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After Professor Xifan paid him, Fang Yuan called for a black taxi and arrived in front of a black church.

He stepped into the church, went to the dark area at the back, and knocked on a door gently.


A small gap slid open, and a pair of vigilant eyes peeked through it. A stiff voice said, "The dark night has given us dark eyes!"

"However, I used it to find light… that is…." Fang Yuan made an annoyed expression similar to what he recalled from Snow's memories. He pushed his face forward. "Hey! Brat! Don't you recognize me?"

The doorkeeper did not say a word and merely opened the door silently.

Fang Yuan shrugged before walking in.

After walking through a long path, he came to a brand-new building.

Most of the people were in black and red, dressed like they were middle-aged professors, and they moved about quickly.

At the heart of the building, there was a large fireplace with red flames burning within.

After a period of time, some people dressed in red walked out.

They looked exactly like ancient witches.

These people were Red s.h.i.+rts, who were above Black s.h.i.+rt deacons. At that point, they could learn the 'Teleport' spell, which was a spell that allowed a person to move about instantly. They could even travel to another city.

"Black Rose: Number 13!"

The former Snow would have envied the higher-ranking Red s.h.i.+rt members. However, Fang Yuan's heart was completely unmoved. He walked to an old door and knocked lightly.

"Please enter!"

A soft voice trailed over. Fang Yuan pushed the door open and entered.

The room was very dim. A white-haired old man wearing a purple robe was sitting behind a large desk. In front of him, a ballpoint pen hung in the air, as if an invisible hand was holding on to it and writing quickly.

He was a Purple Robe Sorcerer, upper-level management within the Sorcerer Congress, equivalent to being a supervisor.

As they progressed further up, there were the Thirteen Representatives. They possessed all the magical abilities in the Philosopher's Book. In fact, they had the power to vote for changes and removals from the Philosopher's Book.

A branch in Newtlud already has an organization of this scale. The ones in other countries can't be weak either. Also, these kinds of strange rules could be disadvantageous even to someone like me! Fang Yuan thought quietly before saying politely, "Sir, Black s.h.i.+rt Deacon Snow, reporting!"


The Purple Robe old man's eyes were half-closed, and he did not even look up.

"Yes! I used a spell to confuse Xinge and become his a.s.sistant. We were selected by Professor Xifan to head to that island… Finally, I used the Memory Erasure spell to remove the professor's and the others' memories," Fang Yuan said calmly.

"Wonderful… A Derivative was born on that island. Since we can't confirm it, we can only seal the island in case the other lifeforms on it are infected…"

The Purple Robe old man rubbed his brow. "You are dismissed… An important person will be coming soon. Perform well, and you will be promoted to a probationary Red s.h.i.+rt!"

"Yes!" Fang Yuan bowed before leaving the room.

"An important figure?" He was a little curious. Snow's memories were lacking. He had done his best to salvage some important information and had to let the rest go.

"However, a person that even a Purple Robe sorcerer calls important must be a high-level official from another organization or one of our representatives. Perhaps he's a high-ranking official from the government."


Just as Fang Yuan was thinking about this, a bundle of gold flames suddenly sprang up in the center of the fireplace.

From the middle of the flickering flames, a well-dressed n.o.ble walked out accompanied by a group of Purple Robe sorcerers.

"It's Representative Heinze!"

"He's one of the Thirteen Representatives. Something important must have happened nearby. Was another Derivative born?"

Nearby, there was some low whispering.

Behind Fang Yuan, the old sorcerer pushed the door open quickly. He headed toward Heinze hurriedly and bowed deeply.

"Welcome, Sir Heinze!"

While the flattery was going on, Fang Yuan froze for a moment.

He felt a strange aura from that Representative Heinze. It was similar to his!


Heinze looked around for a while before his gaze fell on Fang Yuan.

He pointed his cane at Fang Yuan. "Prepare a quiet room for me. Also, take him to my room."


The other Purple Robe Sorcerers did not hesitate at all, immediately following his order as if it were routine.

He stared at Fang Yuan knowingly.

In the vast room, the bookshelves were lined with antique books. There were antler's horns and a bear skin decorating the walls.

"Block! Isolate!"

Heinze took his hat off and snapped casually.

A bright light enveloped the entire room.

"Isn't it great? Using the power of the rules directly? It is truly addictive!" He looked at Fang Yuan. "I've already sealed this place. There won't be any sounds leaving this place, and n.o.body will hear our conversation, not even the other representatives!"

"That's great!" Fang Yuan stretched lazily and sat on the sofa.

"You… you're interesting! Since you're so weak, you must've just arrived. Aren't you scared of me?" Heinze smiled slyly.

The Mental Demon realm traversing technique could only be used with one's true physical body, making it very dangerous.

Only someone like the Lord of the Void could avoid that by using other techniques.

If another Demon G.o.d had come, this would also be their weakest moment.

"Weak?" Fang Yuan smiled, saying nothing.

This Snow could only be regarded as the clone of a Magical Clone. After all, his body was still in the Spiritual Realm, while his True Spirit was on the island.

However, he did not have any intention of resolving that misunderstanding.

The existence of his stats window was his biggest secret.

He stared at Heinze, frowning. "It seems like the restrictions in this world are pretty strong… How long have you been here? And how much power have you recovered?"

"Twenty years… I've set all of this up just to obtain the Philosopher's Book. You'd better target something else…" Heinze replied with a warning tone.

"As expected, this world has set restrictions on Demon G.o.ds…" Fang Yuan sighed quietly. However, he was laughing quietly in his heart.

The giant lizard on the island had already unlocked about fifty percent of his power. On this planet, that was more than enough for him to rule the world as long as he ignored the other Derivatives.

"Target?" He intentionally looked confused. "Those Derivatives? What do they do?"

"Don't you know that they're acc.u.mulations of the rules of this world? If you consume one, it'll improve your Great Dao immensely!"

Heinze stared suspiciously at Fang Yuan. This information was something that anyone would know as long as they stayed in this world for awhile, so he did not mind doing him a favor.

"The acc.u.mulation of the rules of this world?" Fang Yuan's eyes lit up. "But… those exotic characteristics are also a type of rules?"

"Haha, of course. The Heavenly Dao is split into light and dark. Within the rules, there are some counter-intuitive ones too. What's strange about that?" Heinze laughed aloud. "Counter-intuitive rules are also a part of the rules. The earlier you can come into contact with them, the better it is to help you break through to the Netherheaven realm…"

"I see! Thank you!" Fang Yuan thanked him sincerely.

After all, he had just become a Demon G.o.d and was still experimenting on his paths because he had not even been to the Mental Demon Realm before. Even if he wanted to make a deal with the Lord of the Void, he was not too familiar with the details about the Mental Demon Realm.

"It seems like you're really a newbie here?" Heinze rubbed his chin and suddenly laughed. "How about it? Will you consider helping me out? My true body is Doroin. I do have a bit of fame in the Mental Demon Realm…"

Mental Demon Demon G.o.ds developed very quickly. As long as this Snow grew up quickly, he would become a great help to him.

Of course, what he was more concerned with was the other party's true body.

A Demon G.o.d was an important figure in the Mental Demon Realm.

"Doroin, was it? I'll remember that!" Since the other party had extended kindness to him, Fang Yuan did not mind getting in the good books of a Demon G.o.d. "When I get to the Mental Demon Realm, I'll definitely visit you!"

"What? You haven't been to the Mental Demon Realm yet?" Heinze opened his eyes wide. Then he realized something. "No wonder I've never heard of you… However, being able to enlighten yourself in the outside world must mean that you're gifted with great natural abilities. Perhaps you might be one of those legendary unique types!"


Fang Yuan forced a smile.

He knew himself best. If it were not for the help of the stats window, he would still be making his rounds in Da Qian.

"Oh yes, the one that started it all. What is the almighty 'it'?" He took the opportunity to ask.

"Haven't you guessed it yet?" Heinze's eyes lit up brightly. "That is a Great Dao, one that was born in this world!"

A Great Dao from outside would be oppressed in a different world.

After all, even a Netherheaven Demon G.o.d would not be free from the influence of the Heavenly Dao of a high-level world.

To make it where one became an independent world and could freely descend without any decrease in strength required breaking through the Demon G.o.d realm.

However, a Great Dao created in its native world did not have such a restriction.

"To be honest, many Demon G.o.ds have thought about acquiring it. In fact, even the Lord of the Void was one of them… Unfortunately, it was all for naught!" Heinze sighed.

However, Fang Yuan took this for granted.

A Great Dao like this was equivalent to a Demon G.o.d!

However, for outsiders like them, it would be difficult for them to recover their original abilities. It was a battle that was completely disadvantageous.

"Then what exactly is this Great Dao?"

Fang Yuan felt very excited to be able to learn about the inside story of something like this.

"It is uncommon and goes against the rules of the world, filled with surprises and overturning all rules… that Great Dao is obviously the Impermanence Great Dao!"