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Chapter 173: Threatening with Eggs.

"Gu Qianlin, Xiao Luo went to Huangtian Gambling City of Long Sankui."

When the white corolla in Zhang Dashan stopped at the gate of Huangtian Las Vegas, a black car in the rear also stopped not far away. The two plainclothes JC in the car immediately reported the situation to Gu Qianlin.

Now in order to seize the evidence of Xiao Luo's violation of the law, Gu Qianlin has used the most stupid and direct method-surveillance or rather 24-hour surveillance. Once Xiao Luo makes any move, it will be transmitted to her immediately.

Gu Qianlin at the other end of the cell phone froze for one moment, then ordered: "Continue to monitor and report any changes to me immediately!"


Nodding heavily the police hung up the call.

At this time, however, the two men changed color because they saw Xiao Luo and his party get off the car and came straight towards them.

Were they discovered?

The two men looked at each other and saw horror from each other's eyes. They thought that as plainclothes, tracking and monitoring suspects were basic skills, and they had never seen the experience of targets being monitored. This greatly surprised them, and their hearts suddenly raised.

"Knock knock ~"

The window was rung and turned away, only to meet Xiao Luo's indifferent and handsome face.

The plainclothes sitting in the driving position knocked down the window, forced to calm down and asked warily, "what's the matter?"

Xiao Luo said in a deadpan way: "From the hospital all the way here, you are sent by Gu QianLin."  Pointing to the mobile phone in plain clothes in the co-pilot position, "Get through her phone and I'll talk to her."

There was an order in the words that no one should disobey. It seemed that as long as they refused, something very bad would happen. The two men sat tight and did not dare to breathe. The plainclothes darling sitting in the co-pilot position dialed the telephone of Gu QianLin. After Xiao Luo stretched out his hand at him, he honestly handed the mobile phone to Xiao Luo.

"Is there anything new?"  At the other end of the phone, there was an urgent inquiry from Gu QianLin.

"Officer Gu, this is Xiao Luo."

Xiao Luo's simple words made Gu QianLin immediately froze.

After being stunned, Gu Qianlin asked loudly, "What have you done to them?"

"I didn't do anything. I just want to tell you that your surveillance technology is absolutely terrible."  Xiao Luo coldly dropped.

These words can make the two plainclothes blush with shame, but they can't find anything to refute, because they were found that this is the fact of iron.

"You ..."

Gu Qianlin was gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth with anger.

Xiao Luo disdained and snorted lightly: "Officer Gu, you are negligent of your duty. These days, our store in Luof Fang has been hit by gangsters one after another. You did not catch them and compensate for my losses, and instead you just held on to me. Where's the justice you said to me the other day?"

"Xiao Luo, you don't give me a high hat. JC in other districts is responsible for your company's store being smashed. I am only responsible for my own business."  Gu Qianlin said.

Xiao Luo sneered: "Your job is to monitor me?  I say Gu Qianlin battalion chief, you really have leisure. "

"I know why I spy on you. I don't need to s.h.i.+ver."

"It seems that no matter what, you can't dispel your doubts about me."

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows with a chuckle. "In this case, come here now. I'm going to make some noise in Huangtian Las Vegas. Without JC watching, I'm afraid I'll do something illegal."

Finished saying that, before Gu QianLin could reply, he hanged up the call, and then put the phone back to the Pplaincloths sitting in the co-pilot position.

"Lao Xiao, what are you going to do, smas.h.i.+ng a venue and calling JC to watch, are you crazy?"

Zhang Dashan's face was full of incomprehension, and his heart was filled with the following words: When JC arrived, he would have run away and disappeared. It was nice of you to say h.e.l.lo to JC in advance. This was his mother's egg.

Xiao Luo shook his head and smiled: "Do you know why I asked you to represent Luo Fang in court?"

Zhang Dashan doesnt understand why Xiao Luo suddenly turned the topic to his most proud public trial.

Nodding heavily: "Yes, because I am someone you can trust."

"Apart from this, there is the most important point."

Xiao Luo looked at him seriously and said, "Let you build up your reputation and be convincing when you take over Luo Fang."

Zhang Dashan was startled, he did not know where Xiao Luo is going with this.

"Down with Fang Changlei, and against Long Sankui, a lot of times I must use extreme measure, you will be the image representative of Luo Fang, you can't have any black spots, these extreme measure are done by me."

"Mom egg, what do you mean, you want to put me aside?"  Zhang Dashan recognized Xiao Luo's potential meaning.

Xiao Luo patted him on the shoulder: "it is not to put you aside, it is to define the division of labor. Just like Long Sankui, he never takes charge and takes a back seat. He only appoints all the representatives of the property under his name. So do I. I appoint you to be the representative of Luo Fang. You are responsible for the company's affairs and I am responsible for other matters. understand?"

"I know an egg, you.... exactly ... ah ..."

Zhang Dashan's mood somewhat got out of control, he doesn't know what to feel that Xiao Luo entrusted him with these things. He haven't finished his whole sentence, when Xiao Luo swept his feet under his crotch. He immediately became livid with pain, he grabbed his thigh, with a full face of pain.

He shouted at Xiao Luo: "F*ck me, you big ye, why are you kicking my eggs?"

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows to explain, then looked at Feng Ge and said seriously, "Feng Ge, you and Xiao Wu will not let Ruyi and Tang Ren out of your sight 24 hours starting from today. If there is anything wrong, report to me immediately."

Since he wants to fight with Long Sankui, all worries naturally have to be cleared.

"Don't worry, Brother Xiao, it's on us."  Feng Ge clapped his chest to guarantee.

After ordering the Feng Ge, Xiao Luo turned his eyes on Zhang Dashan again: "Are you better?  Don't pretend to be dead, I didn't kick very hard. "

"Your younger sister, you let me give you a kick. It hurts me to death."  Zhang Dashan's face turned red into pork liver, feeling that his eggs were going to pieces.

At this time, a black SUV came like an electric car, and an emergency brake came to a steady stop not far away. Then the car door opened and Gu QianLin, dressed in smart clothes, stepped down from the car.

"Here she comes, you leave first."  Xiao Luo said to Zhang Dashan.

"Do you really want to put me aside?"  Zhang Dashan is doubtful.

Hearing this, Zhang Dashan's face instantly changed color and he quickly turned to avoid being ambushed by Xiao Luo again.

"Your sister's, calculate you malicious, Feng bro, let's go, let this ya to talk to policewomen love, if they accidentally talk into the cell, this brother is immediately banging drums and set off firecrackers to celebrate, his mother!"

Zhang Dashan is depressed, he really want to fight with Xiao Luo, even if it is illegal, but Xiao Luo directly kicked his eggs to threaten him, let him have no way to refuse, this is too painful.

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