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I was an amateur when it came to birthing the seeds of the spirits. They would wake up eventually, but a portion of it depended on the composition of the environment.

I immediately called Chrisley. She was the only one who had information about spirits. Yihi seemed like she was familiar with them, but I didn’t want to ask her. It would be better to listen carefully to Chrisley.

“...Fire spirits. This is the first time I’ve seen so many seeds.”

Chrisley’s eyes were wide with surprise.

Yihi had a similar reaction. However, Chrisley stared straight into my eyes and said.

“My Dungeon Master. Will you give birth to all of them?”

“That’s right. What's the matter?"

"If so many spirits are born simultaneously in one place...there might not be any magic power remaining.”

“The magic power of the dungeon is sufficient.”

The rating of the dungeon had risen due to the Tree of Origin. It could handle quite a lot of magic power consumption.

But Chrisley shook her head.

"The total magic power might be fine, but the fire magic will evaporate greatly. If the balance goes down then there will be many problems maintaining the dungeon.”

Indeed...I was convinced by that.

The dungeon was made up of various types of magic power. I needed to consider all the properties of the magic power. If one of them was scarce, the balance would collapse and affect the creatures.

"What should I do?”

I asked her directly.

The other person was Chrisley. Her mind was quite good, her skills reliable and she often helped me. Right now, I didn’t have any clues about the situation.

Chrisley responded without hesitation.

“Master should stay next to the fire spirits. Originally, Master has Pride’s flames and now there is the fire essence...both are pure fire magic power. There will be some dehydration symptoms every time a spirit is born should have enough to feed them.”

In the end, I was the answer.

I had absorbed the Great Fire Essence. There were only nine of them in the Spirit World. In addition, I had Pride’s flames so it was appropriate for me to be their source of fire magic power.

"I will be by their side. Does it have to be all day long?”

“Yes. It will take some time for the seeds to familiarize and react to you. Master will have a good influence on the spirits.”

Chrisley was adamant. I felt a certain amount of relaxation after hearing it. It was better than receiving a nail in the side after starting.

This hadn’t occurred in my previous life.

I wasn’t familiar with this and had to hope for the best.

Although Yihi...her nature wasn’t significantly different from in my previous life. There was nothing else to be said.

Chrisley was an outstanding dark elf so she could easily handle things.

"Do you know when they will be born?”

However, I was busy. I couldn’t only take care of the spirit seeds. Although I had the confidence that I could do well...that was something else involved. Right now I had ‘work’ I needed to do.

"Given the maturity of the seeds and what I previously saw...I think it should take a month at most.”

"One month is too long.”

“My Dungeon Master. Leave everything else to me. I can control Roy, Rose and Maxium to some extent.”

Chrisley laughed.

I thought about it.

One month. The current situation on Earth was changing every day.

It might be wise to stay in the dungeon for a month.

'I won’t be exposed and I might be able to beat a tired enemy.’

It was a strategy. Furthermore, I could believe in Chrisley.

'The spirits are worth it.’

100,000 spirits.

It was worth staying for a month when thinking of the benefits that would be given when they were born. In the meantime, I might be able to develop myself.

“Chrisley. I will leave it to you. You have to closely manage them. Maxium should be okay, but there are a lot of variables involved with Roy and Rose.”

In particular, Roy and Rose needed to be carefully watched. Even though Rose was smart, she was still a young dark elf. They were variables that I had no knowledge of.

Right now, Korea was rapidly changing. Many people were gathering and Seoul was recovering again. Technology was replaced with those powered by the cores and a new government and country were being built.

It was possible to move the humans in the desired direction with Roy and Rose. That’s why I gave Roy the magic sword.

I gave them instructions, but it was unlikely that the work would be completed before the spirits were born.

“My Dungeon Master. Don’t worry. Everything will go in the direction that Master wants.”

“I will trust you.”

This was enough.

Afterwards, Chrisley withdrew.

I turned my head and glanced at the seeds.


The faster the spirits were born, the better it would be.

I needed to put all my effort into it.

I spread fire magic power around the seeds.

I was dubious but would try this method first.

I sat down in the centre of the seeds.

I slowly covered the seeds with the power of Pride’s flames and the fire essence.

-Randalph Brigsiel's fire magic power has been applied throughout the floor.

The seeds of the spirits have responded. Their egos are slowly awakening. Awareness rate: 18.5%.


-The power of fire is too strong! 358 spirits have been destroyed without being born.


-The power of fire is too weak! The awareness rate has dropped.


-The power of fire is adequate. The awareness rate has increased significantly. Awareness rate: 19.9%...

It was harder than I thought to maintain the magic power. It was important not to apply too much or too little. In particular, I frowned when the message stating that spirits had been destroyed appeared.

‘It is hard.’

I would rather wield a sword wildly. It was annoying to sit still and control my magic power. It was no different from torture.

‘The awakening rate is slow.’

Besides, that was another point. Chrisley had said a month, but two weeks had pa.s.sed and the awareness rate was only approximately 20%.

At this rate, it would take more than two months. Especially as the awareness rate decreased when the percentage rose.

My concentration plunged slightly after 14 days. I realized how hard it was to steer the magic power.

‘I have entered the realm of transcendence, but it is only halfway. Currently, I am no different from a strong child. My ability to move magic power efficiently is weak.’

I had to admit it. I thought I was slowly growing stronger, but I wasn’t at that level yet.

I needed to raise all my stats over 100. I was ignorant about how to control this strength since I had never experienced it in my previous life.

‘Originally, I naturally controlled my magic power while fighting. But fighting isn’t the only way that I can become stronger. I needed this process to realize what I am lacking.’

It was possible to have a breakthrough when there was ‘enlightenment.’

It would have been impossible with only fighting.

Enlightenment was an important part of it. I only discovered it recently.

'My magic power is too rough. It is like a wild horse. It only knows how to run.’

I thought about what I was lacking and came to this conclusion.

The regulation of my magic power wasn’t appropriate for the spirit seeds.

If there was no roughness then the awareness rate would go up.

The seeds were eggs. they needed warm air to be hatched.

'Warm magic power...’

I needed to temper the qualities of the magic power. Controlling the properties. It didn’t suit my nature.

'I can’t give up just because it doesn’t suit me.’

If it didn’t fit then I needed to force it. Giving up meant there would be no development. I needed to smash through this challenge to move forward.

Of course it was difficult, but I would eventually get the hang of it.

I thought about the time I felt warm magic power.

'Earth’s protector Asis.’

A human. She was an Awakened from the United States. She knew how to move the land. At first glance, she was similar to Okullos but their fundamental natures were different.

She really disliked fighting. Whether it was plants or humans...she even trembled when seeing a demon get hurt. She couldn’t help not wanting to fight.

Her magic power was the warmest I’d ever felt.

She thought she could redeem everyone. Eventually, she was killed by a vampire due to this, but she had many great accomplishments.

Asis had something.

I wondered what it was.

‘A presence of mind.’

Was it because she loved and cared for people?

I laughed at the idea.

Imagining myself like that caused gooseb.u.mps to form. I honestly couldn’t imagine it.

I shook my head.

I wasn’t generous like Asis. If that was necessary then it would be an impossible challenge. I couldn’t change the way I had lived my whole life.

So...I had to find my own way.

‘Wake up. I will lead you.’

I stared at the seeds with a cynical expression. I needed to make my own path. The spirits would be those who followed me. This was the best I could do.



At that moment, the seeds shook like wind was blowing.

-The fire magic power has warmed. The awareness rate has increased significantly. Awareness rate: 32.7%


-The magic power of ‘Randalph Brigsiel’ has increased by one.

The conversion of a simple idea.

However, the awareness rate increased by 10%.

‘This is the right direction.’

In addition, my magic power increased by one.

It was amazing. Once magic power exceeded 90 points, it wouldn’t rise easily. My pure magic power was 95 points.

I felt a little bit more at ease.

This direction was correct so there was no more need to feel urgent.