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Ling Han was surprised; a Divine Sword that could grow?

For cultivators, it was naturally best if they could obtain a high-grade G.o.d Tool, which they could use for a very, very long time.

The Nine Demons Sword, for example, could instantly increase one's battle prowess endlessly. But the problem here was, a high-grade G.o.d Tool would not be easily obtained just because one wanted it, and even if one managed to obtain one, would it be that easy to master?

Even the Eternity Sky Emperor lost an arm trying to recover the Nine Demons Sword, and that was still because the Nine Demons Sword was originally an ancestral weapon of the Chang Clan. If it had been another person in his place, even if it was Empress Luan Xing, she would have been unable to collect it.

Hence, to settle the matter in one go, to directly wield a G.o.d Tool till death was practically impossible.

…Unless there was an elite that used supreme secret techniques to refine and boost a weapon for their descendant day and night. Only then would it be possible that a Mountain River Tier cultivator could master a G.o.d Tool of Sun Moon Tier, or even Heavenly Body Tier. However, there were really much too few such cases.

Furthermore, this would very easily cause their descendant to become habitually reliant on their G.o.d Tool, and would be disadvantageous to their personal growth.

Ordinarily, cultivators would wield a weapon that corresponded with their own cultivation level, and use their martial intent to nurture it every single day. Over time, their weapon would naturally develop an ego and transform into a G.o.d Tool.

As for the majority of Mountain River Tier cultivators, they would need a few millennia just to advance a minor level, so they could use the same weapon for a few millennia as well. Hence, there was naturally no need to rush to change their weapon.

Ling Han was different, though. His advancement through the cultivation levels was too fast; in two years' time, he had advanced into the high extreme of Mountain River Tier, so he could not possibly nurture any weapon into a G.o.d Tool.

If he had a Divine Sword that could grow, he could nurture it without worry. If he improved, so would his G.o.d Tool. He would never have to worry about a day when his G.o.d Tool would be washed out.

"Brother Jin, you are truly a genius!" Ling Han expressed sincerely. This was definitely a mighty feat.

However, Jin Zhihui did not accept Ling Han's compliment, and said, "I have merely discovered the unique trait of this metal, then thought of a method to forge it so that this unique trait would be preserved. In this whole world, there only exists one such piece of this kind of G.o.dly metal, and I would not be able to forge a second sword like this one."

"The greatest Divine Sword in the world!" Ling Han drew the sword out of his hilt. The coldness exuded by this sword was indeed not all that powerful, and it could only be considered an ordinary weapon. It could not even be considered to be a G.o.d Tool.

"How should I improve it?" he asked.

"Through battle. Using this sword to slice other weapons would allow it to swallow their essence, and thus allow it to grow." Jin Zhihui became excited again. Although he could only forge one such Divine Sword, it was possibly the pinnacle of his whole life of sword-smithing.

Ling Han muttered, and said, "Which means, I cannot advance it by skipping levels, and directly use a Level Two or Three G.o.dly metal for instant success?"

"Indeed, you cannot!" Jin Zhihui shook his head. "You must proceed and progress steadily, just like how cultivators cultivate."

"Brother Jin, you are really trustworthy. It was obviously me that had obtained a supreme Divine Sword, yet I still had to trouble you to visit me personally to deliver it," Ling Han said apologetically.

Jin Zhihui smiled, and replied, "This is matter that I had promised you before, Brother Ling. Furthermore, Brother Ling saved my life once before, and is the only person who supported me. If I do not give this Divine Sword to you, I truly can find no other suitable."

"Then I shall speak no more pretentious words. Thank you," Ling Han said.

"Come, come, come. Let's have a drink. This is my first visit to Point Star City, and as the host, you have to entertain me well," Jin Zhihui said, smiling.

Ling Han brought him to the pharmacy, and beckoned over the Rain Emperor and the others. Then, they ran off to the restaurant, where the whole group got truly plastered.

After entertaining Jin Zhihui well for a few days, this maniac of sword-smithing returned to Swordforge Manor. HIs whole heart was filled with sword-smithing. Although he no longer had the materials to forge a similar sword, he also had lofty aspirations to forge even more precious swords that shattered conventions.

Meanwhile, Ling Han bought a great number of pieces of Level One G.o.dly metal. Though Jin Zhihui's words were very amazing, he had truly never heard of this kind of metal that could grow by swallowing the essence of whatever it struck. Hence, he was naturally very curious.

Within the Black Tower, Ling Han brandished the Divine Sword, and slashed out at the pieces of metal he had just purchased.

Ding, ding, ding, ding. The crisp sound of metal striking sounded out continuously.

They were both Level One G.o.dly metal, but the treasured sword had been tempered repet.i.tively, so its toughness was naturally far above that of these pieces of G.o.dly metal that had not been tempered before. Thus, under Ling Han's brute force, these pieces of G.o.dly metal that had been bought naturally broke apart with a single slash.

"En?" Ling Han discovered that in the process that the G.o.dly metal had been sliced in half, something indescribable had entered into the Divine Sword.

This kind of change was extremely minute. If this had not been inside the Black Tower, which allowed him to strengthen his senses a few hundredfold, or even a few thousandfold, he could not have possibly sensed such a slight, miniscule change.

"Yi!" Small Tower appeared, releasing a shocked exclamation. "This luck of yours is really not all too bad, you actually obtained a piece of Devouring Metal!"

"You know the material used to forge this sword?" Ling Han was surprised.

Small Tower was extremely proud, and said, "Of course!"

Ling Han sighed, and retorted, "Go on. Don't just stop halfway; do you want to be struck by lightning?"

Small Tower humphed, and then continued, "The Devouring Metal is very unique. Its starting point is very low, and it could only be compared to Level One G.o.dly metal. However, it has endless room for improvement. Some have said that it could possibly reach the height of Divine Metal!"

Divine Metal!

Ling Han's heart clenched. He had heard Small Tower speak of Divine Metal, which was a treasure that exceeded G.o.dly metal. Furthermore, Divine Metal could merely be divided into types, and there was no difference in grade. Every piece of Divine Metal was an ultimate treasure in itself.

There was a chance that this could possibly become Divine Metal?

F***, if Jin Zhihui had known this, would he regret the fact that he had presented this treasured sword as a gift?

That was possible!

Ling Han shook his head. For such a maniac about sword-smithing, being able to forge a treasured sword that could show its might in the whole world was his real dream. If this sword had stayed with him, it'd have practically been like casting a pearl before a swine.

"However, this is only in theory," Small Tower continued. "To increase the grade of Devouring Metal, the amount of G.o.dly metal required would be an extremely huge number. Furthermore, the metal that it swallows in the process of advancing can only be of the same level as its current grade.

"This practically means that it could not possibly become a Divine Metal, because at the end, how could there possibly be so much Level Twenty G.o.dly metal in this world?"


Ling Han nodded. From Level Five G.o.dly metal onwards, there was pitifully little of the progressive levels. There was similarly little of Level Nine G.o.dly metal, just like the numbers of Heavenly Body Tier elites. Level Twenty G.o.dly metal would definitely be as scarce as Genesis Tier elites. Where would he find so many pieces of high-grade G.o.dly metal for this sword to devour so it could advance?

He shook his hand again. This would be something for who knew how many years later, so there was no need to be so anxious and worried yet.

Ling Han chopped, chopped, and chopped some more, using the treasured sword like a woodcutter's ax. He instilled his own martial intent into it to communicate with this sword. With the pa.s.sage of time, this Divine Sword would naturally become capable of communication, and become a real G.o.d Tool.

After being chopped by the Divine Sword a great many times, those slabs of G.o.dly metal gradually lost their initial l.u.s.ter, just as if they had turned into sc.r.a.p metal.

"True enough, the essence within had been swallowed," Ling Han mumbled to himself.

This was actually a bit similar to cultivators. On the path of cultivation, wasn't it all about s.n.a.t.c.hing away the essence of heaven and earth, and using such materials to strengthen oneself?

"Since this sword is going to be by my side for a very, very long time, I'll have to give it a name… En, what name should I give it that would sound more overbearing?"Author rarely uses this name, so you might've forgotten, but it's the capital's name.