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Chapter 61

Looks like your eyes are stuck being blind for the rest of your life then.

After they left the house, Pei Ying was still feeling amazed at Song Nanchuan’s performance. “You’re really too amazing. No matter what I used to say, my brother wouldn’t ever make a move. But with a few words from you today, his fighting spirit was completely awakened.”

Song Nanchuan responded, unconcerned, “You’re not hard enough on your brother. Someone like him, who wasn’t taught properly growing up, just needs to be smacked a bit.”

Pei Ying was silent awhile, and she finally said, “Then, are you prepared to teach our kids like that in the future?”

“Of course not. I have to spoil my kids.”

“…Is it really good for you to have such double standards? Aren’t you worried you’ll spoil them rotten?”

“If I spoil them rotten, then that’s what happens. I can raise her for the rest of her life anyway.” Perhaps because of his mother’s influence, he’d already started thinking of their future child as a daughter. “Let’s get in the car first. It’s cold out.”

He opened the car door, and Pei Ying tidied her hair as she got inside. Song Nanchuan already had his driver make a reservation at a hotel, so that’s where they’d be staying for the night.

The scenery outside the window slowly receded. The trees on both sides of the road were covered in a blanket of snow. Pei Ying looked outside for awhile, and then she turned to Song Nanchuan to ask, “Oh yeah. Why did you put your a.s.sets under my name?”

“Because I wanted to. Do I need another reason to?” Song Nanchaun responded very matter of factly.

Pei Ying choked at this. When she recovered after a moment, she said, “Well, the real estate is one thing, but why the stocks? I don’t understand any of it.”

“I’ll make sure the lawyer understands it for you. You can just wait for the money each year.”

Pei Ying, “….”

This kind of earning without effort was kind of refres.h.i.+ng… But Pei Ying quickly reverted to her upright att.i.tude. “I already earn a lot more money than I used to, and the amount Universe pays me is considered high. Plus, with The Performer, I’m already making a ton of money!”

Song Nanchuan replied, “You earning money is one thing. What’s that got to do with me giving you real estate and stocks?”

Pei Ying, “….”

Alright, that’s fine. Her Chuan Chuan just made too much money and needed to burn it off somehow.

She cracked her fingers, and then said, “We have the household registers, but the Household Registration Office is on vacation for the Spring Festival now. We can’t register our marriage yet.”

“That’s okay. It’s the 5th of the New Year now, and they’ll probably open back up on the 7th. We can go then.”

“Oh…” Pei Ying nodded. Then she looked at him curiously again. “I heard that CEO’s could make the Registration Office open up for them, even when they’re on vacation.”

Song Nanchuan chuckled. “Should I give it a try then?”

“Forget it. We should let everyone spend time with their families for New Year’s. Let’s just wait two more days.” After a moment, her eyes lit up and she started giving Song Nanchuan an introduction, “Although this is a small city, there are a lot of places to go for fun.”

She’d only brought this up because she thought Song Nanchuan would be bored out of his mind for two days. To her surprise though, he retorted, “With the weather this cold, what fun could there be? We can just rest inside the hotel for two days.”

Pei Ying, “….”


In the end though, Pei Ying still ended up dragging Song Nanchuan out around the city. On the first day after the Spring Festival, the two anxiously headed over to the Household Registration Office to handle the formalities.

The day after the holiday break ended, everyone had varying degrees of post-vacation syndrome. The employee who’d originally been going about her work laxly saw Pei Ying, and then she felt, for the first time, that working was great. She was so glad to have this job.

It was Song Nanchuan and Pei Ying who were registering their marriage, but the employee seemed much more nervous and excited than the two of them, as if she were the one getting married.

But she was still just a single dog.

Without her own love story, she usually had to rely on gossip to fill up her cold and lonely heart. And Pei Ying and Song Nanchuan’s series was her favorite story; she’d been following it ever since the first installment. After she helped the two finish filing their marriage, her eyes sent them off, and her hand moved for her phone. She logged onto Weibo.

She would write the finale to the Pei Ying and Song Nanchuan series!

She was ready to disregard all work ethic to post this hot news on Weibo, but unexpected to her, she didn’t even get that chance.

Because when she logged onto her blog, she saw Pei Ying’s bright red page.

Don’t ask why it was red.