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"…A real chef!"

The cameraman dumbly repeated Raphael's words. He was there in the set back when Grand Chef was still being filmed. That's why he was feeling as shocked as he was right now. Just a year, no, a few months ago, Minjoon was just a chef hopeful.

'Can a person really grow that fast?'

Maybe this was why people put so much expectations into Minjoon. He always outperformed. He only showed this in terms of his tongue, but he had grown into something more than that.

'Making something that satisfied Rachel Rose at the age of 22…'

How would the viewers think about this? Would they become suspicious? Or would they get excited?

Just thinking about this made him really excited. There were people in the world that could truly become a star. Minjoon was one of those people.

'I can see why the PD put so much expectations onto him… now.'

A star in the cooking world. Once the show airs, the people would realize that Minjoon wasn't just a diamond in the rough, but a s.h.i.+ning gem already. Minjoon would bloom into a flower that would attract many customers, just like Rachel Rose.

As long as there is wind, the sweet scent of Minjoon's name would spread.

And that wind came through faster than anyone could expect.

Maybe it was because the kitchen staff were surrounded by so many cameras already, but no one really expected Minjoon to become popular through the videos that the customers recorded.

"….I never thought I'd get praised by this person of all people."

Minjoon muttered to himself with a surprised tone. He was looking at Akira's article on the internet. the man had just left a new review on his site about Rose Island. Normally, his reviews for Rose Island only contained praises for chef Rachel's dishes.

He didn't do that with just Rose Island either. He was a ma.s.sive proponent of the idea that 'food made by the head chef just tastes better'.

But this time, things were different. The t.i.tle itself said 'I went to eat steak, but ended up getting charmed by the sides.' It was obvious that the man was referring to Rachel and Minjoon here. Maya scrolled through the blog with a grin on her face.

"'I always had this thing about myself where I wouldn't be satisfied if a dish wasn't made by the head chef. The dessert I had here today changed my opinion completely. The dish I had was one created by chef Minjoon, parmigiano reggiano of five different flavors and textures.'"

"…Stop it, Maya. You're making me embarra.s.sed."

"A little more. 'I never really have any interest in tasting food that's made by a student of the head chef in a restaurant. I still feel the same way. But this wasn't food made by a student. This was a meal made by Minjoon. I want to express to him my respect…'"


"Yes sir."

Maya closed her mouth with a smile. Janet threw a question at Minjoon with a confused look.

"Why are you frowning? He's praising you. Shouldn't you be happier?"

"I don't like how he's writing. I'm happy that he's acknowledging me, but it feels like he's making light of chef Rachel in the process…"

"I mean, you can never hear what you really want to hear in life."

"I know. That's why I'm not saying anything."

"Anyway, good for you. Getting recognized by a critic. Well, critics and chefs, that is."

"…How are chefs coming into the equation here?"

Janet pulled up her phone. Minjoon looked at the screen with a curious look.

"What's this?"

"It's a chef's community. Tons of people are talking about you and Akira right now."

"…Was Akira that famous?"

"No, you are. Or I guess Rose Island is? I mean, you got on the TV just because you got kissed."

Minjoon scratched his head with an embarra.s.sed face. Janet frowned as she held up her phone.

"How long do you want me to hold this for you?"

"Ah, sorry."

Minjoon took the phone from her and began to read.

# t.i.tle: Minjoon got praised by Akira.
# Name: None
# Desc: That d.a.m.n Akira. He's never even mentioned demi chefs when he came to our restaurant.

HW: Akira praised a demi chef's dish? At Rose Island? …What did he have?
└ David Chung: I heard he managed to bring out five different flavors of cheese. Using foam, air, galette, souffle, and a sauce. It's pretty interesting. The concept itself is really cool.
└ HW: @David Chung It's obviously going to be tasty. Akira wouldn't have said jack otherwise, after all. Ah… I'm curious. Maybe I should visit?
└ Benjamin Matthewson: @HW Don't you have to make a reservation like a month in advance? I think they would've changed their menu by then.

Sae Hakayami: I thought he was just kind of good at cooking? How did he manage to make something like that?
└ Benjamin Matthewson: Maybe he improved?
└ Sae Hakayami: @Benjamin Matthewson There's no way. You don't just get better immediately. There's no way he would've gotten this good just a few months after what he showed at Grand Chef.
└ Benjamin Matthewson: @Sae Hakayami But he did end up getting praise from Akira. There's no changing that fact.

Taraneh Kashani: Literally all the critics are giving him praise right now. Saying that his dish is nothing short of Rachel's work. Doing something like that in their twenties… Really discourages all the work I put in.
└ HW: @Taraneh Kashani Skilled techniques require work, not talent. But creativity in the end has to do with talent. If work was everything, everyone in the michelin guide would be super old.
└ Taraneh Kashani: @HW Fair. Ah, I'm jealous.

'…I work hard, too.'

Minjoon looked at the screen with a sad look. He paused as he gave Janet back her phone. Her eyes were saying quite a few things. Minjoon frowned a little bit.

"What's up?"

"I feel jealous."

"…Aren't you being a little too honest here?"

"I'd rather be honest than just lie to myself. So I'm just saying it straight."

"There's nothing to be jealous of. You just have to do it yourself."

He realized he sounded like his smart friend back in school just then. 'Grades? You just follow what the school tells you to do and you get good ones. Are you even doing your homework?' Minjoon coughed a bit in embarra.s.sment and looked away. Janet looked pretty p.i.s.sed.

"I'm honestly pretty happy for Minjoon."

Marco was the one who said that. He smiled with flour all over himself.

"I feel like I'm going to do well if he does well. It's also great that he's doing so well for himself."

"…I didn't say I hated him doing well. I'm just jealous."

Janet shot back in an annoyed tone, then left saying that she needed to cook. Minjoon looked at Marco with a smile.

"How do you like work?"

"I do. Lisa's great, but…. Meeting Jack was something else. He knows so much about baking."

"It's good that you have so much to learn."


Marco smiled awkwardly. He breathed a little bit before continuing.

"I'm here because you dragged me here. I've never been more excited. It's all thanks to you."

"What's up with you?"

"I'm just expressing my thanks. I just wanted to get it out while I still could."

Marco scratched his cheeks with an embarra.s.sed look. His flour covered hands left a white line over his face. Minjoon stretched out his fist for a Marco reciprocated.

"Right. Let's be thankful of each other for a long while."

"Minjoon's dessert is getting pretty popular."

Isaac mentioned. Rachel picked up her fork instead of responding. She was having some more of Minjoon's dessert. Isaac sighed.

"Even the normal customers seen to worry about if the dish is going to be taken off the menu next season. I've even been hearing about people upselling their seats between each other…"

"Good food makes people happy, and great food makes people mad. Aren't you curious about what Minjoon's going to do in the future?"

"Future aside, I'm more curious about what we'll do now. What would you like to do with Minjoon's dessert? Are you going to keep it in the menu for a while longer?"

"Well… I think we should ask the man himself."

Rachel picked up her phone. A while later, Minjoon carefully entered the office. Rachel smiled and waved the cameraman behind Minjoon over as well.

"Did something happen, chef?"

"Just a question. I was wondering if I would want to keep your dessert on the menu for the next season. Since it's just cheese, it's not like we need to care about what season we serve it in anyway. What do you think?"

"Ah, the season, huh…"

Minjoon seemed to be taken aback. He didn't expect such a question. After a few minutes, he carefully opened his mouth.

"I think it's good to serve it for multiple seasons, especially if other customers want it. But not changing it for too long would be bad."

"You don't need to worry about that. We could make it something that you can order independently."

"That's a good idea. But if you're ok with it, I think…"

Minjoon paused a little before continuing.

"I think we could reveal the recipe as well."

"…The recipe?"

Rachel's eyes widened. Revealing a recipe that's gotten praises from literally all the critics that had it? Minjoon's signature menu? That was… not something that she had expected.

"Is there a reason?"

"Even if we increase the number of seasons we serve this for, not many people would be able to taste it. I think… It would be more worthwhile to let other people taste the dish in their own leisure."

"Minjoon. This isn't something so light. This is…"

Rachel stopped Isaac from talking. She smiled softly at Minjoon.

"You aren't going to regret it?"

Minjoon answered immediately.


Rachel stared into Minjoon's eyes for quite some time. His innocent, youthful eyes. She nodded in confirmation.

"Fine. This is your recipe. Do what you will."

"Thank you."

"People are going to watch your every move from now on. People don't want change, they want improvement. You're going to have to outdo yourself each time. Can you do it?"

"Yes, I can."

It was a confident reply. Minjoon's thought about this for quite some time. He already had the answer to this particular problem. He knew he was going to keep growing. Rachel smiled.

"Alright. I'll believe you."

Rachel took another bite of the dessert. Minjoon closed his eyes with a smile. A new system window greeted his vision.

Jo Minjoon.
Cooking level, 8.

If you are reading from a pirate or aggregator site, please read from the translator's site: yado-inn (dot) com I have to put the link like this or else the bots will remove it, sorry ?