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Chapter 53

The Trip Out of the Palace (2)

Regret!  Regret!  Mo Yun really regrets taking her out of the palace!

Oh heavens, she is such an infuriating girl!  Eating things are fine, so are watching street performances, but she is a girl, why is she so adamant to go to the brothel?

That is the territory of men!  He is not saying that men should go to that place, but still, a woman should never go there!

Which woman will go there willingly?  If they weren't there to catch their own husbands, no women would go there under their own volition.

What does she plans on doing there?

This is her answer to him, "Oh, so that's why you're upset?  Where is 'there', Xiao Yun Yun?  That place is called the 'brothel', the 'brothel' ah!  How can we not go over to take a look?  I have always heard about them, but never got the chance to see them.  Now that I get the rare chance to visit the brothel, how can I waste it away?"

Take a look?  This woman actually wants to 'take a look' at the brothel?

She is too……….

He does not wish to die yet.  They didn't even inform Feng Tian Qing before going out this time, he is already in trouble for that.  If they find out that he brings Xiao Yu to a brothel…

He is seeking trouble on his own!

"You can go anywhere you want, you can 'take a look' at whatever you want, but I will not let you go to the brothel!" He is willing to give in to her for anything else, but he must not make concession on this one if he wants to live a peaceful life in the future.

"Tsk!  How can that be?  If I don't go this time, it will be a true loss for me.  I really must—-"  Seeing Mo Yun gradually turning even angrier, Lan Qin Yu immediately change her tune, "Actually, it's okay if we don't go there.  Besides, there are lot more other places to look…"

En, correct!  She should have been like this from the start.  Mo Yun finally sighs in relief only to almost vomit blood at what she says next, "I will not go there today, but I definitely will next time!"

N-Never mind!  As long as 'next time' is not with him, he's fine.  Feng Tian Qing that brat's jealousy and anger are not something he can bear.  He will definitely has to deal with the consequences this time, Mo Yun has prepared himself for it.

"Xiao Yun Yun, since we are already here, might as well order some food to eat!"

She stares at the dishes while pulling at Mo Yun's sleeves.  Abalone!  Bird's nest!

She has seen abalones before, so she does not have a hard time recognizing them.  The thing next to it seems to be cellophane noodles, don't tell her it's really cellophane noodles.  Who on their right mind would eat abalones with cellophane noodles?  If you talk about that, the one she wants the most is bird's nest.  Back then, she can only watch and not eat.  If she thinks about it, she never eats abalone and such in the palace.  Seems like abalones are not considered luxurious in this kingdom.

Thinking about her bank savings in the modern world makes her feel pitiful.  She did not have the spare money to buy all these extravagant food; more precisely, even if her entire family pitches in, they may not necessarily be able to buy them.

How can Mo Yun not see the way she looks at those foods?

He calls the waiter and asks for the bird's nest and abalone for her while ordering two light dishes for himself.  Just like that, they spend another two hours in the restaurant.

They left the palace in the morning and it is now noon and Lan Qin Yu spends every hour of it running after merry things.  She doesn't look tired at all, the only one who is dead tired is Mo Yun.

She even tells him that one needs to stroll around a little after eating and drinking.  Is this what people called 'stroll around'?  If they continue walking, the food he ate just now might as well be spitted out.   Rather than helping digestion, it probably does the contrary.

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