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The fear I felt.
I am Brenda, the Royal Guard of the Dianes Republic's first princess, Grace.
The first time I met Grace-sama was when she was ten years old.

"Brenda, you will be appointed as Grace's guard starting today." (Evan)

"… Yes!" (Brenda)

At that time, Grace-sama was always hidden in the shadows of her family, cowering from other n.o.bles who called her names like a dunce, defective goods, failure, and many others.
When I was selected as her guard knight, the surroundings were looking at me with sympathetic gazes.
Of course, it was of no concern ot me.

"I am sorry that you have to be a guard of someone like me. I will request Otousama to help you get back on your former position." (Grace)

"If I may, that is not necessary. I take pride in becoming your guard, Princess." (Brenda)

"But…" (Grace)

"… I will say it once more. I'm proud to have become your guard, Princess." (Brenda)

"!?… Thank you… Brenda." (Grace)

It was clear to me.
That Grace-sama was hiding extraordinary strength.
And, I was correct.
She has started changing after meeting certain people.
She regained her confidence, put in a great effort and gained new allies.
Several years after being appointed as her guard, the people that gave her the chance to change even more increased.
Namely, the adopted children of the shadow of this country, the Faust family, Albert-sama and Felice-sama, and their personal butler, Gai-dono.
These three people possess power that is way out of the norm.
Albert-sama and Gai-dono were especially extraordinary, so I thought that Felice-sama didn't possess much power in comparison… until that time, that is.
Grace-sama's academy held a field training exercise.
On this occasion, the "Dark Fortune" that they are a part of received a guard request. Then, an incident happened.
It was the doing of a young lady that came to resent Grace-sama through misunderstandings.
While observing as Albert-sama and Gai-dono fought the numerous monsters that a.s.saulted us, I felt a sudden chill.
The source of that was… Felice-sama.
She didn't move from the spot and didn't use any magic… then, where did this cold, these chills I got came from… it was fear I felt.
I couldn't forget about this even after the incident was over.
On a certain day, Grace-sama who was worried about my state spoke to me.
Thinking that I was being pathetic, I spoke to her about that day.

"Hey, Brenda… you are not on my side because I am a princess, you are here because I am Grace, right?" (Grace)

"Yes." (Brenda)

"Certainly, Felice's power is… astonis.h.i.+ng to say, but that's only a part of her." (Grace)

"Yes." (Brenda)

"Do you think that the Felice you know what abuse that power?" (Grace)

The Felice-sama I know…

(Mofumofu!) Felice

(Feli! To think you would hug someone else besides me!) Albert

(… Looks delicious… drool…) Felice

(Now, now! That's a deadly poison, you know!) Gai

(Grace-sama, I have made you a new weapon. Don't be unreasonable with it, okay?) Felice

(Thank you! I will try it out at once! Now then, let's raid the Knights Order!) Grace

(Grace-sama… you are as usual.) Felice

(I was waiting for this! Fufufufufufufu…) Grace

When I recalled things about Felice-sama, I completely forgot the fear I felt.
Yep… that person is harmless.
Rather than her, it's Grace-sama who…

"Brenda?" (Frace)

"Hiya!? Y, yes!" (Brenda)

Ah… I feel cold again… Grace-sama, what is that sword for?
Eh? Practice? Well~ I have an urgent business to take care of… s, stop ti! Stop pulling on me! Someone, save me~!