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Although Su Yun had become the Evil Sword Spirit and become the ruler of the world, he had no interest in dominating the world and so, to the very end, he did not care about it at all.

After all of this was over, Su Yun returned to the True Devil Realm, where there were still many people waiting for him.

With the development of the Eight Tooth Sword, the True Devil Realm had already started to show signs of improvement, but Su Yun did not plan to settle down here, and brought Su Qing'er, Hu Qianmei, Realm Master and the rest back to the Sky Martial Continent. No matter how strong he was, at least, he had mixed feelings towards Su Yun.

Everyone in every realm was glad that they were still alive. They all knew that the person who was stopping all of this, was Su Yun, and had already unknowingly taken this exceptional person as their G.o.d. No one dared to go against him, and even if the ancestor was in front of him, he would still be like an ant.

The Immortal World had been destroyed, the Spiritual World had been destroyed, and even the Bei Yang had been destroyed.

Xiao Chuo was still in the broken Primal Chaos of the past, and was now in the Immortal Realm which had been destroyed by the ferocious sword. She hoped that she could find the footprints left behind by the powerful immortals, or perhaps lost wealth, but of course, not only this Immortal Realm or the ten thousand worlds, they would all become her places to travel and cultivate. She would never be satisfied, and in the pursuit of martial arts, she would never stop.

A ray of light suddenly flashed in the Primal Chaos, upon seeing this, Xiao Chuo's eyes lit up, and she immediately flew out.

But as she neared the light, a familiar figure entered her eyes. That light was merely an accessory on the figure's clothes. But seeing this figure, Xiao Chuo was still extremely shocked.

"Why are you here?" Xiao Chuo sized up the person in front of her, her eyes still filled with fighting spirit.

"I'm not here to fight you." Noticing her intent to fight, the person in front of her smiled as he spoke.

"I know you're not here to fight me, and the me now probably can't even win against one of your fingers, but Su Yun, I believe that one day, I will definitely defeat you. When I step into the peak of the martial way, I will definitely be able to do it!" Xiao Chuo said firmly.

"The t.i.tle of 'Valkyrie' is not for nothing. I will look forward to that day."

Su Yun laughed calmly.

"Then what are you doing here?"

"I'm getting married! Seven days later! "

"Oh? With whom? "

"We'll know when we get there." Su Yun reached out his hand, and a halo of bright light appeared in his palm, followed by the appearance of a scroll. He handed it over and Xiao Chuo accepted it.

A hint of disappointment flashed past her eyes, but she quickly covered it up. She looked at the scroll and asked, "What is this?"

"As for the teleportation scrolls I made, as long as I break them, they can connect directly to the Sky Martial Continent!"

"Oh?" Xiao Chuo sized up the scroll in her hand and closed her eyes to feel the profoundness it contained. After a moment, she said in shock: "In the end, it's Su Yun, the spatial laws here, are simply too terrifying. I'm afraid that I will never be able to comprehend them in my entire life."

"If you want to learn, I can teach you anytime!" Su Yun said straightforwardly.

"Forget it. How dare we trouble the Lord Chief?" Xiao Chuo jokingly shook her head: "I don't want to rely on you, I only want to rely on myself. It might be difficult, it might take a lot of time, but it's not important, I believe in strength, and enjoy the process of cultivation!"

"I know." Su Yun naturally understood, all these years, he had always been very familiar with Xiao Chuo.

"Alright, it's getting late. I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first. I'll be waiting for you in Sky Martial Continent." Su Yun waved and turned to leave, his body gradually disappearing into the chaos.


Xiao Chuo said with a bright smile.

But after Su Yun left, her smile slowly faded, her gaze s.h.i.+fted and landed on the scroll in her hand. She looked at the scroll silently, her small hands tightened, and in the end, sighed.

The faint antic.i.p.ation in his heart was eventually extinguished by reality.

At this moment, she suddenly didn't want to pursue some so-called martial arts anymore.

"Why are you sighing?"

At this moment, another voice suddenly sounded out beside her ear.

Xiao Chuo was shocked, she almost fell down. When she looked, it was actually Su Yun who was still smiling mischievously at her.

"What are you doing? Even if your cultivation is high, you can't bully others like this, right? " Xiao Chuo glared at him and said angrily.

"I'm sorry, I forgot there was something I didn't give you." Su Yun said apologetically.

"What is it?"

Su Yun retrieved a set of fiery red robes from an unknown place and handed it over to Xiao Chuo.

Xiao Chuo stared blankly at the robe, her entire being seemed to have gone dumb.

After who knows how long had pa.s.sed, she stretched out her hand and accepted it with a trembling hands. Her bright eyes looked at Su Yun in puzzlement, but seeing that the man had smiled slightly, she said gently: "Since you've accepted, then you've agreed to it!"

"When did you become so shameless?" Xiao Chuo laughed, and her eyes flickered with a bit of tears.

"It's not the first time you've known me."

"That's true!" She wiped the corners of her eyes.

"Once you have dealt with your matters and come find me, I will wait for you in Sky Martial Continent!"

"What if I don't come?"

"I will tie you up and bring you back!"

"You are trying to steal my daughter!" Xiao Chuo snorted.

"Yes, so what? Can you get someone to do it? " Su Yun crossed his arms and said.

Hearing that, Xiao Chuo could not say anything, but scolded with a smile: "You are too tyrannical!"

Su Yun wiped the corners of her eyes and smiled, then turned and left.

"Hey, Su Yun, wait!"

Xiao Chuo called out.

"What's wrong?" Su Yun turned and looked at her.

Xiao Chuo laughed slyly, and said: "Do you know who I met a while ago?"


"Your sweetheart, Bai Yanshan!" Xiao Chuo laughed.

"Oh? Bai Yanshan? " Hearing that, Su Yun shook his head: "Although I walked out of Sky Martial Continent with her, but you say that she is my sweetheart, that is wrong, but why is she here?"

"What else can we do? the same as me! " Xiao Chuo said.

"Is that so?" Su Yun thought for a while, then said: "Bai Yanshan is the same as you, revering the martial way, but you are the rational one, whereas she blindly wors.h.i.+ps them.

With that, Su Yun turned and disappeared.

Hearing that, Xiao Chuo did not say anything, laughed, and kept the clothes happily, then turned and flew back into the Primal Chaos.

After bidding farewell to Xiao Chuo, Su Yun's figure once again appeared in an ethereal and misty land. This was a place that was revered in the world, it was an area no larger than the Ultimate Martial World s had. After the annihilation of the ferocious sword, most of the Spirit Cultivator s used this place as their main boundary, with the exception of the Wanhua Realm, this was the most prosperous place.

And in the center of the vast world, there was a great hall. The hall master was a white-haired old man. He stood outside the hall and looked at the blazing sun. His yellow eyes were cloudy, as if he was lost in thought.

Not long after, two figures slowly walked out from the hall. They were two middle-aged men and a man and a woman. Their cultivation levels were not low, but their foreheads were filled with wrinkles and their faces were haggard.

"Father, you should go in and rest."

The middle-aged woman softly said as she supported the old man.

"I'm not tired." The old man shook his head.

The middle-aged man on the side did not say anything for a long time. He lowered his head as he thought about something.

"What luck! Have you all thought that there would be a day like today?" The old man suddenly laughed at himself and turned around to look at the two of them.

The middle-aged woman's expression stiffened. She wanted to say something, but her mouth opened but no words came out.

"In a little while, he will get married. Now that he has sent an invitation, it proves that he still has us in his heart. Father, why don't you reject it?" The middle-aged man beside him hesitated for a moment before finally speaking.

However, just as he finished speaking, the old man snorted coldly.

"You still have the face to go? How many years did you hide from Liuluo in order to save him? How much suffering had he suffered? How much life and death had he experienced? Do you still want to see him? I really didn't know that my son-in-law was someone with such thick skin! Even if he is willing to recognize you, do you really have the face to do so? "

"But …" "Father …"

"Others sending in invitations is just giving Liuluo face! Do you really think he forgave you? Maybe he forgave you, but so what? Don't think too much about it. He doesn't owe you, and it has nothing to do with you! In the future, if you stop this idea, reflect on it! "

With that, the old man turned and walked into the hall.

The man and woman looked at each other and let out a long sigh before they turned around and walked in.

Su Yun did not see all of this, he was not at Emperor Shen Wu's Hall, but rather at the location of the Unparalleled Sect.

After experiencing the annihilation of the Wu Shuang Sect, Ao Wushuang brought the survivors of the sect to hide and hide. After the Eternal Heaven Divine Hall was destroyed by Su Yun, she came here to rebuild the Wu Shuang Sect. When Shangguan Mei Yang found out about this, she immediately came to reunite with her parents.

The new Unparalleled Sect was located on a small island, with green trees that surrounded the island, birds chirping and the fragrance of flowers, making it look like a paradise. To ordinary Spirit Cultivator, this was simply like a G.o.d. After the evil sword destroyed the world, a large number of immortals were scattered across the various realms, causing countless ordinary Spirit Cultivator and even mortals to start searching for the Immortal Trail, stepping onto the path of cultivation.

Su Yun instantly appeared in front of the big gate, but no one noticed the people around him. He raised his head, looked at the three golden words on the door, smiled, and stepped inside.

"Halt, who are you? What are you here for? "

It was the first time the gatekeeping disciple saw Su Yun, so he immediately stopped him and shouted.

"May I ask where is your honorable Sect Leader Ao Wushuang?"

Su Yun said.

"You want to see our Sect Leader? "Who are you?" The guard looked at Su Yun strangely.

"I am Su Yun!"

"Su Yun? I've never heard of it, but you can wait here, I'll go inform the Sect Leader. "

With that said, the guard ran in.

However, not long after, Ao Wushuang and Shangguan Qing Cheng hastily ran over from the inside, causing the people around them to be amazed. What surprised them even more was that when the two of them arrived in front of the young man dressed in brocade robes, they actually wanted to kneel down, but before they could even land on their knees, they were helped up by the man.

"You two shouldn't be so formal. This isn't the first time we've met, so feel free to meet." Su Yun said while laughing.

Ao Wushuang and Shangguan Qingcheng looked at each other and nodded silently.

"Su Yun, I never thought that even after you became the number one person in the entire Ten Thousand Worlds, your heart still has not changed. I'm impressed!" Ao Wushuang said with a smile.

"Perhaps this is the reason why you can find the Great Dao." Shangguan Qing Cheng said.

"This is just me."

Su Yun laughed, looked around and asked: "Where is Mei Yang?"

"Yang'er? "She's in closed door training. I'll go call her out." Ao Wushuang hurriedly said, then turned around, intending to have her disciple call Shangguan Mei Yang over.

But right at that moment, a red lightning bolt suddenly struck towards Su Yun at an extremely fast speed, catching him off guard.

Just as the lightning bolt approached Su Yun, it disappeared without a trace. Everyone followed the direction that Lightning had flown in, and saw a young girl with long pink hair walking out.

Upon seeing this, Ao Wushuang's expression changed drastically as she berated, "Yang'er, don't be rude!"

"I'm fine." Su Yun laughed casually, he looked at Shangguan Mei Yang, holding his chest and said: "Not bad, you actually already have a Divine Spirit Realm cultivation, seems like the pills I gave you were not in vain."

"Of course, even Qing'er has reached the Ancestral Realm. As his master, if I do not have a Spirit Profound G.o.d, wouldn't I lose too much face!" Shangguan Mei Yang snorted twice, then ran over and looked at Su Yun and asked: "Where have you been all this time?"

"I have been staying in the Sky Martial Continent, and only recently have I had the time to come out and visit you all."

"Is that so?" Shangguan Mei Yang laughed, her small mouth pursed into a smile, and asked: "How have you been recently?"

"Not bad, what about you?"

"Not bad." Shangguan Mei Yang looked around and said: "It's just that this place is too monotonous, so boring, and I want to go out for a walk."

"Oh? How about you come over to my place to play? "

"What about you?" Shangguan Mei Yang swept Su Yun with her gaze, and said: "That's fine, I haven't been to the Sky Martial Continent for a long time, it's fine to go there to take a look! It just so happens that I want to see just how strong Qing'er is. "

"Anyway, it's not something that the current you can challenge! You still need to work harder. "

"She's your dual cultivation partner. No matter how hard I try, I'm afraid I won't be able to catch up." Shangguan Mei Yang said in a low voice, suddenly, she added: "Su Yun, why don't I be your dual cultivation partner too!"


With that said, everyone turned silent. Ao Wushuang and Shangguan Qing Cheng both stared at Shangguan Mei Yang with their eyes wide open.

No one made a sound. The surroundings were deathly silent.

Shangguan Mei Yang tensed up, her face also flushed red, her small head immediately drooping down, her ten fingers intertwined, she did not know why she would say such words, her heart was filled with regret, she carefully raised her head, looked at Su Yun's beautiful and delicate face, and said with a trembling voice: "Um … I... I... "I was joking …"


Just at this time, Su Yun suddenly interrupted Shangguan Mei Yang's words, her mouth revealing a smile, her sword eyes staring straight at Shangguan Mei Yang, playfully saying: "Such a beautiful girl throwing herself at me, how can I not? You're not allowed to go back on your word. "

"You … I … "I …"

Shangguan Mei Yang was already stunned, her mind was a complete blank. She never thought that Su Yun would actually agree to it, and she could not even speak quickly.

Ao Wushuang glanced at Shangguan Qing Cheng, only to see a faint smile appearing on Shangguan Qing Cheng's lips.



In the gray and gloomy underworld, desolation and death spread across the land. There were vicious looking nether beasts swaying across the land. In the middle of the nether world, a lonely figure sat quietly as he stared at the horizon.

"Back then, I was forced to force you to submit to me. I truly had no choice. I needed your strength. Now that everything has ended, I will restore you to your freedom."

Unknowingly, Su Yun had appeared behind the figure and spoke up.

The empress of the underworld turned around, and stared coldly at Su Yun with her pair of golden eyes, she snorted softly and turned her head, saying: "Free body? Where does freedom come from? You have already been slaughtered by the Thousand Realm Master, so the people of ten thousand realms will all be under your control, how can they be free? "

That's right, no matter who it was, they would submit before absolute strength. No one would be exempted from it.

"You're right, but you're wrong about me."

Su Yun walked to her side and sat down, then looked at the desolate world in the distance, his mouth revealed a trace of a smile: "From the moment I stepped onto the road of cultivation, I had never thought of taking control of anyone, I only wanted to protect the people around me from being bullied. I did not want them to fall into despair, and did not want me to fall into despair either, that's all."

Hearing that, Empress of the Underworld's beautiful eyes trembled, she turned to look at Su Yun, suddenly laughed at herself, and did not speak anymore.

"Come to the Sky Martial Continent when you have time. Although you are known as the Queen of the Underworld, if you stay here alone for too long, you will easily suffocate."

Su Yun stood up and turned to leave.

The empress of the underworld turned her head to look at him, but her face remained expressionless. When they were far away, she suddenly burst out laughing. That smile actually made the desolate world come to life!



On top of a tall mountain in True Devil Realm, two figures were frantically clas.h.i.+ng, a shocking battle was just about to break out, but there was not much killing intent in the air, and around the mountain stood many people, immortals, Devil Cultivator, and even ordinary Spirit Cultivator. Their eyes were like torches, staring at the two people who were fiercely fighting on top of the mountain, and it was hard to s.h.i.+ft their gazes away.

Octagon sat on a boulder, his loose robe mismatched by his body. He stretched lazily and looked at the fight in front of him with a dull expression, as if he would fall asleep at any moment.

"This is a battle between the strong in the end, how come you don't seem to have any energy at all?"

A voice suddenly drifted into Octagon Aniseed's ears.

Chi Gou's body trembled, as though he had realized who the speaker was, he did not turn his head, and continued to speak in a lazy manner: "sword ancestor, this guy, what's the point of eating until you're full? Why search for the Dao of the Sword? Why search for the Holy Demon Fiery? "That Flaming Demon G.o.d is a very aggressive person. It's impossible to stop this exchange of pointers!"

"Other people are just watching obediently, they don't dare to miss a single scene and want to comprehend something from it. But why are you acting as if you don't care? Don't you want to increase your cultivation? "

"I don't want to." Octagon Aniseed lay on the rock, crossed his legs, and looked up at the sky, muttering: "I've never thought of this before, if you can practice it, then go ahead. If you can't, then forget about the next stage. "It's too difficult, I might as well not practice it."

"You sure are free and easy!"

"That's why I'm so optimistic!" Octagon Aniseed chuckled.

Su Yun laughed, he did not know where he had found a box, and pa.s.sed it to Chi Chi, and said: "Give it to the ancestor for me."

"What is this?" Chi Gou took the box and wanted to open it, but Su Yun stopped him.

"Let him open it, and even if you did, you wouldn't understand."

"Tsk tsk tsk, you're still trying to keep me in suspense. At worst, I'll just stand by the side and watch while he opens the door!" Chi Gou rolled his eyes at Su Yun, and muttered a few words as he kept the box into his arms, then fell back onto the ground and lazily watched the battle.

Su Yun stood up and turned to leave.

"Hey, where are you going?"

Octagon Aniseed shot him a glance.

"Go back." Su Yun said casually.

"Oh, I'll come and play with you in a few days."

"If the real Devil Sect is fine, you can come over. After all, you're already a sect master, so you still have to do some demonstration."

"Sect Master? I don't want to be this Sect Master. Sect Master is so tired, and has to handle so many things every day. I'm so annoyed, and the newly recruited Vice Sect Master doesn't know anything. A bunch of great devils over there can all become sect heads, why should I be the one to be? And you, Demon Lord, why shouldn't you? Su Yun! Come back here, let's have a chat! "

But Su Yun did not reply. Looking around, he was already gone, leaving behind a loud and clear laughter. Seeing this, his face was filled with helplessness. He could only blame his bad luck and continued to lean on the rock as he watched the astonis.h.i.+ng battle.


After leaving the True Devil Realm, Su Yun headed towards the Evil Realm, to meet up with Chen Tian Xie and Chen Yi Yun, and to invite them to visit the Sky Martial Continent.

Su Yun went to the Divine Wind Realm to meet the Eagle Tribe members that had settled down there. After he left, the Eagle Clan Patriarch had also disappeared.

Su Yun went to the Wanhua Realm, and paid respects to Feng Ling Sheng, who had moved to this place.

Su Yun then went to the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, where he searched for the footprints left behind by his master, and thought about the treasure left behind by his master.

He went back and searched for the footprints that he had left behind. He searched for those who had left traces in his heart …


Seven days later, Su Yun returned to the Sky Martial Continent, and right in front of the original address of the Su Family, a jade-green palace rose up, all sorts of Immortal Realm people and G.o.ds gathered, the divine dragons in the sky were dancing, and the flowers on the ground were blooming, it was truly a lively place.


A hundred days later, on a certain barren mountain in the Sky Martial Continent, a tiny sect was standing on top of a mountain.

There were only a few disciples inside the door and a disciple with short hair and dressed in cloth was sweeping the fallen leaves on the stairs with a broom. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were hazy.

Bird flew past, and the leaves slowly fell.

Only when the sound of light footsteps came from below the mountain did the disciple wake up.

"Who is it?"

He quickly wiped his face and pretended to be in high spirits as he looked down the mountain. Very few people would come to this small mountain gate.

But at the bottom of the mountain, there stood a man dressed in a black robe, with a gigantic sword sheath, inside the sword sheath, there was a black sword, the man raised his head slightly, looking at the signboard hanging above the mountain gate, it was covered in dust, and on it were four words carved out of a sword.

Limitless Sword Sect!

The corner of his mouth curled up into a smile as he stepped forward, looking relaxed and at ease …