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When the timer reaches zero, a light covered the room and wrapped them all in place before the seven people disappeared. Moments later, the seven appeared within a large arena the size of twenty football fields, the arena was made of blocks of white stones three feet high and there were no walls.

"To be able to win the compet.i.tion, it is necessary that only one person is inside the arena. You can either defeat the opponents or just push them out of the arena.

"Rules: There are no rules, you can use any method to defeat or expel the other compet.i.tors from the arena."




After the seven appeared in the arena, a message appeared in the sky, after everyone had read, they realized that it was not necessary to beat the opponents. Just pus.h.i.+ng out of the arena, the seven began to think about the best way to do this.



"The Battle Begin" A message appeared in the middle of the arena when the counter reaches zero, the seven people realized they could move again.

"Secret Art of Shadows: Star of Shadows !!!!!! Secret Art of Shadows: Shadow Control !!!! Secret Art of Shadows: Shadow Demon" Zhu Zhou shouted at the moment the message appeared. A black moon appeared above the arena and dimmed the spotlight, and shadows began to appear on all sides, this was the effect of the two abilities.

"Wrath of the Thunder G.o.d!!!! Lightning Storm!!!!!!!!!!!! "Tian Mei shouted, she also activated her abilities. Black clouds began to rise over the arena and covered the black moon, but that did not block the effects of it. Seconds after the clouds appeared millions of colorful thunders began to emerge, illuminating the place, it looked like dragons dancing in the sky as it roared in a frightening way.

"Wrath of Nature !!!! Summon: Wood Servants !!!!!!!!!! Blessing of Life !!!!! "Du Qing shouted, she activated conjured up her abilities. Around her, millions of trees emerged before turning into humanoids made of wood, the group was divided among warriors, archers, magicians, and golems.

"Flame Meteor !!!!!!!!!! Fire Storms!!!!!!!!!! Wrath of the Emperor of Fire !!!!!!!! "Conner Acton shouted. A gigantic fireball was created in the sky and began to fall rapidly like a furious meteor, then millions of fireb.a.l.l.s, the size of a soccer ball, were created within tens of meters of the arena, the place was totally mind illuminated. The last skill was a large magic circle that appeared in the center of the arena, a gigantic flaming golem appeared, the golem the size of large building hundreds of floors.

"Mental Impact !!!!! Illusion!!!!!!!! Mortal Music !!!! "Waller Norton shouted, around him, millions of vibrations could be seen, while many illusions began to appear around the other partic.i.p.ants, then a beautiful song began to be played.

"Wrath of Heavenly G.o.d !!!!!!!! Heavenly Blast !!!!!!!!!!!!! Void Power: Armor !!!! "Li Jin shouted. A frightening amount of destructive energy began to gather over the arena and formed a silvery-colored sphere, the amount of energy was so much that it looked like tens of thousands of energy spheres created by Liu Yang. After the formation of the sphere, an invisible power began to cover the body of Li Jin, that was the void power, he used the power to create armor and protect his body since the void power could nullify the effects of other powers.

Using the Eye of G.o.d and the Divine Sense, Liu Yang saw the changes in the sky, and knew that they were the abilities of the other partic.i.p.ants, he was not surprised to see this scene, because he already knew that they would attack with all their power from the beginning.

After thoroughly reviewing the situation in less than a second, Liu Yang decided, he would also use his strongest attack.

Tack !!!

Liu Yang did just one thing, snap his fingers. Hundreds of s.p.a.ce distortions appeared throughout the arena, many were close to the other compet.i.tors, then tens of thousands of energy spheres began to fall out of the distortions, a great deal of violent energy could be felt from within the spheres.

When the other six partic.i.p.ants checked the spheres, they went pale, as each of these items could destroy a whole state, let alone the arena. Each of them activated their most powerful defensive items, as there was no time for hesitation. Only Li Jin knew what those energy spheres were, for he had seen images of Liu Yang's fight against the Remnants.

While the seven had used their most powerful skills. The Nine Worlds were watching this scene with attentive eyes, but each one of them was scared of the things that were being shown on the screens.

The scene was like the end of the world, each of the skills used was extremely flashy but at the same time powerful and destructive that could destroy a country, but now these skills were being used in an arena and the targets were just a few people. This was a huge waste, but that was necessary since each of the partic.i.p.ants was on top of the world.

Those who were supporting Liu Yang had worried eyes on their faces as he was facing six other people who were on the same level. Liu Yang's women and children were praying hard for him to win this tournament.

This kind of scene was happening to the supporters of the other six as well, their family and friends were hoping that they too could win this event.


"Attack !!!!!!!!!!" Everyone shouted at the same time. The skills and spells were fully activated and began to act.

Boooom !!!!!!!!!! Boooom !!!!!!!!!! Boooom !!!!!!!!!! Boooom !!!!!!!!!! Boooom !!!!!!!!!!

Millions of explosions were heard because of the abilities that had hit the targets. The scene looked like the end of the world, the explosions were violent and it seemed that if it was in the real world, any of the worlds could be destroyed because of that power.

Colorful thunder, fireb.a.l.l.s, meteors, colored lights, and many other things were reaching the arena as if they were millions of bombs exploding at the same time. This scene lasted less than a minute.

A large amount of dust was lifted, this blocked the view of the screens, so everyone watching was eager for results.


A few minutes later, the dust began to slowly drop, and the arena began to appear, or rather part of the arena, because only a few pieces remained, the arena was totally destroyed by the explosions. The most shocking was how resilient the blocks used in creating the arena were.

When the dust was fully lowered, the remains of the arena was shown, but no compet.i.tor could be seen. But bloodstains could be seen in seven corners of the arena, which proved that the seven were injured in some way.

The spectators tensed at that moment, for they did not know what was happening.

Seconds later, a message appeared on the screen.

"Winner: Liu Yang" When the message was shown, a spatial distortion appeared, and a young man appeared, his clothes were totally destroyed and in some parts, it was possible to see large amounts of blood. This proved that Liu Yang had heavy injuries.

Looking at that message and the person who appeared in one of the arena blocks, the Nine Worlds exploded.

Seconds later, information on Liu Yang's statistics began to be shown to the Nine Worlds, at that moment, the euphoria turned into shock, fear, jealousy, envy, fanaticism, joy, happiness. Everyone who saw this information felt many mixed emotions.