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Han ZiYe had never seen eyes filled with affection before, had never heard such nauseating words, but his heart was filled with weird feelings.

The porridge… was really sweet!

The sweet taste made his nose a bit sour. He remembered that once when they were still kids, he and his sister had a high fever. Their parents only took care of his sister, gave her fever medicine, fed her porridge, and lovingly watched her, ignoring him. He was burning hot, suffering in pain because of hunger, but he just left the fever and hunger recede, watching his sister in envy while thinking that one day, someone would also take care of him when he had another fever, even just giving him medicine and feeding him porridge would be just fine. It would be more joyful than being full.

Unexpectedly, this dream came true, but the one who made his dream come true was his most hated and repulsive demon, so he could not help but hate to thank him.

“Little darling, I promise I’ll definitely take good care of you, pamper you and make you the happiest person in the world!” Qi XinLei’s phoenix eyes flashed a touch of sadness, knowing that Han ZiYe was probably thinking of his part, feeling very distressed.

Hearing Qi XinLei speak, Han ZiYe came back to his senses. His depressed heart felt a more intense and strange emotion, frowning, he dismissed what he was feeling and scolded Qi XinLei: “Well – I don’t care if you love, or spoil me, or whether you make me the happiest person in the world. Just please don’t call me sweatheart or darling, I get gooseb.u.mps every time you call me that. I am getting very sleepy, so I’ll trouble you to go out. Please let me sleep…”

Perhaps the medicine was already taking effect, Han ZiYe’s eyelids suddenly became very heavy, particularly wanting to sleep.

“Little darling, you just sleep. I’ll go and eat some porridge, having watch you eat also made me feel hungry, growling like your before.” Han ZiYe’s words pa.s.sed like wind[1] in Qi XinLei’s ears, still calling him with endearment, while also touching his stomach, playfully blinking his starry eyes, looking unexpectedly cute.

“Then get out and eat…” Han ZiYe harshly scolded, trying hard not to show that he was affected when Qi XinLei unexpectedly went as far as to not eat his fill while he was still in the kitchen, and instead endured his hunger and went first to feed him.

Qi XinLei’s eyesight has always been very good, Han ZiYe, although looking very impatient, his tone, very ferocious, still he saw that Han ZiYe was moved, so Qi XinLei cheerfully got up and left the room.

Han ZiYe sank down, his head leaning on the beautiful and soft Italian-made headboard, while bending down on the soft pillow beside him, then finally closing his eyes.

Strangely enough, it was obvious that he wanted to sleep, but when he closed his eyes, he did not immediately fall asleep, instead his mind was full of Qi XinLei, the demon.

Originally, he hated the that demon, but after the devil gave him medicine and fed him, though he still hates the demon, but his original loathing seems to have faded already…

Cannot! Han ZiYe quickly rejected the idea, denouncing himself. How can he have such thoughts, just because the devil treated him a little better, his hate would reduce a bit.

No matter how good the devil treats him, Han ZiYe vowed that he must always hate him. He must not decrease even a bit of his hatred towards Qi XinLei, let alone forgive him. His heart can never feel anything towards Qi XinLei.

He must always bear in mind how evil, how bad Qi XinLei is, to be able to hurt both siblings. He must forget how Qi XinLei was the first person to like him, apart from his sister, the first person to be good to him…

“Little darling, I’m back.” Qi XinLei’s voice suddenly came in front.

Ha ZiYe’s eyes opened wide with surprise while looking at the source of the sound and seeing Qi XinLei, looking incredulous. He finished eating so quickly, what is this speed?!

“Little darling, I just can’t take it not seeing you, so I ate my porridge at the fastest speed that I can, immediately rus.h.i.+ng to see you.” Qi XinLei showed a toothpaste-commercial grin, revealing his super-white teeth. He slipped off his shoes, then jumped to the bed and hugged Han ZiYe.

“You untrustworthy, perverted demon! Didn’t you promised me you wouldn’t do anything bad to me, let me go…” Han ZiYeimmediately struggled.

He didn’t know what happened but his body, upon being tightly hugged by the devil, unexpectedly became comfortable, gently s.h.i.+vering, running in his mind was last night’s yellow scene. Fortunately, because of the medicine and the porridge, he was able to get back a little of his strength, being able to try and get away from the demon’s embrace.

“Little darling, don’t be scared, I won’t do anything bad. You see, I have this habit of holding onto something to be able to fall asleep, just act like my pillow, ok?” Qi XinLei resolutely held Han ZiYe, refusing to let go. In fact he didn’t have this kind of habit, Qi XinLei just wanted to hold Han ZiYe to sleep.

“I don’t want to become the devil’s pillow, you get off and go outside, look for somewhere else and something else to sleep with…” Han ZiYe didn’t listen to Qi XinLei’s words, he didn’t trust him, and he was still very afraid of him so he didn’t stop struggling.

His body wasn’t only s.h.i.+vering lightly, he was also starting to feel a little weak, the yellow scenes in his mind is starting to become more and more hot and vivid. It suddenly occurred to him that this might be the result of what happened last night.

Last night was already considered as the past, but the memory of what happened was deeply engraved in his body and soul, he would definitely never forget, d.a.m.n it!

“I don’t want to! I have to take care of you, who is sleeping here. If you don’t stop struggling, I’m going to threaten you like before.” Qi XinLei deviously said, scaring Han ZiYe.

“Villain!” Han ZiYe hatefully shouted. He reluctantly stopped struggling. Han ZiYe feared that the demon would really threaten him, with his current strength, he wasn’t an opponent for the devil, even though he had struggled for so long, the devil didn’t loosen his embrace.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Qi XinLei revealed a very bright smile, with Han ZiYe’s head resting on his shoulder, a comfortable look flashed in his eyes before closing them to sleep. Qi XinLei haven’t had a proper sleep yet, so he couldn’t help but doze off immediately.

Han ZiYe tightly knitted his eyebrows, with the devil in this way, how could he(HZY) just sleep? In addition to enduring this shameful position, he must keep being on guard in case the demon suddenly attacks him, his gross mischief, or his direct invasion. However… this devil managed to accomplish another one of Han ZiYe’s wish when he was still a child and was then running with fever, to be able to cling onto someone to sleep.

At that time, when both of the siblings caught a fever, after giving medicine and feeding Han ZiChen porridge, she became very afraid, and wanted their parents to hold her to sleep, which the parents readily agreed to. Han ZiYe was also afraid because of the fever, he also wanted their parents to hug him to sleep, but he knew they would only reject him. Han ZiYe can only secretly wish, hoping that one day, someone would also hold him to sleep, give him warmth, give him peace of mind, casting all his fears away.

Being held by the devil’s unusually strong arms, though Han ZiYe’s embarra.s.sment and fear made his body became stiff, unspeakable warmth and peace of mind came from it, to which he couldn’t let go. Thus unusually warm and rea.s.suring feeling, even his sister wasn’t able to give him…

Han ZiYe’s tense nerves, gradually and unconsciously loosened because of the warmth and peace Qi XinLei gave. As soon as he become relaxed, waves of drowsiness came, and soon, his beautiful eyelids closed.

Even though he was still a bit scared, but powerful sleepiness arrived, so Han ZiYe quickly fell asleep…

[1] 耳边风 – wind past your ear; something you don’t pay attention to.