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Episode 35: Female Hero Summon

Author Note:
This time is short.
There is no eroticism this time.

Forgive me. Forgive me, Kouji…the truth is…I…


“We did it…we did it! We were able to summon a hero!”

“Ngh!? This place is?!”

“Our humblest welcome to you, brave hero-sama. I am this Machal Kingdom’s 3rd Princess, Machelta Oripharles Cecile.”

I wonder what this woman is saying? Who am I? A hero?

“It is no wonder that you are confused, seeing as how you were abruptly summoned.”

“Who am I?”

“You are the hero-sama.”

“I see…”

“Well then, allow me to tell you as to why hero-sama was summoned to our world.”

It would seem that this world was called Olkanas, created by a G.o.ddess called G.o.ddess Folcia.
And this place was the capital city of the Machal Kingdom, known as Oripharles (O-ri-phar-les), or so I’m told…
And it would appear that I was a hero summoned to this world.
They said that they wanted me to subjugate the demon lord.
However, I have a weakness. I will vomit when I see a man.
Knowing this, the princess changed her attendants so that they were only women.
Why do I vomit when I see a man? I also don’t know…apparently I have lost my memory, and other than my name, Ariel, I can’t remember anything…
I was given three attendants.
Apparently, they are the kingdom’s 3 strongest people.
First of all, the first one was the female knight Katrea. She was an amazoness, and had ripped muscles. She’s an idiot, or rather, well, her head was no different from muscles. She’s…

“Ariel~ Let’s fight~”

-the sort of person who always says this.
The second was the court magician Cornith, who seems to be from the elf race. With slightly long ears, she was a slender green-haired beauty…her age was quite different from a normal girl’s.
She had a considerably quiet personality.

The third was the monk Sheenya. This girl is bad…although she’s always smiling, she was the type whose smile was so black that it’d grab a hole of one’s weakness.
Before this, she found out that I wetted my bed, and threatened me to go on a date.
And with me, we have four people.
I accepted the task to subjugate of the demon lord.
As for why, I understood that, for some reason, defeating the demon lord will restore my memory…

“With that, since it is indispensable for Hero Ariel-sama to raise your level in order to defeat the Demon Lord, what do you think about challenging a dungeon?”

“Dungeon? What’s a dungeon?”

“A dungeon refers to a labyrinth, and the lower you proceed, the stronger that enemies become. Furthermore, there is a powerful boss every 10 levels, and defeating them grants a large amount of experience, as well as allowing one to advance further. It is the perfect place for one to level up.”

“Heh–so there is such a thing.”

“Yes, furthermore, it is also possible for you to obtain powerful magic tools.”

“I got it. I’ll try and go to the dungeon.”

And then, I put the Machal Kingdom behind me and headed towards the dungeon.

I will find out on this trip. That this was a journey of atonement…

Author Note:
The seriousness will continue.
As expected, I like the gap that comes from the theme of overflowing sadness, even in another world, and the eroticism~.