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430 – White Royal Fleet

The apple of wisdom was hidden in the Golden Plain of the Golden Strait. With the Feisuo Plane's origin force as the energy source, the Time Lord has set up a huge array covering the entire Golden Strait. In this area, even G.o.d rank experts will be weakened and turned into mortals. Only Great Warlock rank powerhouses could enter the Golden Strait and the Golden Plain.

And before the apple of wisdom ripened, even Great Warlock rank powerhouses could not enter the Golden Plain.

The reason why the G.o.ds of the Zaliah divine system could enter the Golden Plain and accelerate the ripening of the apple of wisdom was that they have gathered the power an entire divine system and forcibly opened the road leading to the Golden Plain.

Now that the planar tide has arrived, the G.o.ds of the Feisuo Plane have been weakened to the extreme in the secular world. At this moment, even if all the G.o.ds of the Feisuo Planes joined hands, they wouldn't be able to break through the Golden Strait and open a road to the Golden Plain.

Because of this, Yang Feng's huge fleet that emerged from the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p only stayed outside the entrance of the Golden Strait. 20 fleets with air carriers as the core patrolled around the Golden Strait, ready to sink any s.h.i.+p that dared to approach.

His goal was to eliminate any wars.h.i.+ps that were qualified to enter the Golden Strait, to let as few people enter the strait as possible.

Atop the rolling sea, a stunningly beautiful woman dressed in a blue dress accentuating her supple curves, with long blue hair, eyes as beautiful as sapphires, skin white as jade, and a heroic and sensual temperament rode a wave.

A tremendous voice echoed in the sea.

A wars.h.i.+p fleet aimed countless artilleries at the gorgeous woman in a dress. So long as they were given the command, the countless artilleries will tear the gorgeous woman to pieces.

Also eyeing the intruder, countless sea rippers went to surround her below the surface of the sea

With a faint smile on her stunning face, the gorgeous woman parted her cherry lips and uttered in a magnetic voice: “I am Grace, I came to see His Majesty the great Emperor of the Black Dragon Country!”

The huge fleet moved and revealed a path leading to the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p.

Grace looked curiously at the modern fleet as she drove the wave towards the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p.

When she reached the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p, the wave underneath her extended up and she appeared directly in front of the deck of the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p. With a light jump, she leaped onto the deck of the wars.h.i.+p.

On a dais on the deck, there was a luxurious litter, and Yang Feng was reclining on it. Several beautiful dragonborn women peeling fruits for him were kneel sitting beside him.

There were also a dozen beautiful dragonborn dancers dancing gracefully on the deck.

When he had to practice cultivation, Yang Feng would work harder than anyone else. But when he could enjoy himself, he would never mistreat himself.

Grace looked deeply at Yang Feng, then bowed in salute and said: “Well met, Your Majesty!”

Yang Feng reclining on the litter glanced at the beautiful and enticing Grace and uttered in an aloof tone, sounding a little haughty: “Is your merfolk army here? According to my agreement with the great G.o.ddess of Nagas Daphne, if you merfolk don't send troops, then you won't enter the Golden Strait.”

When the two forces united, one was bound to suppress the other. If Yang Feng wants to gain the dominant position, then he must be aggressive and unyielding.

By now, the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p's top grade warp gate has been opened, and a stream of sea hunters was pouring out. Yang Feng's forces in the sea increased with each pa.s.sing moment. Naturally, he had the confidence to speak to Grace in such a tone.

Grace smiled sweetly and uttered: “Yes, Your Majesty! The merfolk army is here. We are ready to cooperate with you, Your Majesty!”

Yang Feng casually pointed to the deck and said: “Take a seat!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Grace smiled, swayed her hips, and sat on a chair on the deck.

“You came just in time! Our enemy is here!” Yang Feng suddenly raised his eyebrows and pushed a b.u.t.ton next to him.

From the holographic projector installed on Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p, rays shot out, intertwined, and formed a holographic projection of the battlefield above the deck.

They saw a huge fleet composed of more than 100 wars.h.i.+ps heading towards the Golden Strait being intercepted by the third steel fleet.

Grace's beautiful eyes flashed with a strange light, feeling awed: “This spell is so amazing! Is this a spell of a Cangzhi Plane's human Warlock? How astounding!”

As a divine chosen of the G.o.ddess of Nagas Daphne, Grace's strength has reached the quasi-Starry Sky Warlock realm. Simultaneously, she possessed a sizable understanding of the other planes.

Restricted by the planar law, the true bodies of the Feisuo Plane's G.o.ds could not go to other planes, but their subordinates and clones could go to other planes on missionary expeditions.

Some of the lower planes have been occupied by the Feisuo Plane's G.o.ds and become the source of their faith. Grace had no reputation on the Feisuo Plane. But on a lower plane, she was known as the naga Valkyrie who once killed a hostile demiG.o.d rank expert. The G.o.ddess of Nagas Daphne called this exceptional genius back from another plane and threw her into the battle for the wisdom apple.

When she saw the holographic projection, Grace's keen senses told her that the technology behind it was shocking. This technology enabled people to have a G.o.d's-eye view and fully grasp the goings-on on the battlefield. With this technology, even the most stupid person could easily become an unequaled general.

Faldina took a closer look at the huge fleet and smiled, saying: “That's the White Royal Fleet of the coastal state Anlu Kingdom. The fleet's main force is the legendary wars.h.i.+p White Steel Wars.h.i.+p. The commander of this fleet is the Anlu Kingdom's naval general Bandas! He defeated the West Sea's pirate kings on more than one occasion, and is one of the most formidable naval generals of the West Sea!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and said with confidence: “What fleet? In front of my steel fleet, it's just a pile of dregs! It will soon be turned into pieces.”

Faldina suddenly pointed to the White Steel Wars.h.i.+p and said: “That one is Lance, a Legend rank hero who rose to prominence during the democalypse! According to my conjectures, he should be a G.o.d's darling or a divine chosen of the G.o.ddess of the Sea Erronia. He's the fiancé of a princes of the Anlu Kingdom. This White Royal Fleet should be here to escort him!”

The holographic projection was really lifelike. Despite the small scale, an expert like Yang Feng could easily perceive even a random cook on a s.h.i.+p. After she enchanted herself with a spell, Faldina could clearly see everyone atop the White Steel Wars.h.i.+p.

Yang Feng spoke: “It's a pity that the princess of the Anlu Kingdom will soon become a widow.”

On the sea, in the center of the more than 100 wars.h.i.+ps of the White Royal Fleet, there was a 300-meter-long white wars.h.i.+p forged entirely from white steel and covered in countless cannon hatches. This wars.h.i.+p that looked kind of like the Black Steel Wars.h.i.+p was precisely the legendary wars.h.i.+p White Steel Wars.h.i.+p.

On the dais of the White Steel Wars.h.i.+p stood two men. One was a burly and handsome middle-aged man, while the other one was a handsome young man with short blue hair. The middle-aged man was the Anlu Kingdom's general Bandas, while the handsome young man was Lance.

Bandas frowned and asked curiously: “Black Dragon Country? What sort of force is it?”

Lance responded with a light smile: “That's a force established in the Desolate Islands by six black dragons exiled from the Country of Dragons. Their naval power isn't worth mentioning.”

There was a flash of contempt in Bandas's eyes, and he ordered: “So it's just some clowns. Heed my command! Destroy these clowns!”

The aboriginals of the Desolate Islands were uncivilized barbarians. Although there may be some formidable experts among them, but on the sea, those experts had no room to give full play to their strength. Naval warfare was all about the comprehensive strength and s.h.i.+pbuilding capability of a state, while the monkey-like barbarians couldn't even build a wars.h.i.+p.

Under Bandas's command, the more than 100 wars.h.i.+ps of the White Royal Fleet spread and rushed in the direction of the voice like hungry wolves, cutting through the wind and waves alike.

Before long, the shocking steel fleet composed of an air carrier, 50 destroyers, and 60 frigates appeared in front of the White Royal Fleet.