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The 12th Sword had inherited Yuan Venerate Wanliu's greatest killing intent!

Although Luo Yunyang's current cultivation wasn't as strong as Yuan Venerate Wanliu's, he wasn't any weaker than Yuan Venerate Wanliu in terms of executing the 12th Sword after condensing his sacred image.

It could even be said that Luo Yunyang's 12th Sword was a tad better than Yuan Venerate Wanliu's.

The talisman that Luo Yunyang gave Qin Longchuan could communicate with him at any time, so there was no difference between this 12th Sword and the one executed by him personally.

Tuoba Jun's cultivation was quite impressive, as it had already reached the Heavenly Venerate. Therefore, even the Three Era Supreme Sect was unwilling to offend him.

However, it was still unfortunate that he had encountered Luo Yunyang. To top it off, Luo Yunyang had used the talisman to eavesdrop and knew everything he had been saying.

Tuoba Jun was dead!

Both Yue Liuli and the servant disciples of the Tuoba Family were stunned. They had never thought that this situation would turn out this way.

"This… This…" The chubby man that followed Yue Liuli was sweating profusely.

He had finally realized the seriousness of the matter. This was not just about offending a disciple of the Tuoba Family. The head of the Tuoba Family had been killed.

As an ancient family with deep roots, how could the Tuoba Family swallow such a grievance? Based on the chubby man's way of thought and his understanding of the Tuoba Family, he knew that things were going to get problematic.

While he had always had a soft spot for Yue Liuli, he did not have the courage to go all out just for a woman.

"Sect Master Yue, this… this…"

While Yue Liuli felt extremely carefree at the moment, she too was more worried.

She was the Glazed t.i.tan Sect's Master. Not everything could be determined based on her likes and dislikes. She had to consider what kind of impact such a sudden change would have on the Glazed t.i.tan Sect.

A figure replaced the transparent palm and appeared in the hall. His eyes stared at the short sword that was still exuding majestic killing intent.

"Luo Yunyang, don't you think you've gone overboard?" The old man sounded angry.

The short sword whistled while the sword-light flickered and enveloped the elder immediately.

The disciples of the Tuoba Family, who could recognize the elder, were all agitated. Some of them even shouted, "Ancestor, please avenge the Patriarch!"

"The Patriarch died miserably. Ancestor, you must avenge our family head!"

"Ancestor, the Tuoba Family has never suffered such humiliation before. You must uphold justice for us!"

All sorts of cries were heard. Some Tuoba Family martialists were even teary-eyed. Although not all of them were trusted subordinates of Tuoba Jun, they were still very sad that Tuoba Jun had died in such a manner.

However, the ancestor did not care about these juniors, as Luo Yunyang's short sword made him feel very threatened.

Although he was close to becoming a Yuan Venerate, he could still feel the terrifying oppressiveness coming from Luo Yunyang's sword-light.

He believed that this short sword would definitely attack him at once if he dared to make a move.

He still valued his life very much. As for avenging Tuoba Jun, didn't people say that revenge was a dish best-served cold?

"The Tuoba Family has to give me a good explanation." A cold, stern voice echoed throughout the great hall.

The eyes of the Tuoba Family elites, who felt indignant, flushed red. They had never imagined that Luo Yunyang, who had killed their Patriarch, would be unscrupulous enough to ask the Tuoba Family to give him an explanation.

"Don't you think you're asking too much?" The ancestor of the Tuoba Family pondered this for a moment before speaking in a calm fas.h.i.+on.

Peace. This was an inevitable choice the ancestor of the Tuoba Family had to make. He knew that he would be receiving the short end of the stick if he moved forcibly against Luo Yunyang.

"Your family took liberties with the wife of a Glazed t.i.tan Sect disciple and even forced one of their disciples to become a concubine. How brazen! Thus, I killed insolent Tuoba Jun to hold the Tuoba Family accountable."

"How impudent the Tuoba Family is… I think there's no need for you to exist." When this sentence was spoken, the unadorned short sword sent out boundless sword-light that wrapped around the ancestor of the Tuoba Family.

The Tuoba Family's ancestor had an ugly look on his face. He had never thought that his questioning would incite Luo Yunyang's desire to kill.

Even though he was unwilling to accept this fact in his heart, his cultivation was indeed inferior to Luo Yunyang's, so he could only resist by raising his voice. "Luo Yunyang, the Tuoba Family is one of the most ancient families. We are a subsidiary of the Ancient Six Families. You… You'll become the enemy of the Ancient Six Families if you obliterate my family."

The ancestor started to speak more quickly. "I'll investigate this properly and give you a good explanation."

The ancestor of the Tuoba Family had originally wanted to propose other conditions. However, after sensing Luo Yunyang's desire to kill, he decided that his family being accountable to Luo Yunyang would be the best course of action.

Outside the Three Era Supreme Sect, Luo Yunyang eyed the three towering, majestic mountains silently while his eyes took in the extraordinary splendor.

Although his talisman was wreaking havoc in the Tuoba Family, his original self was very relaxed. He suddenly had a faint impression after hearing the ancestor of the Tuoba Family mention the Ancient Six Families.

It wasn't a deep impression, as he must have heard about it randomly somewhere else.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to ignore the thought and directly eliminate the entire Tuoba Family, his communication device rang.

"Yunyang, let the issue with the Tuoba Family rest for now!" Yuan Venerate White Crane, who was on the other end, sounded as though he was trying to negotiate.

Luo Yunyang had a pretty good relations.h.i.+p with Yuan Venerate White Crane and had always respected him. Now that Yuan Venerate White Crane actually pled so hurriedly for the Tuoba Family. Luo Yunyang responded, "It's just a trivial matter, but they're really and I don't like it!"

"Even Hong Meng Sacred Hall is not very willing to provoke the subsidiaries of the Ancient Six Families. Hence, they're used to being impudent."

Clear loathing could be heard in Yuan Venerate White Crane's voice as he said, "However, they have considerable strength. Yunyang, keep your temper in check before we have an acrimonious falling-out with them. After all, you have already killed one of their clan elders."

Luo Yunyang chuckled after listening to Yuan Venerate White Crane. "Since you pleaded for them, I'll let them off this time."

"Boy, don't take your undeserved benefits for granted!" Yuan Venerate White Crane drew a deep breath before adding, "Yunyang, your cultivation now is comparable to a Yuan Venerate's, so you can go anywhere you want."

"However, as a senior, I still have to give you a warning. This world is much more complex than we think it is."

"Take the Human Race for example. Although it seems like Hong Meng Sacred Hall rules over everything, there might be a hidden powerhouse somewhere, or even people we can't afford to offend out there."

"Each of the Ancient Six Families is extraordinary. Who knows what sort of people are hidden within the secrecy of those families."

Luo Yunyang could sense the disappointment in Yuan Venerate White Crane's tone. He had never expected him to be involved with the Ancient Six Families just because of a trivial matter.

"Are the Ancient Six Families very formidable?"

"No one knows about their origins. I heard that it was stated in a record found in Hong Meng Sacred Hall that every Great Era has Ancient Six Families."

Ancient Six Families existed in every Great Era. This record shocked Luo Yunyang greatly. He knew very well that if that was the case, then the Ancient Six Families would really have a very deep foundation.

"Thank you, Yuan Venerate White Crane. I know what to do next."

After ending his call with Yuan Venerate White Crane, Luo Yunyang activated a trace of his spirit consciousness to control the short sword talisman and conveyed the order he had given Qin Longchuan to the ancestor of the Tuoba Family.

Although the ancestor of the Tuoba Family, who was enveloped by sword intent, was unwilling, he still agreed to Luo Yunyang's conditions.

Afterward, everything went extremely smooth. The cultivation of the Tuoba Family's direct bloodline, which had incited the incident, was stripped off on the spot. Everyone else involved was also severely punished by the ancestor of the Tuoba Family.

Yue Liuli led her disciples out of the Tuoba Family like victors.

Yue Feiyan and the rest were very happy, but Yue Liuli had a somewhat grave expression on her face. She knew that they would be at odds with the Tuoba Family forever from now on.

She did not know what would happen in the future if there were such circ.u.mstances again.

"Liuli, you don't have to think too much about it. I believe the Ancient Six Families should be wary of Luo Yunyang too since he can also suppress the Tuoba Family."

"Ha ha… Maybe this incident will be forgotten in the future." The chubby man tried to console Yue Liuli.

Yue Liuli simply sighed. "Let's just hope so."

Suddenly, the sound of a bell echoed from the void. Yue Liuli immediately stiffened when she heard this sound.

"This is the bell of welcoming. It will only sound when the Three Era Supreme Sect is welcoming an important guest! Who has arrived in the Three Era Supreme Sect?" Yue Liuli was very clear about the rules of the Three Era Supreme Sect as its subordinate.

"Brother Wei, I will definitely return the favor in the future. However, I have no choice but to leave now since that bell has sounded. Please understand, Brother Wei." Yue Liuli cupped her fist hastily before bringing her disciples along and heading for the Three Era Supreme Sect.

The chubby man listened to the bell chimes and mumbled to himself, "To think that I heard actually 49 chimes. Who is important enough to warrant such a grand welcome by the Three Era Supreme Sect?"