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Yun Bixue smoothed Yun Bilu's hair and clothes patiently and said in a gentle voice, "Look at you, you don't even take care of yourself. Why do you look so pale?" As she said that, she could not help choking on her voice.

"Elder Sister, quick tell me. Elder Sister, this is all a lie, right? You guys won't lie to me and prank me, right? Elder Sister, please don't lie to me. Grandfather is still around. It's just that I've been overseas for too long and didn't come back to join you all. Elder Sister, Elder Sister…" As Yun Bilu said that, she started to break down in tears.

Yun Bixue stared at her younger sister. She was only twenty. How old had she been when their parents left them? She was still really young then. They had all grown in the blink of an eye.

She could not bear it, but she could not help forcing out a faint smile as she said, "Bilu, look at what I'm wearing on my head. It's not a lie, as much as I hope it is!"

"Wah… Elder Sister…" Yun Bilu hugged her elder sister at once and started bawling.

Yun Bixue shut her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks. She also extended her arms to hug Yun Bilu.

She finally had a shoulder to lean on, even if it was that of her younger sister's. She could temporarily relax for a while now. She had been too upset, too tired.

The two sisters hugged each other tightly as they cried in misery.

The cold wind kept blowing against them. No matter how cold the wind was, it would not be colder than their hearts.

They did not know how long they cried for. Yun Bilu cried until she had no energy left in her to cry anymore. Her eyes became puffy as well, and she could not even make a sound.

Yun Bixue asked the servants in the kitchen to prepare some soup for Yun Bilu to soothe her throat.

This time, the two sisters hugged each other tightly, just like how they did when they lost their parents. They sat on the bed and comforted and leaned on each other quietly.

It was because they felt that they only had each other to rely on now.

Old Master Yun's funeral was very simple. An epitaph was erected. However, because of the recent spike in influence and reputation of the Snow Cloud Group—on top of Xie Limo and Yun Bixue's good name in the city—many came forward to pay their respects.

Not only did the rich and influential in Ning An City come, but many citizens came as well to give flowers and send their condolences.

The two sisters, Yun Bixue and Yun Bilu, simply knelt there.

Everyone stared at these two sisters as their hearts ached a little for them. Although some were curious as to why Young Master Xie was not there, they did not dare to ask either.

They felt that everything in the Yun family was about to change drastically.

The Yun family was such a huge household, and it was going to be handed over to these two sisters now. Everyone who saw them would feel a sense of pity for them. There was not a single man now in the Yun family to direct matters. By right, Young Master Xie should have come, but he was nowhere to be seen.

w.a.n.g Qianjin came as well. He placed down flowers and said to Yun Bixue, "Don't be sad anymore. Your Grandfather will be worried if he sees you both like this."

Yun Bixue merely nodded her head and did not speak.

Seeing how stubborn she was, w.a.n.g Qianjin did not say anything more. He did not stay for long either and left shortly after.

Even in this peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, there were people who wanted to cause trouble as well.

"Wow, so it's happening here. Everyone came over here to see. I bet they must be here to watch a good show!"

Yun Bixue and Yun Bilu turned around. They only saw a woman who was all dressed up walking in.

Yun Bixue narrowed her eyes dangerously. "Xu Miaodan?"

Xu Miaodan harbored a deep-set hatred towards Yun Bixue. "Yes, it's me. Why do you look so disappointed? Yun Bixue, ah, Yun Bixue… Where's your Young Master Xie? He even made the whole Star's Fate Jewelry chain close down for you. Why is he not here for Old Master Yun's funeral?"

Xu Miaodan was about to continue when Yun Bilu leaped over in front of her. Without a word, she gave her a tight slap on the face.