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A+ A- Chapter 533: Adapted Script

Although he was the protagonist, Qin Guan was not aware of this until he saw the news online during breakfast, while he was scrolling through the posts on OMG.

News about him were posted nonstop on the website. His fan Vivian had made a PPT of his photos during the trip and shared it with the other netizens.

In two days, it had already been downloaded 10,000 times. The latest news brought about some strange nicknames though.

"Let me see who the three beauties are fighting over..."

"F*ck off! Britney is mine!"

"That b*tch Madonna found another young man."

"Who is Qin Guan? Is he Superman?"

Britney and Madonna’s huge fan clubs were not friendly with Qin Guan, although they were shocked by his posters and advertis.e.m.e.nts. If Qin Guan was a n.o.body, then he had to be a notorious megalomaniac.

Bored people everywhere were waiting for striking news to distract themselves. Qin Guan was anxious about the response of another minor group though. The group was curious about the male protagonist of "Mean Girls".

The film was being adapted from a non-fiction book in which a boy made love to a girl. All the readers wanted to ask him if he had. Everyone left a meaningful smiley face under the post.

"Please stick to the original version. Please!"

Qin Guan was confused. When he arrived on set, he asked Tina about it. She laughed and waved at the of Paramount Pictures.

"Darling, let this cunning man explain everything to you."

Fox was straightforward. This was also a problem he was facing with the crew. If the script stuck to the original version, the film would be cla.s.sified as R. Most of the audience would be high school students though, so the film had to be PG-13.

As a result, the s.e.x scene had been cut temporarily.

Qin Guan was scared to hear this. He had originally thought that this was a typical teen movie, but the director had made a wise decision.

After checking with the scriptwriter again, Qin Guan went to the fitting room.

Fox, who had met all kinds of people in his career, shrugged.

"Other actors are eager to have a controversial plotline, but he is happy to cut it."

The scriptwriter picked up the script again. "He is a really smart man. Is this his first commercial film?"

"He was clever enough to avoid an unusual film, but he chose a young audience. His character is lovable, and he won the Best Actor Award at Cannes, so he should be a good actor. Unless he chooses to use his best advantage, which is his looks..."

"I think he knows himself really well. He needs several successful small-budget commercial films in order to upgrade his status. He might be a newcomer to Hollywood, but he knows the game rules well."

They were actually overestimating him. It was the woman behind him who had chosen the script for him.

The shooting went well. The main plotline could be shot in one go. In less than a week, Qin Guan filmed his final scene.

It was the ending of the film. The heroine realized who she was and expressed her true self. She won the crown at the school New Year’s Eve Party and apologized to her cla.s.smates, whom she had deeply hurt.

Feeling happy for Katie, Qin Guan walked over to her.

He was dressed formally for the scene. He looked melancholy in his black s.h.i.+rt and suit, but the spotlight was on his body. He bent forward to talk to Lindsay, his long eyelashes unable to cover the shyness in his eyes.

The older people on set smiled meaningfully.

This was the most pure and beautiful love in existence.

To Qin Guan, this felt like a Walker Bro Pancake House coupon. To students without much pocket money, eating out with a coupon was just as sweet.