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Published at 19th of August 2019 09:10:30 PM Chapter 110

Mitsuha: “May it please Your Majesty, this matter is important not only for the fate of one kingdom, but for all the people who live on this continent and for the future of all kingdoms as well . Therefore, we don’t have time for any lies, tricks nor bargains and we will absolutely not approve any complains for not profiting, falsehood, as well as treason .

The condition that was demanded is what that kingdom truly seeks . We will respond accordingly based on that judgement . ”

King: “T-this little girl, what are you…”

He should have known about me when the earl called me 『Princess Shrine Maiden-dono』 . Even if this is not a neighboring kingdom, the incident with the empire should have been a prominent event in recent decades . There’s no reason that the summary of the event has not been transmitted to him yet . Well, it may have been transmitted as 『a heroic n.o.ble little girl』 by the official announcement, though .

So, regardless of how to explain about me, I still have to behave as if I have the right to make decisions in this discussion . If the earl can’t take unreasonable att.i.tude due to his position as the delegation leader and a n.o.ble, then I have to carry it out instead . I will have the king realize that I’m not just a mere viscount, but a 『Princess Shrine Maiden-sama』instead .

Mitsuha: “Calling your negotiating partner a little girl means that your majesty hereby declare that you don’t intend to carry out a decent negotiation . In addition, insulting the delegation who are representatives from our kingdom is similar as insulting our own kingdom . We will report this matter completely .

Now then, let’s conclude that we don’t see eye to eye in this meeting…”

As I came to a halt, the earl stopped his foot as well . Soon after, all of us the delegations walk out once more .

King: “W-wait! What is the meaning of this, Earl!? Is it okay for this little girl to say something selfish just because she used her name!? Do you understand the consequences if you ridicule our kingdom-…”

Audyst: “Hah?”

Having stopped walking again and looked back, the earl told the king while rolling his eyes .

Audyst: “Isn’t it Your Majesty’s side that ridiculing us from the start? And we can’t say anything about what Princess Shrine Maiden-dono has judged as she’s the vital point of this treaty .

Rather, there won’t be any effect or such from Courson Kingdom even if you do not join the treaty . You don’t have to spend your budget to renew your kingdom’s armaments and you don’t even have to take part in a joint military exercise as well . There’s nothing to worry about as you can keep the way as it is…”

King: “Wha……”

If he doesn’t understand the meaning of what the earl said, he’s clearly a fool and not suited to be a king . .

That is in other words, out of all the neighboring kingdoms, only this kingdom that will fall behind on the military preparations and will be left out from the Great Alliance .

It seems that Courson Kingdom has been bullish on diplomacy until now . However, they are not necessarily thinking that their own kingdom is truly a big kingdom, and the kings are not really that haughty as they don’t look down upon other kingdoms, especially kingdoms that doesn’t have any specialties nor achievements . Hence, it’s possible that they don’t act in such character as to get even a slight advantage in order to conclude the treaty .

However, that is why there’s no reason to give any preferential treatment to them .

King’s Retainer: “I would like you to wait!”

One of the senior retainers raised his voice instead of the king who was being silent .

King’s Retainer: “A negotiation is something that needs to be discussed and compared from both parties’ situation so that it will meet each other’s requirements! It’s absurd to just refuse unilaterally!”

Hmmmm, it came, huh? Well then, let me answer that .

Mitsuha: “That’s a story when both parties present the same level of small terms, right? It’s not fair for the other party to gave an unreasonable demand from the start of the talk while we only gave a small requirement instead, don’t you think?

That’s just like a merchant selling a product with an outrageous price and will lower the price when there’s a person driving a bargain but keeps such price for the people who buys it as it is, you know?

I have a rule to not trade with a merchant who changes the price depending on what the other party would do . Put the right price from the beginning and sell it to everyone at the same price . Such merchant is someone who I would want to buy from instead .

Same like an agreement between kingdoms . There’s no need to enter into an agreement with a kingdom that does not try to form a fair negotiation, but instead creating a negotiation that is advantageous to them with that kind of plan . Why do I need to make a negotiation that would be disadvantageous to me? Even though there are many other sincere kingdoms around… .

Well, that’s about it . Please find another kingdom who you can negotiate with and will be happy with your terms and conditions . That is, with other kingdoms and is not related to us…”

And this time, we, the delegation members finally left the meeting room, leaving the remaining silent people that were still present there .

Mitsuha: “…Was that alright?”

Audyst: “Umu, good work . They’re not stupid, so they will change their way of thinking knowing that this won’t do if they use their usual way . We were a bit rude, but it was the same for them . Even though he’s the king, it’s not a good idea to insult us as we’re also the representatives of a kingdom and has received a mandate from His Majesty as well . Hence, they cannot condemn us .

Besides, the one who stopped the conversation wasn’t the delegation side but 『Princess Shrine Maiden-sama』 instead, you see . Therefore, it’s not our fault . ”

Mitsuha: “What do you mean by that!?”

I showed my anger, but of course it was just a joke . Because, we already knew the situation from the start .

Audyst: “Well, His Majesty said 『it’s okay if the discussion with Courson Kingdom is unsuccessful』 . Therefore, if this preliminary meeting finished without any success on reaching an agreement, His Majesty perhaps has already predicted that they will likely be in a panic and try to draw closer to us no matter what . If they are isolated, the future of their kingdom will disappear, and in addition, they don’t have any national power to set up a fight, nor want to become a fool as to use reckless methods . When the time comes, they will likely bow their heads as their position is getting worse and worse, you see .

Now then, about when will they change their att.i.tude? Will they send an emergency messenger to our kingdom after we leave…?”

Perhaps it will work just like so, but the king, the earl and the others are professionals when it comes to negotiations with other kingdoms . I would say that, rather than an amateur, I’m just a novice in this matter . Besides, they don’t think about common sense the same way as what we do on Earth as there are significant differences between these two worlds’ background of era, history, civilization, the importance of information, and such . Let’s just believe what the earl had said just now and see what happens .

In any case, today’s work is now over! The rest is the continuation of the trio visiting the royal capital!

Minister: “Y-your Majesty, what should we do…?”

The remaining members of Courson Kingdom were asking their king with an impatient face in the meeting room .

No, this can’t be regarded as 『making an inquiry』as they don’t even give their own suggestions beforehand .

King: “…Don’t panic . I have already invited the delegation to the evening party and they said that they will partake on it . Even though the preliminary meeting has turned like this, they can’t disregard the invitation that they had received beforehand as it would be rude to our kingdom, you see . ”

Officials: “””””Ooh!”””””

As expected of Your Majesty, the voice of admiration and relief leaked from among the members .

King: “You fool! You should be thinking and do something like this naturally!  What are you trying to impose on making me the only one doing this!?”

The officials casted their eyes downward and felt ashamed due to their king’s huge rebuke .

King: “Well that’s fine . I was planning to have a banquet only for the evening party, but go add a ball after that, and then gather a lot of good 12 to 22-year-old men from viscount and count households . It doesn’t matter if they have fiancée .

Seems like it will all be just fine if we can ensnare that girl…”

A third princess has a low inheritance order . Therefore, they regarded her as 『someone who can be thrown away without regrets』 in this trip and she only has a role of being an ornament for the royalty when keeping them company . Hence, not a single person batted an eye on her . Thus, just by exchanging words from the first audience with the king, she was completely ignored at the preliminary discussion . This was not particularly rude, seeing that the leading role of the discussion was the delegation leader .

Certainly, a third princess has no influence on the content of the meeting . However, she instead has a great influence with Princess Shrine Maiden-sama .

Mitsuha: “Huh? I won’t come to such bothersome event, though…?”

Sabine: “Same! Isaka Juuzou!”

(TL Note: Same as chapter 88)

Yup, Sabine-chan can finally say 『Same! Isaka Juuzou!』 naturally .

Colette-chan is training on it as well, but there’s no turn for her yet this time .

Audyst: “Eh……?”

And, the earl got petrified due to the shock .

Mitsuha: “Well, the ones that got invited are 『Delegation members』, right? We’re not one of the members, though?”

Sabine: “Same! Isaka Juuzou!”

Mitsuha: “No, it’s fine if you only said it once, Sabine-chan!

Besides, I have a bad feeling from this… Don’t you feel it as well?”

The earl showed a wry smile as he perhaps already antic.i.p.ated that .

Audyst: “But they already set up the place, so it would be bad if we trouble them, you see…”

Oh my, you are quite kind, Mr . Earl .

But that kindness should have been for us who are your allies, not your enemies!

Mitsuha: “Then, I will contact His Majesty, okay? Because I will be offered to the other kingdom according to the earl instructions, I might remain in this king-…”

Audyst: “Stop that!!”

Ah, I feel like I might burst a blood vessel in any moment .