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I wrote the contents of the picture book in mirrored letters on the sketched boards, and then asked Lutz to take them home and carve them into prints. Wilma's paintings are very detailed, so I was worried about whether Lutz could carve them well, but Lutz shrugged and said, "Just say that this is Maine's commission and provide some compensation, Ralph and Seig will rush to do it."

After entrusting Lutz and his two brothers to make prints, I also made a request to meet with the Head Priest, asking him to check the story I rewritten for the children, and then allowed me to make a picture book of the Scripture. Although I changed the content of the Scripture to make it easier for the children to understand, after all, the changes were made, and I thought I must get permission first.

But every time I came up with a new idea, the Head Priest questioned me discreetly, so I followed him into the secret room again. In fact, I thought that a magic tool to prevent eavesdropping would be enough, but it seemed that the Head Priest could not judge whether what I had brought was suitable for others to see without first hearing my instructions.

"You mean the children's edition of the Scripture? That should help children improve their literacy."

"I plan to make a picture book and use it to teach orphans to read."

"Teaching orphans to read? why?"

Even if he asked me why, I did not really have a sound reason. I just wanted to start raising the literacy rate of ordinary people from those around me.

"Because sooner or later they will learn to read and write after they become attendants. Moreover, the main product that Maine Workshop intends to make is books. As employees of the workshop, how can they not read?"

"Well, is that an idea from a businessman's perspective?"

After reading the story rewritten for the children, the Head Priest murmured, "Well, okay." Then he looked at me silently, narrowing his sharp golden eyes.

"Maine, where did you get your education and what kind of education was it?"

This question from the Head Priest was too unprepared, and my smile froze on my face instantly.

I really did not understand. What did I do wrong to have this question suddenly raised by the Head Priest? He still looked at me, watching my reaction, flicking his fingers against the paper on which the children's edition of the Scripture was written.

"...... The article is too organized. After reading such an ancient Scripture with long sentences and many difficult words, you can still get the point and rewrite it into a simple story that children can understand. It is definitely not an easy task. At least, it was impossible for someone who didn't even remember the words when I read the Scripture for her for the first time.

My heart was shaking. In retrospect, this was the first time I have shown the article I wrote to the Head Priest. When helping with the paperwork, I was responsible for calculations, and every time I submitted a doc.u.ment, it was written under the guidance of Fran. The reason I learned to read and write was because I wanted to be a businessman's apprentice, but I was not clear about the vocabulary of daily life, so every time I wrote a letter, it had to be revised by Fran. It must be very unnatural for me, who was not good at writing, to write such an article.

"...Do you mean I write well?"

"Well, it's well written. It's almost like it was written by a foreigner who had been fully educated in another language ​​but doesn't understand the language here."

The Head Priest looked at me with alertness, as if I were a spy. I clenched my lips. I really didn't know whether the Head Priest who could deduce this conclusion by just one article was too clever, or I was too stupid to notice that my writing was different from ordinary people.

...... It should be both.

I exhaled slowly and thought hard. Unlike Lutz, my trust in the Head Priest was not enough for me to tell him all the truth. Although his way of thinking was not the same as other blue-robed priests, it was because he was thinking from the perspective of the n.o.bleman instead of the priest. What would someone with great power do to deal with an aberration like me? I could not imagine it.

"Head Priest, I was born and raised in this city. I have never gone out except to go to the forest. I never knew there were other countries until now."

Maine did never leave the city. When she was younger, she rarely even stepped out of the house. Everyone knew she had absolutely no chance of receiving education. Hearing what I said, the Head Priest still seemed unable to dispel his doubts and kept his eyes fixed on me.

"The results of my investigation are also unquestionable... But it still doesn't make sense."

So far, I had maintained a fairly good relations.h.i.+p with the Head Priest. Once he had doubts about me, there was no blue-robed priest in the temple willing to stand on my side. I could now carry out various activities smoothly without being hindered by other blue-robed priests, all thanks to his intermediary. To arouse his suspicions now would have deprived me of a backstop in the intricate society of the temple.

... It's bad. Very bad.

Although I must give an answer to him, lying is not an option. The Head Priest had a good memory. Unlike him, I did not have a brain good enough to remember what lies I had told forever, so I was bound to get caught somewhere. I had to muddle through as best I could without being a liar.

"... I was asked the same question when I provided a recipe for cooking. Why did I know this recipe and where did I see it?"

"So, how did you answer?"

I looked back at the sharp eyes of the Head Priest and said,

"I told her that I saw it in my dreams. Not here, but in a dreamlike place where I can no longer go ... If I answer like this, will you believe me?"

I didn't know how he'll react, but that's all I could say.

I clenched my teeth and fists.

...I answered, and I didn't lie.

Cold sweat ran down my back. The Head Priest and me stared at each other silently. I felt that my internal organs were burning, but my skin was cold, which made me uncomfortable. Time was pa.s.sing, and I had no idea how long it had elapsed.

"...I don't know."

After a long time, the Head Priest said so with a sigh. He still frowned, but his eyes softened. I thought his eyes would get fiercer and he might yell at me, "no kidding!" "Answer me honestly! " Then I'd have the nerve to declare, "I'm not lying." But his reaction was so unexpected that I didn't know what to do.

"Although your answer was ridiculous, it was not completely unreasonable, and it shows that I am correct in my guess that you were indeed educated elsewhere. What's more, you are not good at lying and concealing the truth, all your thoughts will show on your face. It is impossible for n.o.bles to be deceived by you or to see what you are thinking. "

"Woohoo ..."

I couldn't help but cover my face, not wanting to be read any more. The Head Priest tapped his temple with his fingertips.

"But that's what makes it all the more confusing. I need time to think. You can go today."

The Head Priest returned the children's edition of the Scripture to me, and I walked out of the secret room alone, but the gaze of the Head Priest stabbing on my back made me feel painful.

The next day, I didn't go to the temple. This was because I had to prepare the tools needed for making prints, not because it was too awkward to meet the Head Priest. Definitely not!

"So, what exactly are you buying?"

"I want to buy 'rollers' and brushes for printmaking."

"'Roller'? What is that?"

Lutz and Benno both had their heads tilted, so I had to explain to them as concisely as possible what the roller was.

" Uh... the roller is a cylinder with a curved handle, which can be rolled on a board."

"What are you saying?"

I struggled to explain, but they seemed completely lost, and at last they sighed heavily together. I thought the roller would be used in construction, so lutz would know, but it looked like there was no such thing at all.

"Anyway, let's go to the store first."

Benno took me to the painting tool store, where he bought the grinding rods. So, I started looking for rollers and brushes here. I also explained to the boss what a roller was, but he didn't understand either. Although I found wide brushes, it's a pity that this store did not sell rollers.

"Hey, Maine, I didn't see the roller you said, what can I do now?"

"Well, let's try it with a brush first. If it doesn't work, I will go to the forging workshop to make a custom order."

"It would be nice if someone could understand your instructions."

Benno snorted a laugh, but I thought John of the forging workshop would know what I meant if I drew a sketch and detailed the measurements. I believed him!

After buying things, Lutz and I went home together. As we walked hand in hand, I could feel the cool autumn wind blowing on us. As we sauntered toward home, Lutz suddenly said, "I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

"I was afraid you'd get too excited before you went shopping, so I kept it quiet. Actually, the prints you asked my brothers to make have already been finished. I'll go home and get it for you. "