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Devouring The Heavens - Chapter 255 - Strong Hint of Killing (Part I)

"Thank you for Sir Jiang, this is a really valuable gift…but, I'll gladly it. And I'll pay you back one day." Yin Zhenluo took the beautiful wolf skin and said sharply.

"Ha ha ha, thank you Sir Jiang. I've heard of Jiang Yitian from the 'Dragon-battling Immortals' Hall' for quite some time. He's just as people said - elegant, gentle, intellectual, generous and kind. And he's certainly the recognized lord for the Dragon-battling Immortals' Hall in the future. Back then, I didn't have the chance to meet Sir Jiang in the Ling Long Immortals' Hall in person, and it was such a pity. Today, I finally had a chance to do so. It just proved further what people have told me." Hai Ya started laughing while looking at Feng Lie strangely.

Feng Lie smiled at Jiang Yitian coldly, "big brother Jiang, when three years will have pa.s.sed, if brother Xuanyuan still hasn't returned, I will replace him for the battle between you and him. I've heard that brother Jiang got something inherited from a mysterious immortal, and I want to have a look. Please don't disappoint me then."

Afterwards, Feng Lie left, Feng Immortal sighed without saying anything further. Jiang Yitian frowned, but he still smiled to everyone, "sorry to have disturbed the wedding of the two families, please carry on!"

Jiang Yitian retreated to the side, watching the back of Feng Lie leaving, his heart sank, "there is really not a single thing that Feng Lie dared not do. He always sticks to his words, let alone in front of so many people today. Well, one year later, the battle will happen…"

Jiang Yitian began to consider and calculate as to how he could fight Feng Lie. Even though he had been blessed by the Immortals, he wasn't sure if he could win Feng Lie.

Feng Lie was reincarnated from the "Extreme Sky Feng", if all was unsealed, his killing power could be even greater than that of the "Feng Immortals".

In the "Ling Long Immortals' Hall", the "Phoenix Gold" ranked the 17th, and he needed to be pressed down by the "Five Immortals", let alone the "Extreme Sky Feng" that ranked the 10th on the dashboard. He had already acquired the Spiritual Wisdom and could be reincarnated anytime.

"Oh, such polite words that Sir Jiang has said! Come, lead Sir Jiang his way." Hai Ya commanded, an important figure bowed to Jiang Yitian and led him into the Hai family.

What happened just now, happened within a short time, but it was very frightening. The "Dragon-battling Immortals' Hall" mobilized more than a hundred immortals.

One has to know that if these immortals showed their power, the whole East State would be destroyed, there would at least be a million corpses.

"Zhenluo, get on the carriage!" Hai Ya smiled at Yin Zhenluo.

Yin Zhenluo looked at the direction to the "Green h.e.l.l", and she murmured, "Xuan Yuan, I don't care whether you can get the 'Source of Immortality of the Dragon's Heart', I just want you to come back safe and sound!"

Yin Zhenluo was sure that all was going to happen now, and the seal on her father was getting weaker. He couldn't hold it for a long time. They had to make this bet somehow.

Yin Zhenluo made gentle steps, and lightly jumped onto the golden wedding carriage. Hai Ya got off from the horse and got into the wide wedding carriage as well.

The vast welcoming team followed.

Inside the carriage.

It was full of fur and skin of all the rare animals, it was luxurious, glamorous and soft. Yin Zhenluo sat with her legs crossed, closed her eyes and was silent.

Hai Ya looked at Yin Zhenluo's red makeup, her flawless face, he couldn't find any issues on her, she was so perfect. She made Hai Ya breathless and confused, he stretched a hand on her shoulders.

"Don't touch me." Yin Zhenluo seemed to have burst out all the hints of killings in a moment. It completely ruined the romantic atmosphere inside the carriage. This sense of killing even made Hai Ya hurt his palm accidentally, and blood kept flowing out.

"Zhenluo, you've changed a lot. Over these years, I've been running everywhere…" Hai Ya started laughing and wanted to ease the nerve-breaking atmosphere.

"Cut the c.r.a.p, if you can't save my father, don't even touch my hair." Yin Zhenluo was very direct. She was very unwilling to get married to Hai family, but since only they could save her father, she had to sacrifice herself.

"You can rest a.s.sured." Hai Ya's heart turned cold and thought, "once you're in the Hai family, you won't have the say anymore."

The main door of Hua family was very easily seen. Xuan Yuan, Qian Duoduo, You Xue, and the Pig King floated in the Sky and were watching the team marching into the Hua family.

"Here they are." Xuan Yuan said coldly, "let's do it."

"Wait, kid, why are you so desperate? You have to hit him at the right spot. Hasn't this Hai Ya always wanted Yin Zhenluo? When the carriage arrives at the door of Hai family, we will strike! We'll let him experience what it feels like when your ready meal is taken away." The Pig King started laughing.

Xuan Yuan tried to calm himself and nodded, "okay, I will listen to you this time."

Inside the golden carriage.

Hai Ya was indeed desperate. Once she got into the family, she wouldn't have any control anymore. He was confident to be able to control Yin Zhenluo in no time.