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When Douglas asked the question, he was looking at Lucien. Naturally, it was his own thought that mattered in such celebrations.

"The celebrations for the previous few arcanists were all held together with the celebrations for their advancement into legendary. Holding it twice will be too troublesome and waste too much time. Also, I feel inappropriate to celebrate when I am not a legendary sorcerer yet. So, let's hold the celebration after I advance into legendary." Lucien expressed his opinion.

Although being congratulated in ceremonies was a delightful experience for most people, and the arcanists in the past were no exceptions, holding celebrations repet.i.tively for the same reason would turn joy into numbness and eventually torture.

Also, during the celebration, the Elf's Royal Palace, the Elder Council of the Druids and the friends of the Dark Congress would definitely send their legendary experts to come. When he got in touch with them closely, it would be easy to expose the fact that he had already advanced into legendary. Then, the enemy would avoid the major mistake in intelligence and be much better prepared against Lucien.

Fernando leaned against the back of his chair and nodded, "I agree with Lucien. Although grand arcanist is the most appreciated and glorious t.i.tle within the Congress, only legendary means the fundamental improvement of life. It's a sublimation that every cla.s.s acknowledges."

Now that Lucien himself and his teacher said the same thing, the other members of the Highest Council naturally did not pursue it any further.

Douglas nodded in approval. "I had been worried that Lucien would be arrogant because of the two major achievements during the 'night of miracles'. I'm happy to see that he is as modest, cautious and rational as before, and that he understands the importance of his own strength."

Lucien tightened his facial muscles to prevent himself from laughing out loud. The president was certainly not bad at acting at all!

"However, the fact that Lucien has become a grand arcanist should not be unannounced. Otherwise, the other arcanists in the Congress would be misled into thinking that we do not welcome the growing young people." Douglas went on, "I propose that 'News of the World' and 'Arcana Voice' announce the news in their program to make as many arcanists, n.o.bles and ordinary people as possible know."

"What about the previous methods? Should they be applied?" A thick book, evidently one on the list that Lucien gave to her, was placed before h.e.l.len. She was reading it so carefully that she was only sparing part of her attention to the meeting.

That was her meeting habit. None of the Highest Council felt anything strange about it. Except for the critical subjects and the discussions that involved herself, few things could drag her out of the world of arcana and magic studies. However, since it was her turn to guard Affair Committee in the next five years, she would have to instruct the Affair Committee regarding similar matters, so she had to ask.

The previous methods of the Congress of Magic was to inform the local branches and ask them to forward the news to the sorcerers and apprentices in their jurisdiction. Also, the cover of every journal would be added with a line that specified who was granted the t.i.tle of grand arcanist for what by the Congress for three issues in a row.

Douglas said affirmatively, "It was my special proposal just now. The previous ways will also be adopted."

"Part of the sorcerers do not have the habit of listening to the radio. There will be sometime before the journal is released. So, I propose a letter be sent to the magic tower of every senior-rank sorcerer to tell them Evans has become a grand arcanist." Said 'Prophet' Bergner, who was wearing the typical grey, pointy hat of the Tower.

The Congress of Magic did not have many senior-rank members. According to Lucien's impression, there were only about five hundred of them. It wouldn't be too troublesome to send a letter to each of them. So, none of the Highest Council objected to the Prophet's suggestion.

Douglas announced after a smile, "The first subject is now over. On behalf of the Congress, I now give Lucien the t.i.tle of grand arcanist."

While talking, he took out an emblem and handed it over to Lucien. It was rather similar to the arcana badge, except the darkness was more profound, and the background was glittering stars, making it look like a real and vast sky.

It was a unique badge that represented a grand arcanist and included the permissions of the Highest Council. Although it only had the magic effect of 'Free Movement', it could mobilize the power of the magic towers in Allyn.

After Lucien put the emblem on his chest, applause echoed again. It marked that he had officially become a grand arcanist and a member of the Highest Council.

"The second subject is how to effectively control the four countries of the strait and how to diminish the foundation of the Church's faith." Douglas stopped smiling. "You must've witnessed Benedict II's two G.o.d's Arrivals. It is not hard to say that, even though the power of faith was not why it was so destructive, the prayer of the believers and the clerics were at least a trigger to perform it. If the faith of the general public is diminished, it may be difficult to cast G.o.d's Arrival or other divine powers."

"Whatever the result is, it is at least what we should work on. What do you think?"

Grant, the Light of Stars, said straightforwardly, "We can strike the faith in the G.o.d of Truth like how the Church hunted sorcerers in the past."

He was a tall, slim, middle-aged man without a beard. His eyes were like the most brilliant and pure stars, which filled him with amazing charisma.

"We can't." Erica, 'Master of Transformation', objected, "The clerics in the four countries of the strait and the north coastline are building a mild church. Also, our control is far from flawless. Reckless actions will only result in turmoil and give other enemies opportunities. You should know that the North Church has been keeping distance from us since we controlled this area."

Having operated in the Duchy of Calais for years, the Eye of Curse and her were deeply a.s.sociated with local n.o.bles. They were the pro-n.o.bles within the Congress.

The Eye of Curse followed. "If we strike the mild believers, we cannot dissuade other clerics and n.o.bles in the future. We have to achieve our purpose in more approachable ways."

"I agree with Erica and Atlant." Crossing his fingers, Brook said solemnly. "I believe that you must've noticed that, because of 'Arcana Voice', the ordinary people's faith has reduced a lot in the past years, which can be seen by their frequency of their liturgical sessions and their daily talk. So, I believe that promoting magic radios and increasing the attraction of the programs are by far the most effective methods."

There were plenty of sorcerers and apprentices in Rentato, which allowed the Congress to detect the changes of the ordinary people quickly.

Hearing Brook's opinion, Holt and the other members of the Highest Council looked at Lucien. He was the one who invented broadcast and who settled the programs. He was the authority in broadcasting.

Lucien did not back off but said after rolling his quill for a while. "It's very reasonable to deploy two channels right now. Together with the two channels that the Hoffenberg family and the Kingdom of Holm are going to establish, we don't need more programs. For the ordinary people, they are busy with life during the day and do not have the time for radio except the night. If there are too many channels in the period, they will be distracted from 'Arcana Voice'."

"The most important thing we should do is to lower the cost of magic radios and promote it to most families."

"In that case, we should ban the personal radio stations." The Moon Scholar added.

Klaus, as the Alchemy Master, offered his professional opinion. "We have received another batch of dwarf artisans, but they are not enough. It will take even longer for us to train our own workers. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, even if the cost of magic radios is lowered, it still cannot meet the demand of popularization."

"If there are more mechanical products that can replace the functions of part of the magic circles, we may be able to make breakthroughs."

"Natasha, James and I had a plan about the popularization." Lucien proposed their discussion last year. In the end, he said, "Apart from that, I have some other thoughts."

"Feel free to speak. You always have new things that amaze us." Douglas hinted Lucien to continue with a smile, and none of the Highest Council objected.

Lucien coughed and said, "The magic radios cannot be popularized partly because of their cost and partly because ordinary people earn too little to afford them. By the same logic, a society based on such a foundation makes it impossible for us to reap more wealth. Although the n.o.bles are rich, there are simply too few of them."

"We should work with Holm, Brianne and other countries and come up with a five-year alchemy industry boosting plan. Through our investment and inventions, the jobs with better pay will increase, so that the ordinary people will earn more, and the overall wealth of the society will grow."

"Lucien, you have the potential to be the prime minister of the kingdom. Your idea of the overall wealth of the society is not bad." Klaus said half jokingly, "The problem is that most ordinary people are incapable of working in the alchemical workshops."

The alchemical workshops in the magic society had much a higher demand than the factories in the industrial age, because the ordinary people in the industrial age were already reasonably educated.

Lucien smiled, "Why are they incapable? Because they lack the necessary knowledge and skills, which can be made up by education. I believe that the education in the kingdoms where teachers teach individuals in private is too obsolete. We should promote magic schools and let more people improve themselves by learning. Also, as soon as they know more things and their horizons are widened, they will definitely be less devout."

It was exactly Lucien tried to do since the beginning: change society and change the fate of the ordinary people!

"Yes, the more knowledgeable someone is, the less likely they will be a pious believer." Fernando nodded slightly and said, "Before, we couldn't promote schools because the area was not under our control. It's about time."

Lucien added, "I suggest that schools be divided into two kinds. The first kind offers five-year education, where language and common sense in arcana, magic, biology, religion, history and law will be taught. I call it generic education. The Congress of Magic and the kingdoms will cover part of the cost, and the ordinary people will cover the rest. While their fundamental abilities are improved, we can also directly select the people with great arcana talents from schools, which will be easier than the past."

"The second kind is the professional education designed to provide talents for the major alchemical workshops. The alchemical workshop will cover all the cost, the Congress will provide teachers, and the kingdoms will waive their taxes. The ordinary people will sign an apprentice contract before they enter such schools and have to go to the corresponding alchemical workshop after their graduation. I have named such schools 'Lanxiang'."to be explained in the next chapter.