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The citizens of Xingyao City watched with excitement as the entire scene unfolded before their eyes. From their point of view, it appeared as though the perverted commanding officer was using his ma.s.sive warplane to shoot down every other plane in the air.

To the people, these warplanes were their darkest nightmares that were filled with demons that gave them h.e.l.l. Not only had the warplanes destroyed their homes, but they also killed their loved ones. The killing machines were indestructible. Furthermore, the commanding officer's warplane was the worst of all. Many women had been kidnapped onboard and never returned.

A woman once survived the tragedy as the officer abandoned her. Nonetheless, the poor woman was beaten up by the man. "Help," she repeated over and over again, even though she was no longer imprisoned. She did not survive for more than an hour before succ.u.mbing to her injuries; she died in agony.

The people tried to examine her injuries and noticed that her body was covered with cuts and bruises. Her private part was badly ripped as well. It was clear that what she had been through was tragic. Therefore, if the soldiers were considered as demons, the commanding officer would be the worst of them all. The people of Xingyao City absolutely loathed him and could not wait for the day when he finally received the karma he deserved.

It was no wonder that witnessing his entire fleet perish was such a joyous occasion for them. Nonetheless, they could not help but wonder what caused the feud. The ma.s.sive warplane had always been surrounded by smaller ones. What changed? 

Even though the citizens were having the time of their life, the soldiers in charge of the smaller warcrafts were at loss of what to do. They reached out to their commanding officer requesting an explanation, but no one replied.

In the control room of the large warcraft, the commanding officer's felt completely hopeless. All the surrounding warplanes were no longer in sight. Perhaps, his warplane was the only one left in the air. He was overwhelmed with loss and frustration, but there was no time to mourn for the Lord had already turned her attention to him. 

The commanding officer was very tall and muscular, which was the complete opposite of Gu Xijiu's slender and pet.i.te figure. However, her size was never an indication of her power. True enough, the commanding officer was completely intimidated by her intense glare. 

He staggered to his feet and took a few steps back. "What… What are you going to do? I… I am only acting on the instructions given to me. This is not my plan."

Gu Xijiu was playing with her newfound silver gun in her hand. "On whose instructions? Who is your leader?" She casually asked.

"Admiral Guan Yaning."

"Where is he?"

"He… He is at somewhere called Tianju Hall, trying to attack the place."

"Contact him."

The officer's eyes glimmered with hope. He had been wanting to call the admiral but dared not act recklessly under Gu Xijiu's watch. He made his way to the control deck but was stopped by Gu Xijiu before he could press the call b.u.t.ton. "Wait."

The officer was obviously shocked. "Ah?" He looked at her in confusion.

With a tight smile, she said, "Get all of your men together in Tianhong Square. I have something for them to do first." Soon, the warplane was already heading to the square.

The officer struggled with the decision. He knew how dangerous it would be for his men if he gathered them all together. The whole troop would be practically wiped out. Nonetheless, if he refused to do as told, he was not sure what the Lord would do with him.