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Chapter 444 Stunning Features

“Young Master Blour, what are you doing?” Yngwie wore a stunned expression as he looked at Blour, whose entire face was covered in green tree sap, leaving only the white of his eyes and teeth unstained. He had always been quite a pain to look after ever since he was a child, and Yngwie was already beginning to wonder whether it was a good idea to ask him to come to Chaos City.

“Well, I came all the way here from the Wind Forest, and the journey was a really long one in which I felt a lot of moisture escape from my face, so I have to put on a face mask first thing in the morning. Maintenance is required for prolonged beauty. Otherwise, one will only become more and more hideous; that applies to both men and women,” Blour explained.

Yngwie's brows furrowed upon hearing that. Even Young Mistress Sally didn't have as many problems as he had. However, he didn't press the issue any further, as it wasn't something that he could change anyway. Instead, he said, “Seeing as you've arrived in Chaos City, you should go and pay a visit to Young Mistress Sally. If you want to become the leader of the Baibilly Family, then your only chance would be to marry Young Mistress Sally. If Young Mistress Sally becomes the new elven princess, then you could even become the elven king in the future.”

“But I've never wanted to inherit the position of family leader, nor do I have any interest in becoming the elven king.” Brewster shrugged before turning to Yngwie with a smile as he said, “Do you really think that the young mistress of the Brewster Family can become the new elven princess? Even if she does become the princess, there will only be one queen among the elves, and that's Princess Irina! She is the embodiment of beauty, wisdom, and power! There is no elf that's more perfect than her in this world, and only she is fit to lead the elven race.”

Yngwie's brows furrowed as he said, “But she's no longer the only candidate to become the elven queen. From what I've heard, Mistress Helena is searching for new candidates, which makes it uncertain who will become the elven queen in the end. Young Mistress Sally is one of the most likely contenders.”

“Really now? Actually, I've always been curious about something. Five years ago, Princess Irina was already a 10th-tier magic caster renowned across the entire Norland Continent. Back when she returned to the elven race three years ago, who could have been a match for her in battle aside from the queen herself? Do you really think a 7th-tier magic caster like Young Mistress Sally can defeat Princess Irina, and obtain the approval of the Tree of Life? If so, then what would be the point of those other so-called candidates that Helena recommended?” A hint of a mocking smile appeared on Blour's face. It was difficult to take him seriously with that layer of green tree sap smeared all over his face, but Yngwie could hear the determination in his voice.

Yngwie fell silent for a long while as he looked at Blour with a hint of elation in his eyes. It was often said that the third young master was lazy, and lacked ambition, so he wouldn't amount to anything. However, his a.s.sessment of the current situation of the elven race displayed an astute tactical mind.

Politics was always more complex than it appeared to be on the surface. None of the major families of the elven race were stupid, and Mistress Helena's influence among the elven race didn't just stem from her power. As the elven high priestess, her authority was comparable to that of the elven queen.

“Perhaps you're right, but your objective in coming to Chaos City this time is to establish a relations.h.i.+p with Young Mistress Sally. Even if you can't make her fall in love with you, you have to convince her to go back willingly. In that case, the Brewster Family will receive more support, and that would also be very important for you. If you're not going to do that, then you can go back now,” Yngwie said.

“I'm actually also quite curious about this Young Mistress Sally. Why did she leave home just because she had to marry me? I feel like she would regret her decision for sure if she were to see my stunning features. Being too beautiful really is a curse sometimes.” Blour stroked his chin with a concerned expression.

Yngwie ignored Blour's narcissistic monologue, and put on a serious expression as he said, “Let's go to that restaurant tomorrow. Find an excuse to see Young Mistress Sally, but don't make what you're here to do too obvious. Otherwise, she could run away again.”

“I can't go today; I still need more sleep. I'm going back to bed after was.h.i.+ng off this face mask. Everything else will have to wait until tomorrow.” Blour shook his head and yawned before closing the door.

Making Young Mistress Sally fall in love with him is probably next to impossible. Yngwie stared at the closed door in silence for a while before shaking his head in resignation and departing.

Following the lunch service, Mag took Amy to school. He had only just returned to the restaurant when he heard a burst of knocking on the door.

Mag opened the door, only to discover Hydle with a cloth bag tucked under his arm. “Please come in, Hydle.”

“Apologies for the intrusion, Mr. Mag. I hope you're not getting sick of seeing me.” Hydle smiled as he walked in.

“Not at all, Hydle. I can learn a lot from conversing with you, so it's my pleasure.” Mag smiled as he poured a gla.s.s of water for Hydle. He actually had a lot of respect for this man who had dedicated his entire life to research and invention. In the past, his mentor was the exact same type of person. Even though he didn't make any groundbreaking inventions, his spirit and att.i.tude were quite admirable.

“I wanted to ask you some questions about the transmission gear that you mentioned before…” Hydle took a sip of water before launching a barrage of questions at Mag.

Mag gave rather conservative answers in response. Even though Hydle had worked on the steam engine for several decades, Mag couldn't just give him all of the answers. He had to delay the invention of the steam engine until the timing was right.

“Mr. Mag, you have some brilliant thoughts and ideas about mechanics. I feel a little embarra.s.sed exchanging ideas with you.” Hydle looked at Mag with admiration in his eyes as he said, “I would like to extend another offer to you to join our team. You can do research during your free time outside of running your restaurant. I promise you that we won't force you into any obligations that you're unwilling to undertake.”

“My apologies, Hydle. I have to spend my free time with my daughter, so I won't have time to partic.i.p.ate in your research. However, if an idea springs to mind, I can perhaps do some experiments of my own.” Mag rejected the offer with a smile. If he were to join them, it would be difficult for him to detach himself from their team in the future.

“I see. Spending time with your daughter is indeed more important.” Hydle nodded with a hint of disappointment on his face.

“I'm quite curious, though. Hydle, is your research project being exclusively funded by the city lord's castle?” Mag asked.

Hydle shook his head, and replied, “No, no, the city lord's castle has given us a lot of support, but we also signed a sponsors.h.i.+p contract with Buffett Banks to ensure that we have sufficient research funds. If my research were to bear fruit, then they will have priority in the usage rights.”