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The Red Second Generation's Abandoned Former Wife (64)

Su s.h.i.+an stood at the door a little timidly the next day, afraid to see a garbage can full of love letters.

He was scared that Bai Weiwei would throw the letters away, as he had done to her before.

He never read any of the love letters she gave, or listened to her voicemail confessions.

So even if she did it to him, he would take it as a matter of course.

Su s.h.i.+an soundlessly opened the door. He saw her sitting on the bed the morning light with a bowed head, carefully reading his love letters.

She looked gentle and quiet.

She didn't flinch in embarra.s.sment when she noticed he came.

She naturally places the love letters in a box, cleanly and tidily.

His naive confessions were all properly stored by her.

And she used to have similar sentiments, but he willfully threw them away.

Su s.h.i.+an looked at her flat expression and suddenly sobered up.

She still did not love him, but even if she did not love him, she wouldn't be like him. She wouldn't throw other people's hearts on the ground and trample them.

Su s.h.i.+an never realized that she was such a gentle person.

So gentle that he felt it was really good to have encountered such a person.

【Ding, the male lead's favorability is at 96.】

When she was discharged, Su s.h.i.+an immediately ran to pack up Bai Weiwei's things.

He was much better physically, and although he had not yet fully recovered, he was at least not in a wheelchair.

When Bai Weiwei left the hospital, Su s.h.i.+an opened the car door for her.

She paused for a few seconds, seeming to struggle, then glanced at him before finally getting in the car.

Su s.h.i.+an felt as if he had fought a big battle and returned victorious.

Because if Bai Weiwei would actually get in his car, it meant she was willing to go home with him.

Su s.h.i.+an was dizzy. He didn't know if it was because of his surprise or anxiety.

When Bai Weiwei arrived at home, her treatment was exceptionally comfortable.

Cold water wasn't allowed to touch her. Su s.h.i.+an even tested the temperature of the water for brus.h.i.+ng her teeth and squeezed out her toothpaste while he was at it.

Afraid that after she miscarried, her vitality may have suffered a severe injury, every day he wondered what to give to warm her up.

An armful of roses a day. If she didn't wake up in the morning, they'd be placed in a rattan basket resting on her headboard.

Various little presents were gifted day after day, with no set pattern.

The system felt that the male lead was trying to turn its family's host into a giant baby, or have her develop a disability.

And its family's host that didn't live up to expectations was bright and positive about muddling along, eating and waiting for death.

She just had to open her mouth for food and lift her hands for clothes. When she went out, there was someone to hold an umbrella, and when she ate there was someone to peel her shrimp.

Day after day pa.s.sed with no change in favorability.

Finally the system couldn't help but knock on her, "There's only one week remaining, time is coming."

Bai Weiwei was eating a little cake and watching Boonie Bears, "Oh, there's still a week."

And so?

Those bold words. Were these the words of an active host on a mission?

"When the favorability is more than ninety it gets difficult to brush up. I am waiting for an opportunity."

The system took a glance at the Boonie Bears and then looked at the host comfortably giggling.

"You just have no heart to acg, just want to eat, laze about and dream like a drunkard until death."

Bai Weiwei: Yes, ah, how did you know?"

System: So shamelessly admitting it, where's your conscience?

When Su s.h.i.+an came back from outside, he saw that Bai Weiwei was watching cartoons.

He was stabbed in the heart. She liked to watch this lately.

Was she still missing the baby?

They had visited the psychiatrist several times. Her depression seemed to be stable and wasn't likely to break out.

But now he felt anxious. Hadn't he heard of the calm before the storm?

The calmer she was, the more he paid attention.

"Weiwei, let's go to the movies."

Su s.h.i.+an couldn't let her simmer at home watching cartoons.

Bai Weiwei had no opinion. Recently didn't an animated film come out? She'll just go see that.

But Su s.h.i.+an refused to let her watch cartoons.

They would watch a romance movie.