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Chapter 499: Bringing Your Whole Family to a Fight

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

Zhang Che was enjoying his killing spree when he suddenly heard that familiar crowing. Looking back, his scalp turned numb from shock.

That black crow-like flying exotic beast that flew off in fear earlier was currently closing in rapidly from the skies to his side.

That was no big deal. An epic-quality exotic beast truly wouldn't strike any fear in Zhang Che at all. Even if it dared to come, it would only be here to give him experience.

The problem was, behind that huge black crow, there were actually one, two, three, four… five similar crows!

“Oh c.r.a.p, I didn't really provoke you, did I? You actually brought your whole family here to seek revenge?!” Cold sweat formed on Zhang Che's forehead.

A single epic-quality exotic beast was naturally no problem for Zhang Che. Even if there were three or four of them, Zhang Che could totally handle it with his subdued beasts and pets.

However, a total of six epic-quality exotic beasts came in one go! What was the meaning of that!?

Zhang Che quickly calculated. On his side was the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, the elemental queen, the Earthen Rock Demon, and the Scarlet Flame Drake at epic-quality. With the scarlet and white sword, his combat strength was not inferior to an epic-quality beast, either.

However, compared to the spread of darkness flying towards them, there was still some difference in strength.

It was five against six. It seemed like Zhang Che's side was only outnumbered by one, but the key thing was that the Scarlet Flame Drake and the Earthen Rock Demon couldn't fly! Facing these aerial exotic beasts, there was a natural disadvantage in mobility.

Regardless of whether he could win against them, Zhang Che didn't hesitate for a moment. He immediately ordered his scattered subdued beasts and pets to gather at his location. The babies were mostly only at legend-quality. Naturally it'd be a one-sided ma.s.sacre if they were facing mid-tier normal-quality exotic beasts, but against a group of epic-quality exotic beasts, they were totally no match.

In order to prevent his subdued beasts and pets from being the targets of the revenge-seeking crows' ambush, Zhang Che could only try his best to gather all his babies together and recall the legend-quality ones. They wouldn't be able to contribute in a battle at such a high level. Not only that, they might even negatively affect Zhang Che.

The six crows were approaching extremely quickly. Zhang Che's babies had yet to gather before the crows arrived.

With that, Zhang Che had no choice but to fight. He grit his teeth and ordered the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon to directly descend towards a hill below.

The Scarlet Flame Drake and the Earthen Rock Demon could only display their greatest strength when on land.

“Give them a wave of concentrated attacks!”

In order to buy time for his legend-quality subdued beasts and pets, Zhang Che gave the order for the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon and the elemental queen to attack while the former was still landing.

Only by holding off those crows could Zhang Che's subdued beasts and pets gather together and not be picked off individually.

After receiving Zhang Che's order, the elemental queen grit her teeth and said, “Master, watch me!”

As she finished, a ma.s.s of intense fire elements rose in her body. The elemental queen waved her hands around, and golden flaming halberds appeared out of thin air one after another, forming a huge, concentrated flame formation around her.

“Go!” the elemental queen shouted when the number of flaming halberds around her reached several dozen. The flaming halberds instantly tore through the s.p.a.ce, streaking towards the six black crows over two hundred meters away.

The flames burned in the air. The whole s.p.a.ce seemed to collapse from the heat. Light and shadow were twisted, waves of crackling noises rang out.

At the same time, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon took in a deep breath, activating his wide-area attack skill. A big stream of darkfiend frozen air shot out, turning into a huge deep blue fog, sweeping forth.

Although the breath of darkfiend frozen air seemed like fog, its speed was not inferior to the elemental queen's attack.

Everywhere the deep blue fog pa.s.sed by, the entire s.p.a.ce seemed to freeze. Numerous tiny fissures appeared in the air, quickly cracking further.

The ice and fire attacks came one after another, sealing off the path ahead of the six black crows, buying Zhang Che some time and allowing him to successfully land on the ground. Afterwards, he quickly recalled the legend-quality subdued beasts and pets gathering from all directions back into his spiritual sea.

Facing the elemental queen and the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon's combination attacks, however, the six black crows weren't afraid at all.

“Gwa! Gwa! Gwa…” The six black crows cawed in unison. In the next moment, their opened mouths shot out extremely concentrated golden streaks of light.

The six streaks of golden light were like six suns, emitting light so dazzling that no one could look directly at them.

In the next moment, the six streaks of golden light clashed against the numerous fire halberds and the deep blue fog.

There was a rumble of energies meeting, and a huge explosion that reverberated through the skies rang out. At the point of contact, the surrounding hundred-some meters were instantly obliterated. An empty void appeared in its place for a moment.

Afterwards, a terrifying energy storm swept ferociously through the area.

Violent winds blew in the skies, like a super-sized storm had erupted. The pond below actually evaporated completely. Afterwards, the mud seemed to be stirred up by an invisible gigantic hand, streaking in all directions.

Despite being two hundred meters away, Zhang Che saw a large spread of mud flying his way thanks to the energy storm.

An invisible ma.s.s of energy inside the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon instantly erupted, strengthening the s.h.i.+eld that neutralized any oncoming wind multiple times. All the mud and rocks that came flying were completely warded away.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” Zhang Che ordered the Earthen Rock Demon and the Scarlet Flame Drake to gather and launch attacks into the sky with a grave expression, while recalling his legend-quality subdued beasts and pets into his spiritual sea.

In the sky, the six black crows were thoroughly enraged. They let out another wave of noisy caws, then opened their mouths again. They didn't descend; they directly shot out six blinding golden lights at the hill Zhang Che was on from more than a hundred meters away.

“d.a.m.n, is this an exchange of artillery?!”

Actually, Zhang Che would rather the crows dive at him for a close-range battle. That way, his scarlet and white sword could display its strength. At present, he couldn't reach that far at all.

From the looks of things, those completely black ugly creatures were somewhat apprehensive of him, and didn't dare to dive down for a fight.

-What a blunder! Looks like I should have recalled the Earthen Rock Demon and the Scarlet Flame Drake as well, putting up a weak front and drawing these crows down here…- Zhang Che thought in frustration as he ordered the Scarlet Flame Drake and the elemental queen to defend against the six streaks of golden light.

-Say, can you guys not be so cowardly? Since you've already brought your whole family here to fight, why are you still keeping such a long distance? Since when was a group fight all about throwing things at the opposite party from afar?

-This is too outrageous!-