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Some people do depend on G.o.d for food.

It's said that success is 99% effort plus 1% inspiration. But don't forget that if you don't have 1% inspiration, no matter how hard you try, it won't work.

Master Zhou thought that Ye Shaohua was born with eyes that could see through all kinds of Fengshui arrays. He also learned a lot. In the past two months, he asked Ye Shaohua for advice.

Of course, he didn't connect Ye Shaohua with the Ye family. After all, he knows what the Ye family looks like now.

It happened that he saw Ye Shaohua in his family.

“Master Ye, why are you here?” Although Ye Shaohua asked master Zhou to call his name before, master Zhou didn't think so. He didn't dare to hold on to his own airs for ye Shaohua, especially the other side saved his life.

Ye Shaohua didn't see Ye Ming, but first saw master Zhou. It's not surprising that ye and master Zhou are together. “Come back and have a look, I'll go to find Ye Ming first.”

Master Zhou knows Ye Ming and hears Yan, but he doesn't say no. “well, if you have time, you can help me. I didn't understand your talisman last time. If I knew you were here, so I wouldn't show up.”

These two people are familiar with the att.i.tude, let elder brother ye and others are greatly surprised.

Especially elder brother ye, who still has his coat in his hand, remembers the three younger sisters who are about to forget. He looks at the direction of Ye Shaohua in surprise and doesn't know that the person who just talked and laughed with master Zhou is the three younger sisters who didn't understand anything in the last few months.

Clan head Ye has never seen Ye Shaohua. Although he has heard the name of Ye Shaohua, Uncle Ye and others have never shown him the photos of Ye Shaohua.

For ye clan leader and others, Ye Shaohua's children are not worth mentioning. Even if the information is in his hand, he will not look at it more.

So see Ye Brother and so on seem to know ye Shaohua's appearance, they want to figure it out.

Finally, in his spare time, he asked elder brother ye to make it clear.

This scene makes Miss Ye Jiaer secretly gritting her teeth.

Meanwhile, the Fu family.

“Fu Heng, although Jinyun pleads for you, the Fu family always has clear rewards and punishments. Go down and get them.” The woman who had the trace of years in her eyes waved.

Fu Heng didn't complain at all. It was indeed his own negligence along the way.

“It's hard for you to travel all the way to Jinyun. Go to have a rest.” Fu Mu looks at Fu Jinyun with soft eyes.

Just as Fu Jinyun was about to answer, someone said, “madam, the master and master Weifeng are back.”

Hearing this, Fu's mother forgot Fu Jinyun in an instant, and at the first light of her eyes, “come on, take out the teak I have prepared. I heard that the tomb is a bit of an evil gate, and let them drive away evil spirits…”

Her people have chased to the door. Fu Jinyun is used to all this, and there is no fluctuation on his face.

However, several servants took a look at Fu Jinyun. They were surprised and sympathetic at the same time.

“My wife and master really like master Weifeng the most. It's said that the grave can't even help Shen's family. When Master heard that master Weifeng had gone, he hurried there immediately, for fear that something might happen to him.”

“I can't help it. Young master Jinyun was judged to live no more than twenty-two years when he spoke. His wife cried and hurt in the early years. Now they have been used to it for more than twenty years, but it's not as exaggerated as before.”


Fu Jinyun's ears are very good. Naturally, these people's words didn't escape his ears, but he didn't care.

For so many years, his parents began to wipe tears for him. Later, their eyes gradually turned to Fu Weifeng. Although they were sad, they are used to it now.

Thinking of this, he took out his mobile phone and edited a text message.

Because of Ye Shaohua's interposition with master Zhou at the ancestral hall made her talk to a lot of people for a while. Although she was upset, Ye Shaohua also heard Ye Ming go to cla.s.s.

The mobile phone shakes. It's a wechat.

——[Fu Heng is taken to the game pit by you. ]

Ye Shaohua looked and was happy. Then he sent out a question mark.

——[Because I didn't pay attention, I was a.s.signed to work hard. ]

As soon as this words came out, ye Shaohua was surprised. Fu Jinyun was very good at everything. Of course, apart from the fact that she couldn't see through his fortune, she didn't lack people to take care of him. How could she still be punished for this?

Ye Shaohua called someone directly and said, “that's it. I'll pick up Ye Ming later and invite you to dinner?”

It's just that ye's family are all trying to talk to her. Ye Shaohua is too lazy to listen to them and goes out directly.

“Miss Three,” Uncle Ye now treats Ye Shaohua more kindly than before. Looking carefully, he has a little more respect than before. It's right to say that strength is the best witness of a person's position. “Where are you going?”

Ye Shaohua said an address.

That's not far from Ye Ming's cla.s.s.

She didn't tell Ye Ming when she came back today. Otherwise, Ye Ming will try to stay at Ye's house even if he has a cla.s.s.

“You don't know where you live in the capital. Let me arrange a car for you.” Uncle Ye smiles. He always arranges such things as the Ye family's interpersonal relations.h.i.+p. He always arranges everything in a proper way.

I thought that Ye Shaohua would not refuse his kindness, but I didn't expect that things would be so unexpected.

“No more.” Ye Shaohua directly raised his hand and refused.

Uncle Ye also knew that Ye Shaohua lived a very aggrieved life in the early years. She should not have a driving license. He arranged a special car for her in the capital. She should be happy. How could she refuse.

However, before he understood this, a royal blue sports car “brushed” and stopped in front of Ye's door.

Uncle Ye is at Ye's house, and he is willing to give some power to him, which proves that he is not a simple person, but Rao doesn't recognize what kind of car it is, there is no sign or other characteristics, but Uncle Ye can feel that it must be very expensive.


Uncle Ye said he put his eyes on the license plate.