings of the Nine States for many years. His ranking was lower than the Great Shaman's, but he was so good at death skills that he had eventually infuriated Emperor Xia. After Emperor Xia stopped allowing him to establish orthodoxy, Ji Yuan had disappeared from the Nine States.

After Emperor Xia punished him, he'd let him join the Shadow Guard. Ji Yuan, the Death G.o.d, had since become the Shadow Guard Commander and reached the apex of the Unblemished Saint Plane, very close to the Nirvana level.

He hardly appeared in public and didn't have widespread fame. Few people knew of his existence because those who saw his face usually died.

"Please," Yan Yuan said, looking at him.

His black robe was billowing in the wind. As Ji Yuan stepped forward, the wisps of death force rose and diffused toward the Lord's Residence. The mist became thicker and thicker as the Death G.o.d shrouded the place.

Warriors of the Lord's Residence released their might to defend against this incoming sense of death. Yan Yuan stared ahead, a dazzling, holy light s.h.i.+ning over his body. As the Imperial Advisor's First Disciple, he'd also cultivated on the Deed of Thorough Comprehension.

As an Imperial-Level Cultivation Method, the Deed of Thorough Comprehension contained deep and profound knowledge. What the Dali Imperial Advisor had taught Ye Futian was just a small part of it.

When different people studied the Deed of Thorough Comprehension, they gained different results.

Yan Yuan put out one hand and waved. Suddenly, a glaring halo appeared in front of him and rapidly expanded.

At the same time, Death G.o.d Ji Yuan pointed one finger outward. The sky and earth rumbled with the gesture. Innumerable flows of death force rose from other lands, enveloping the Lord's Residence and sweeping toward Yan Yuan and Li Yao.

Yan Yuan raised one palm. With that movement, the pattern grew bigger and bigger, seemingly about to devour the Great Law of the sky and the earth. The horrifying air flows of the Great Law between the sky and earth formed a halo pattern and enlarged. The halo kept expanding in the upper air, covering the sky. The innumerable flows of death force dripped down, all getting blocked by the pattern.

At this moment, Yan Yuan reached out with his left hand and put his finger on the pattern of the Great Law. Suddenly, from the pattern, countless sharp swords emerged, piercing through the void sky and falling upon Ji Yuan.

But his fingertips stayed on that pattern. The pattern of the Great Law spun, causing a giant sword to be born from it. At the next moment, the giant sword penetrated the s.p.a.ce and thrust toward Ji Yuan, shaking the sky and earth.

In just one moment, the tens of thousands of swords annihilated the flows of death force, ready to kill.

Ji Yuan had no time to think. He held out both arms. The waves of dark flow rumbled and merged into a horrifying dark abyss in front of him, devouring the sword of the Great Law. The abyss was boundless enough to swallow all the swords.

The Lord's Residence was rapidly collapsing into the abyss. The swords all gradually disappeared as the devouring abyss roared and trembled.

Finally, following an explosion, the Sword Will and the dark abyss crashed together, countless fragments breaking off and falling to the ground.


Yan Yuan stepped into the void sky, lifting the halo pattern of the Great Law with one arm as he headed toward Ji Yuan.

The pattern of the Great Law spun above the skydome as it expanded. Inside was a huge matrix swallowing and spitting the horrible power.

Ji Yuan looked up at the void sky and felt like he was being crushed under the pattern of Great Law.

Yan Yuan waved his hands and patted the Matrix pattern, saying, "Jin."

After he said the word, several giant golden swords appeared from the edge of the pattern of the Great Law. They emitted the radiance of obliteration as they slashed at the ground.

The Will of Death roared wildly around Ji Yuan. His body turned into black shadows and immediately vanished, trying to escape.

However, the swords were not targeting him, they were attacking the whole area.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Horrifyingly loud noises were heard. The giant sword slid into the sky and earth, sealing the s.p.a.ce off. All of the swords that were connected by the matrix became part of the matrix pattern. When the dark mists tried to break in, they all were smashed into the void.

In the Lord's Residence, people gathered and watched the fight on the battlefield. The man who stood above the skydome was truly peerless.

He, the Dali Imperial Advisor's First Disciple, was called the strongest cultivator below the Nirvana Plane.

Even though his opponent was the Shadow Guard Commander, as long as Yan Yuan was there, no one could get past him to reach Li Yao.

Seeing the scene, Li Yao sighed to himself and felt that he was fortune's fool.

Before, he'd at least been able to call Yan Yuan "Elder Brother." Now, he could only address him as "sir."

Why did Ye Futian have to live in this world?

Thinking about this, Li Yao's hatred of Ye Futian became even stronger.

If Ye Futian had not pretended to be the Seventh Swordsman, all these things would not have happened.

At this moment, Ji Yuan's body converged and reappeared. The dark mists roared around his body, the shadow of the Death Deity appearing behind him. He was best at death skills, but Yan Yuan didn't give him the chance to copy his ability.

This Imperial Advisor's disciple was indeed powerful.

He rose into the sky. The boundless shadow of the Death G.o.d pressed a giant dark palm print onto the light curtain of the swords over the skydome. After a loud noise, the light curtain tore the giant palm print apart. The palm print was slashed in half.

However, at this moment, a divine sword flew straight out of the broken sword matrix and headed toward the skydome. Soon, it slowly fell to the ground.

Li Yao and many others raised their heads and took a look at the divine sword, perplexed. What did that mean?